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  1. 1. FeedJournal Basic 6/19/2010 at 4:34:00 PM - 6/20/2010 at 7:47:21 AM Lessons Along the Journey — Introduction by paraisrael (Hija del Zion secretly to God while lying in bed way toward the Kingdom. para Israel - Daughter of Zion with the lights out. ?? for Israel) And also for reasons I now forget, I I have wandered all my life, and I stopped talking to Him when I was have traveled; the difference between Submitted at 6/19/2010 11:25:26 PM around 12-years-old. We remained the two is this – we wander for by Cirne estranged until my later teen years distraction, but we travel for Lessons Along the Journey — when I grew curious about my fulfillment. Introduction mother’s God. What was He like? – Hilaire Belloc Earth’s crammed with heaven, and What did He think of me? Did He Richard Maffeo earned his every common bush afire with God; think of me? I wandered through the baccalaureate and master’s degrees But only he who sees, takes off his doors of faith in much the same way growing coldness, I continued to from Pentecostal schools, and taught shoes. The rest sit round and pluck as one visits a church more from press forward. Bible classes in a variety of Protestant blackberries. – Elizabeth Barrett curiosity than devotion. I prayed, I stared at the crucifix suspended churches before being received into Browning gave to charities, fasted, and tried to behind the altar, and meditated on the Catholic Church in 2005. He has I stepped into New York City’s St. follow the Ten Commandments. why the King of Glory emptied published hundreds of inspirational Patrick’s Cathedral to escape the But the longer I visited God, the Himself of unfathomable grandeur articles and is the author of We snow and sleet of an icy November more I learned He required things I and clothed Himself with inglorious Believe: Forty Meditations on the afternoon. As the massive wood was unwilling to give. Like flesh. Why did He subject Himself to Nicene Creed (Xulon Press, ISBN doors creaked closed, I shook off the obedience. Commitment. Sacrifice. It hunger, cold, pain, and a hundred 9781602662056). Smoke Over chill and decided to tour the church wasn’t long before I sought the other afflictions common to our Golan: A novel of the 1973 Yom while I warmed up. I’d never visited nearest exit and stepped back onto the frailty? Most of all, why did He Kippur War in Israel St. Patrick’s, and the exquisite wind-whipped streets. permit Himself to be mauled, spat A 10-year-old Israeli boy’s interior caught my attention. I turned All that changed when I was twenty- upon, and then nailed to a splintered adventure near the front during the to my right and began moving along two. Protestant acquaintances cross? Yom Kippur War between Israel and the Stations of the Cross. I strolled introduced me to a kind of Scripture tells why. From the earliest Egypt and Syria. passed stained glass windows and relationship with God I never knew hours of creation, to its final curtain Rating:(out of reviews) lingered at statues of Saints possible. I soon experienced the at the end of the age, God wove His List Price: $ 12.89 illuminated in the glow of flickering warmth of our Savior’s forgiveness deeply intimate love for each of us Price: candles. and acceptance. At times, I even into the tapestry of history, history Hija del Zion para Israel Support Then I noticed the other visitors also sensed His presence as close as the that culminated on the Cross and Israel wandering through the sanctuary. air around me. During the following exploded from the empty tomb • A Journey into the Zohar: An Many paused when some object of three decades in evangelical through timeless eternity. The Cross Introduction to the Book of Radiance devotion caught their interest. Others fellowships, I learned about prayer, is our assurance that, despite our Product DescriptionAn introduction sat quietly in pews. A few knelt in worship, surrender, and confession. I failures, sins and heartaches, the to the Zohar, the crowning work of prayer. Some slept. Most, though, taught Sunday school classes, led Father stands beside us, urging us to medieval Kabbalah. Includes original continued their tour until they home Bible studies, and discussed fix our eyes on the journey’s end. translations and analysis.... More >> reached the front door and exited theological nuances in spirited The journey’s end. Although I A Journey into the Zohar: An back onto the street. As I watched, I conversations with my friends over converted to Christ in 1972, I didn’t Introduction to the... realized each person illustrated points coffee. begin writing about the lessons I • Reflections of God’s Holy Land: A along my journey toward Christ. But like those asleep in the pews, I learned along my journey until 1995. Personal Journey Through Israel My journey began in Judaism. Mom often dozed in the midst of the It would be another decade after that Product DescriptionDiscover the did her best to