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How To Use The Codename One Sources


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How to use the open source Codename One project on github to debug your project, fix issues and how to contribute this back to the main project.

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How To Use The Codename One Sources

  1. 1. How Do I? Debug Into Codename One Source, Modify it & Contribute it Back
  2. 2. Steps: Fork On Github Clone Download Run/Debug Changes Contributions?
  3. 3. Fork On Github Signup for github and verify your email address Go to: Press the fork button in each project Press star & watch as well (for good measure)
  4. 4. Clone Replicate the GIT repositories locally Copy the url here: Select git clone in NetBeans, use URL + credentials
  5. 5. Download Go to: Press download zip Extract to same project hierarchy as other projects Make sure the directory name is cn1-binaries and not cn1-binaries-master or something else
  6. 6. Run/Debug In your own project: Open project preferences go to libs Remove the jars and select “Add Project” select “CodenameOne/ CodenameOne” Select “run” Remove the jar and select “Add Project” select “CodenameOne/ Ports/JavaSE” Make sure the projects are at the top of the classpath Debugging should let you step into Codename One now!
  7. 7. Changes You can use Apply Code Change during debug You can commit and push to GIT any fix you would like When ready to contribute click here in your fork:
  8. 8. Contributions Make sure you own the code you contribute! If you copy open source code make sure to retain the original copyright and license headers! We suggest discussing contributions in the issue tracker/discussion forums first
  9. 9. Thank You We appreciate our entire community, you are the real force behind Codename One!