give my sister and me journey. I grew comfortable with my before the path led me into the origin of the Word of God, and the some semblance of religious training, walk with Christ, I became satisfied Catholic Church. Land of His Heartbeat in Reflections but she was too caught up in her own with my Bible knowledge, church Written at different points along my of God's Holy Land: A Personal life dramas to do more than live her attendance, and religious acts. walk with Christ, and compiled here Journey Through Israel. This Jewish culture before us during Without realizing it, I had lost the in relative order of their initial unique armchair tour o... holidays such as Rosh Hashonna, distinction between doctrinal publication, these essays tell of my • Jewish Heritage Journey with Yom Kippur, and Passover. But accuracy and passion, between ambling journey from trust, to doubt, Rabbi Leff – Travel through Jewish because I saw her pray over the knowing about God and falling to confidence, to uncertainty, and History in Lithuania, Poland & Yahrzheit candles commemorating deeper in love with Him. My religion back again to trust. They tell of the Belarus. Windows 98 and higher her mother’s death, I learned there is had become little more than many times I learned obedience, and Product DescriptionAbout - Join a God in heaven, and that we can monotonous routine. My church the oh-so-many times I failed to obey. Rabbi Zev Leff, Shlita and other speak to Him. attendance faltered. My prayer life They illustrate how often I learned of noted Rabbis on a multi-media I still remember my first prayer. I withered. God’s glory, only to take His glory Jewish Heritage journey to Lithuania, said it every night for years during That’s where I was in my journey for granted. And they chronicle how Poland & Belarus. The CD Rom my early childhood: “Oh God, please that cold November day when I the heavenly Father continued to includes: Pho... God, don’t let anything happen to me, escaped the weather. That’s where I reach for me, even as I stumbled and Andrea, or my mother.” For reasons I was when something else caught my strayed from the narrow way. now forget, I didn’t want my mom to attention in the Cathedral, something I hope you will find my experiences know I was praying, so I spoke that reminded me why, despite my of some value as you make your own
  2. 2. 2 FeedJournal Basic This Day, June 20, In Jewish History by melamed&mavin (Hija del copies were burned. The Frankists Minister of Finance. At the same suburb? These are not the ways of the Zion para Israel - Daughter of then became practicing Christians. time, like most French politicians, he Jewish population in Palestine in their Zion for Israel) The Frankists were Jews who were was always looking for ways to struggle…Ruin and paralysis of followers of Jacob Frank who had counter German influence. The Turks economic life will only hurt the Jews Submitted at 6/19/2010 4:44:00 PM proclaimed himself the Messiah. were in need of financial assistance in Palestine. Sacrifices may be JUNE 20 In Jewish History 1808: Birthdate of Rabbi Samson and Rouvier was willing to do what necessary for our political struggle 840: Louis the Pious, King of the Raphael Hirsch, leading founder of he could if it would keep the Kaiser but every act paralyzing our life Franks and the Holy Roman Emperor what some call Modern Orthodox out of the Mediterranean. unnecessarily weakens the Jews here by virtue of being the son of Judaism. 1905: Birthdate of playwright Lillian more than its sabotages the Palestine Charlemagne. When it came to 1837: With the death of her uncle, Hellman. Government’s new policy and it only dealing with his Jewish subjects, King William IV, Queen Victoria 1917: Birthdate of Franklin Littell, a causes failure of Palestine Jewry’s Louis followed in the footsteps of his assumes the throne. Since the British pioneer in the field of Holocaust struggle against the policy.” In a father. During his reign charters were monarch reigns but does not rule, her scholarship, who was also president separate column, David Ben Gurion issued giving “Jews permission ‘live influence on the progress of Jews of of Iowa Wesleyan College and a condemned the violence saying “The according to their Law.’ They Britain and Europe were primarily founding board member of the United Jews must sacrifice everything for promised protection of body and tangential. Her treatment of Jews was States Holocaust Memorial Museum, immigration, colonization, self- property and permitted freedom of a mixed bag. During the Damascus in Washington. His best-known book, defense and independence but we movement and trade including…the Blood Libel, the Queen put a British The Crucifixion of the Jews, pressed must not sully our struggle with right to hire Christians to work in ship at the disposal of her friend and his view that Christianity is despicable acts of madness such as their homes. Some Jews were also neighbor Moses Montefiore. But in essentially Jewish and that Jesus, Paul have been recently committed at Tel exempted from the laws of trial by 1869, the Queen blocked Lionel and Peter would have been executed Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. The ‘ordeal of fire and water.’” Rothschild elevation to the House of at Auschwitz. murder of innocent Arabs and Jews 1214: University of Oxford received Lords. However, later she would 1918: United States President Wilson and stupid sabotage are act that are its charter. Jews were not always agree to the elevation of Lionel’s son sent Henry Morgenthau and Felix only helping our most bitter enemies. welcome at Oxford. The Oxford and would socialize with the French Frankfurter to Egypt to investigate Such criminal acts soil our just University Reform Act passed in branch of the Rothschild family when how to best aid Jews in Palestine. struggle, undermine the efficiency of 1854 allowed Jews to take degrees at she made trips across the channel. 1921: Shortstop Reuben Ewing made our work and play the game of our Oxford. Today, Oxford offers degrees The change was brought about by his major league debut with the St. foes.” in both Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Jewish financial support for the Suez Louis Cardinals. 1939: Final broadcast of Song 1391: “The Christian population of project and her relationship with 1928: A court in Tel Aviv “imposed School, a radio show featuring Jewish Toledo rose against the largest Jewish Benjamin Disraeli. short jail terms and sentences of Jazzman Benny Goodman community in Spain.” Four thousand 1879: In New York City, The Jewish deportation” on three Jews who 1940: On the day when France Jews were killed. Messenger reports that “A new resisted the police efforts to break up surrendered to Germany Propper de 1567: Jews were expelled from congregation has been started on East a demonstration protesting the Callejón was First Secretary of the Brazil by order of Regent Don 57th Street, called Orach Chaim.” flogging of prisoners in Palestine Spanish Embassy in Paris. In order to Henrique Some of the members of the new jails.” The three were additionally prevent the German army from 1652: During the reign of Mehemed congregation were disaffected accused of being “Communists.” The plundering the art collection that his IV, Tarhoncu Ahmet Pa?a was members of Adas Israel, another demonstration was part of a larger wife’s family kept at the Chateau de appointed grand vezir of the Ottoman congregation located on the same protest by Jews against the propensity Royaumont, he declared this castle to Empire. During Pasa’s time of street. of the British immigration authorities be his main residence, so it would be service, Mehmemed Jews fleeing the 1892: Birthdate of Barnett Janner for deporting Jews on the slightest treated in the same privileged way as Chmielnitzki Uprising were British politician and leader of the pretext with little or no evidence of the accommodation of any other encouraged to settle on the banks of Jewish community. He was first serious wrongdoing. diplomat. Among the art works thus the Danube in Morea, Kavala, elected to the House of Commons at 1931: A newspaper in Salonica saved are a triptych of Van Eyck (one Istanbul and Salonica. the 1931 general election as a Liberal, called the Macedonia ran an article of Adolf Hitler´s favorite painters). In 1768: The third of the Haidamack for the Whitechapel and St George’s about a resident named Isaac D. July 1940, , in co-operation with the uprisings called Koliyivschyna began. constituency in the East End of Cohen. Cohen was sent as a Portuguese Consul Arístedes de During the uprising an estimated London. He lost his seat at the 1935 representative to the meeting of the Sousa Menendes, he would issue 50,000 Ukrainian Jews were election. Janner returned to Maccabiah which was held in Sophia, from the Spanish Consulate in murdered by the Cossacks. “The Parliament ten years later, when he as Bulgaria. However the newspaper Bordeaux more than thirty thousand Haidmamaks were gangs of returned at the 1945 general election stated while away, he also attended a transit visas to Jews, so that they Cossacks, who along with their as Labour MP for Leicester West. conference held by a revolutionary could cross Spain to reach Portugal. peasant allies robbed traveling When that constituency was organization, which had come up When Spain’s Foreign Minister merchants and plundered the towns abolished for he 1950 election, he with the decision to sue for the Ramón Serrano Suñer learned that and villages in the Ukraine. They saw was re-elected for the new Leicester independence of Greek and Yugoslav Propper de Callejón was issuing visas themselves as heirs to Khmelnitski. North West. He held that seat until he Macedonia. This lie led to attacks on without the previous authorization of The Khmelnitski were the Cossacks retired from the Commons at the Jews who were said not to be his Ministry, he had him transferred who slaughtered Jews and Poles in 1970 general election, when his seat patriotic. to the Consulate of Larache in the wholesale lots in the middle of the was held for Labour by his son 1931: Birthdate of actor Martin Spanish protectorate in Morocco. 17th century. Both of these Greville. In June 1970, he was made Landau. Afterwards, he would be posted to murderous slaughters were part of the a life peer as Baron Janner, of the 1936: The Palestine Post reported Rabat, Zurich Washington, Ottawa drift into degradation that became the City of Leicester. He held many that according to the new Palestine and Oslo. Propper de Callejón’s lot of increasing numbers of Eastern positions in the Jewish community, Emergency Regulations a life father, Max Propper, was a Bohemian European Jews. This drift into including President of the Board of sentence could be imposed on any Jew, and his mother, Juana Callejón, degradation brought about numerous Deputies of British Jews, 1955-64. person carrying arms, bombs or was a Spanish Catholic; they raised responses on the part of the Jews He passed away on May 4, 1982. incendiary material. Arab attacks on Eduardo and his brothers in the ranging from mysticism and 1902: Herzl learns that Turkey Jewish settlements continued Catholic faith His wife, Hélène Fould messianicism to the Haskalah and accepted the Rouvier Project. unabated. Police patrols were stoned -Springer was a socialite and painter. immigration to Western Europe and Maruice Rouvier was one of those in Arab villages and three British She was from a notable Jewish eventually to the New World. permanent political animals created soldiers were injured in various Austrian-French banking family, 1757: In Kameiek (Podolia), the by the revolving door governments in shooting incidents throughout the though she converted to Catholicism Frankists, calling themselves the days of France’s Third Republic. country. upon their marriage and is a sister of Zoharists, decided to wage war He was not Jewish. Depending upon 1939: In commenting on wave of prominent Paris art patron and against the Talmud. They contacted who formed the government Rouvier violence gripping Palestine including philanthropist Liliane de Rothschild the local bishop, Dembovsky, and held different cabinet posts including yesterday’s bombing in Haifa, Davar (Baroness Élie de Rothschild,) convinced him to arrange a finance and foreign affairs. He was wrote, “”Who throws bombs? Is it the 1916—2003). He never gained public disputation. Naturally, the Talmud Prime Minister twice himself. At this same hand that is sowing blood and was condemned and thousands of time, Rouvier was serving as the ruin in the Arab market in the Jewish THIS page 3
  3. 3. FeedJournal Basic 3 THIS continued from page 2 recognition for his heroic acts before Jewish Quarter of Cairo. readers including Noah’s Flood: The Cultural Exchange opens in Israel. As his death in 1972 in London. 1951: The Jerusalem Post reported New Scientific Discoveries About the part of the G’day Shalom Salaam 1942: Grace Goodside married that legislation empowered the Event That Changed History by Israel event Deputy Prime Minister cinematographer Jess Paley meaning minister of finance to underwrite up William Ryan and Walter Pitman. Julia Gillard will participate in the that she would gain fame as Grace to 50 percent of mortgage loans for 2004: In an article styled first Australian Israel Leadership Paley. the construction of low-cost housing. “Remembering Anne Frank, now 75,” Forum organized by the Australia 1942: Mass killings of Jews by the 1951: The Jerusalem Post reported The Cedar Rapids Gazette notes Israel Cultural Exchange (AICE). The Nazis began at Auschwitz. that Britain had promised to press events around the world intended to forum will provide an opportunity for 1942: From now until October 9th, Egypt to open the Suez Canal for oil celebrate the life and writings of one both nations to build stronger ties as 13,776 Jews would be deported from tankers bound for the Haifa refineries. of the most famous victims of the well as build important people-to- Vienna to Theresienstadt Contrary to earlier news, General Shoah. people links.”Joining Gillard at the 1943: Five thousand Jews from William Riley, chief UN 2004: The New York Times featured leadership forum will be a number of Amsterdam are deported to representative in the Middle East, reviews of books by Jewish authors her parliamentary colleagues from Auschwitz. reported to the UN Security Council and/or of special interest to Jewish both sides of the house, including 1943: The Ternopol (Ukraine) on June 13 that Egyptian interference readers including War, Evil, and the former treasurer Peter Costello, Ghetto is liquidated. with Israel-bound shipping in the End of History by Bernard-Henri Jewish MP Mark Dreyfus and 1943: Himmler sent 100 Jews to a Suez Canal was an “aggressive, Lévy; translated by Charlotte Shadow Education Minister concentration camp in Alsace called hostile action, undertaken in the spirit Mandell. Christopher Pyne. They are expected Natzweiler. They were killed there of blockade and having partial effects 2006: Haaretz reported that Israel’s to meet with their Israeli Knesset and their skeletons were sent to the of a blockade.” ambassador to Germany presented counterparts. Alongside the high- Anatomical Museum in Strasbourg. 1952: In address to the Commercial medals of honor on Monday to profile leadership forum, the week- 1943: Five thousand, five hundred and Industrial Club, Schmuel relatives of five members of the first long AICE event is expected to Jews were rounded up in Amsterdam Elyashiv, Israel’s Ambassador in “European Union” – an anti-Nazi showcase some of Australia’s best and deported. Moscow “said there were prospects resistance group whose members hid talent to Israeli audiences. Legendary 1945(9th of Tamuz, 5705): German of expanding Israel’s trade relations and fed Jews during World War Two. pianist David Helfgott will perform in born author and playwright Bruno with Russia. This year Israel shipped This European Union, which had the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, acclaimed Frank passed away. Frank left oranges and bananas to Russia.” The same name but nothing to do with the Australian-based chef Guillaume Germany after the Reichstag Fire and Soviets would have bought more if modern 25-nation bloc of European Brahimi will whip up a meal at the eventually made his way to the the Israelis had produced a larger countries, was an underground, King David Hotel and jazz great Paul United States. crop. Marxist-oriented group with around Grabowsky will perform for the first 1945: Aware that “British hostility to 1954: Birthdate of Ilan Ramon, 50 to 60 German members, according time in Israel. The week will also see the Zionist enterprise was often a Israel’s first astronaut. to a protocol prepared by Yad the annual Australian Film Festival in mask for anti-Semitism,” Churchill 1965(20th of Sivan, 5725): Bernard Vashem Holocaust museum. Israel, which made headlines last year cautioned his colleague Lord Croft to Baruch passed away. 2007: In Jerusalem “legendary Israeli when it opened in the besieged “not be drawn into any campaign that 1965: The New York Times reports composer/singer Shlomo Gronich southern town of Sderot. AICE is a might be represented as anti- on the challenge facing Jack Benny as presents his newest compositions of relatively new organisation that Semitism.” he faces the first summer in 33 years biblical sources on a wide spectrum promotes ties, particularly cultural 1947(2nd of Tamuz, 5707): Ben when he “does not find himself in the of themes: justice, righteousness, ties, between Australia and Israel. It “Bugsy” Siegel was gunned down by midst of hectic preparations for a new integrity, man and his identity, love was launched in 2002 in simultaneous fellow mobsters over financial season on radio or television.” songs & prayers. The performance ceremonies: one at Australia’s irregularities surrounding the building 1976: The Jerusalem Post reported includes Gronich on piano & shofar, Parliament House in Canberra and the of the Flamingo in Las Vegas. that the US administration informed the Jerusalem String Quartet and other at the Israeli Foreign Ministry 1948: During the Israeli War for Israel that it would receive $200m. in percussion.” in Jerusalem. Independence, the Etzel (Irgun) ship transitional aid, much less than it was 2007: The Jerusalem Post carried a 2010: The Los Angeles Times Altelena reached the coast of Tel expected. Prime Minister Yitzhak page one report stating that Shin Bet features a “Sunday Conversation Aviv carrying 800 new immigrants Rabin told the Labor Party had foiled a bombing of the With Daniel Handler” who is perhaps and weapons. The Etzel claimed they symposium “Israeli Arab citizens are synagogue in Modin known as the better known for his pen name, had an agreement that 20% of the entitled to full and equal rights, but “pizza shul” or Zichron L’Avraham. Lemony Snicket, and his bestselling arms on board would be used by its with the knowledge that not all the 2008: In Washington, D.C. Stephen volumes of children’s books, A Series members in defending Jerusalem. duties of equal citizens are demanded Joel Trachtenberg, the former of Unfortunate Events and The Latke David Ben Gurion, head of the new of them, nor can all rights be granted president of George Washington Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming: A state of Israel, saw this as threat to the to them as long as the enmity of the University, discusses and signs Big Christmas Story. power of the new government. He surrounding Arab world to Israel Man on Campus: A University 2010: Memorabilia and Memory: believed that there could only be one persists.” President Speaks Out on Higher Hitler’s Hat and other shorts by local army and that it had to be under the 1977: Shlomo Hillel completes his Education at Politics and Prose filmmaker Jeff Krulik is scheduled to control of the national government. If term as Interior Minister Bookstore. be shown as part of the Jewish Study the Irgun wanted to fight, then its 1977: Yosef Burg begins his terms as 2008: The Spertus Museum Center Film Festival in Washington, members had to become part of the Interior Minister announced that it was shutting dow D.C. army just as the members of the 1982: Israeli Prime Minister n an exhibition entitled “Imaginary Created, Compiled and Edited by Palmach and the Haganah had done. Menachem Begin arrived in Coordinates” in the wake of an outcry Mitchell A. Levin, Cedar Rapids, IA Ben Gurion refused to accept any Washington. from Chicago –area Jews that it compromise on this point. He ordered 1985: In Dublin, the Irish Jewish expressed an anti-Israel basis. Hija del Zion para Israel Support the ship to be fired upon. The incident Museum is opened by the Irish born 2008: In Sarajevo, at The Jewish Israel almost caused a civil war and was former President of Israel Dr. Chaim Film Festival of Croatia, a member of • Rabbi Steven Moskowitz Product only averted by an impassioned and Herzog during his State visit to the Jewish community speaks about DescriptionRabbi Moskowitz is the at times incoherent speech made by Ireland. filming the documentary “Sarayevo rabbi of the Jewish Congregation of Menachem Begin to his followers 1990: Actress Ina Balin died at the Mi Seudad de Oro,” (“Sarajevo My Brookville on Long Island's North over the radio that night not to take age of 52 from pulmonary God City”) which tells the story of Shore. In his blog he shares insights up arms against fellow Jews. One hypertension. the Jewish community’s role in on a range of topics, especially those only has to look at multiplicity of 1990: “Rabbi With Tefillin” by Jan helping people escape the last war in about ... armed groups operating today on the Styka goes on sale at Christie’s Bosnia. • Links for 2010-03-21 [Digg] West Bank and Gaza to see what Auction House. The painting 2009: At Temple Judah in Cedar Happy Passover: Settlers, would have happened if Ben Gurion completed in 1892 was the product of Rapids, Iowa Sarah Maikon, daughter Immigrants, and Jewish Values "You had not reluctantly taken such bold a Polish artist. Can such a painting be of Renee Maikon and Marc Maikon, shall not oppress the stranger because action which was necessary if the described as Jewish Art? Look at the and granddaughter of Sandy and Sol you know the soul of the stranger for new state of Israel was going to be a canvas and you decide. Maikon, is called to the Torah as a you yourselves were immigrants in coherent nation. 1999: The New York Times featured Bat Mitzvah. the land of Egypt (Exo... 1948(13th of Sivan, 5708): Twenty reviews of books by Jewish authors 2009: G’day Shalom Salaam Israel, Jews were killed in a bombing in the and/or of special interest to Jewish presented by the Australia Israel THIS page 8
  4. 4. 4 FeedJournal Basic Socialism’s Gilded Cage by Daniel Greenfield @ the control the government. In tyrannies, Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion the government controls the people. para Israel - Daughter of Zion The power shift comes down to for Israel) whom both the people and the government believe is best fit to Submitted at 6/19/2010 8:11:00 PM control. Who should hold the rope. The one great truth found at the This is a question that comes down convergence of economics and to what people actually need from politics is that government costs their government and what they think money. The more government you they need from their government. The have, the more money it costs. This two tend to overlap, but they are has both its good and its bad sides. never quite the same. For The bad side is obvious. We need government, the matter is rather only look at the national deficit to see simple indeed. What governments that. The good side is that just as the need from the people is power. number of sheep helps limit the Money is simply another expression number of wolves, so too the amount of power. Its popular potency lies in of available money helps limit the its symbolic decentralization of size of government. authority. By drawing the money Of course given power, governments back, governments monopolize power will vastly overspend beyond the and diminish the available options for money available to them, but that citizens of that country. cannot go on forever. If the By purchasing services from the population of wolves increases government through taxation, rather drastically beyond that of the sheep, than from corporations, the citizenry no matter what the wolves do, there create a much more insidious eventually will be a dieback and a lot monopoly. And they are engaging in of dead wolves. Because as wolves a transaction of unequals that shifts sustain themselves on sheep, wishes of a socially conservative always waiting by the side of the their power balance much more governments sustain themselves on middle class. It is not the poor and road. Outsmarting it requires not only dramatically than any corporation money gathered from their own oppressed that they care about, but moving fast enough to escape what is could do. And so the transition from subjects. A government that expands themselves. The far right meanwhile behind you, but studying to see what capitalism to socialism begins. beyond the ability of its subjects to is still stewing in the brew of waits ahead of you in the direction in Socialism however is already a dead sustain it, will collapse sooner or inherited lamentations over the fall of which you are headed. end. Economic centralization leads to later. It can go deep into debt. It can kings and the diminution of inherited A citizenry with more money only a poverty of economic options. The turn the entire country into a slave nobility at the hands of a capitalist makes for a more tempting target. sheep begin to die off, and eventually labor camp, as the USSR did. It can meritocracy. Authoritarian ideologies Robbing the middle class is much the wolves have to follow. Unless the invade other countries and rob them, on the far left and the far right, are more fun than robbing peasants, wolves reluctantly let the sheep live as Nazi Germany did. But in the end, both marked by symptomatic because they tend to have bigger bank to breed, and create many more sheep there will be a dieback, and it will obsessions with Rockefellers and accounts. And they have already been to prey upon, and then the cycle fall. Rothschilds, banking institutions and trained to meet life’s needs by begins again. Alternatively, the need of a billionaires. They claim to do so exchanging money for services. Governments liberalize to allow for government for money can actually because they are concerned about the Which is exactly the socialist pitch. wealth creation that they end up lead to reforms and more freedom. It centralization of power. More often Along with the fine print that says the restricting and consuming anyway. is doubtful that America would exist they simply want to be the ones to government is not obligated to And the social changes that today, if King George III hadn’t centralize power, and recognize actually provide those services, or encourage wealth creation also create needed more money. Much the same capitalism as a dangerous tool that have them available, that the cost of new temptations for tyranny. The can be said of Protestantism in puts social mobility outside the those services may change any time it cycle repeats itself again when Europe. But it doesn’t always have to control of any individual ideology or sees fit, and that it may change the governments are formed into traps for come about as a violent reaction political faction. terms of the arrangement at any time, a new generation, and when that new against a central authority. The The intersections of power politics and in any way it sees fit. generation, having lost the wisdom of colonization of the New World is a and economics can often produce a Tyranny dropped its iron collar and the old, flies into the gilded cage, and more positive example. As was the cycle, in which governments allow reinvented itself as a gilded cage. A does not even notice when the door rise of a European Middle Class and freedom in order to draw in more Utopian system in which a wise and slams shut. Socialism’s gilded cage is the survival of the Jews in a Europe revenues, only to have those same kind government would see to a new incarnation of the recurring and the Ottoman Empire. All are freedoms lead to more government everyone’s needs and curb individual trap by which governments deprive examples of governments being control. Immigration is one obvious greed and power. But when the the people of their power. And forced to grant rights or decentralize example. As is urbanization. golden paint washed off, the gilded though a cage may be gilded, it is still their power in order to fund the Complexity and diversity can lead to cage turned out to be the old a cage. exercise of that power. more profits, but they also invite a fashioned black iron after all. The Hija del Zion para Israel Support The visible paradox here is that new degree of complexity in paint only existed to sucker its new Israel governments actually lose money by government. Which means the rise of occupants long enough for them to be • Bar Mitzvah Invitations Cards Bar increasing their power, and in order a larger and more controlling on the wrong side of the bars. Mitzvah Invitations CardsIf you're to increase their revenues, they have government. Governments, like con artists, getting ready to celebrate a Bar to give up some level of control over A growing middle class and configure themselves to fit the Mitzvah, then now is the time to the people they rule. That is why urbanization was in the long run people. Even tyrannies are an begin reviewing some of those authoritarian ideologies on both the structurally incompatible with feudal expression of that. The greatest etiquette issues associated with the left and the right constantly warn monarchies, but both led to a demand danger of tyranny is therefore not that big event. ... about the dangers of money as a for even more centralized government it will be imposed against your will, • visuals Image taken on 2007-07-07 disruption of their moral and social to serve as a provider of services and but that you may actually welcome its 06:43:26 by Oferico.... order. They are well aware that control over dense population centers. imposition. That you may not even be • IMG_0867.JPG Image taken on freedom is financially rewarding, and Monarchy gave way to socialism. able to recognize it as tyranny, until it 2007-04-26 21:09:46 by Iconoduel.... that open markets undermine central And socialism proved to be even is much too late. The fundamental authority. better at bad budgets and spending shift that happens is that of the locus Original post source The left’s obsession with capitalism money than Louis the Sixteenth. The of control passing from the power. In emerges from the fear of an lesson is that the trap of tyranny is democratic republics, the people ownership society, dominated by the
  5. 5. FeedJournal Basic 5 Jewish, Muslim Tensions Rise at UC Irvine After Suspension of Muslim Group by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del “While we would have liked for the Zion para Israel - Daughter of administration to have come to this Zion for Israel) conclusion more quickly, we are please that after due process, the Submitted at 6/19/2010 7:57:00 PM MSU has finally been sanctioned,” Tensions are rising at UC Irvine after Shalom Elcott, president of the group, a Muslim student group wa said in a written statement. suspended for repeatedly disrupting a Elcott told that the speech by Israel’s ambassador to the MSU has been largely responsible for United States Michael Oren, pictured creating an anti-Semitic atmosphere here. (Reuters) on the campus by inviting speakers Tensions are high at the University who equate Jews to Nazis and rally of California-Irvine after the school support for jihad, or holy war. recommended suspending a Muslim “The MSU has been looking for a student group for its role in the battle for a long time,” he said, disruption of an Israeli ambassador’s adding that his group is only trying to speech earlier this year. help bridge the differences between Students at the university say Jews the two sides. and Muslims have been accusing Union said any tensions on campus letter from a student affairs Salahi declined to say whether legal each other of discrimination and derive from a Jewish organization disciplinary committee to a Muslim action is being planned in the event of harassment, as both sides have that is not connected to the college: Student Union leader saying the an unsuccessful appeal. But she said embraced campus speakers seen as the Jewish Federation Orange group was found guilty of disorderly students were “outraged” and hostile to Israel or Islam. Now the County. conduct, obstructing university “disappointed” with the university’s proposed suspension of the Muslim “A lot of the tension and friction is activities and other violations of decision. Student Union for at least a year has not on the campus,” attorney and campus policy. “It’s unprecedented a university made an already hostile situation activist Reem Salahi said. “It’s not The committee recommended would ever do this,” she said, adding worse. divided between Jewish and Muslim suspending the group for one year, that the suspension would “create a The school revealed this week that it organizations. There’s more tension placing it on disciplinary probation really dangerous precedent for had recommended suspending the between Muslim students and these for an additional year and requiring shutting down dissent.” via Muslim group after 11 students were Jewish organizations pressuring the the student organization to arrested in February for repeatedly university.” collectively complete 50 hours of Posted via web from disrupting a speech by Israeli She said Muslim students have been community service, a move that noahdavidsimon’s posterous Ambassador Michael Oren, who was intimidated and harassed and have would prevent the group from Hija del Zion para Israel Support repeatedly interrupted and called even received death threats in which conducting organized campus events Israel “murderer” and “war criminal” by they’ve been called “every type of until at least the fall of 2011. • London: Muslim protest against pro-Palestinian students as he gave a superlative imagined.” University spokeswoman Cathy university prayer room closure talk on the Middle East peace In recent years, UC Irvine has been Lawhon said the committee’s London: Muslim protest against process. accused of fostering anti-Semitic decision will be a binding university prayer room The Muslim group is appealing the activity as the MSU hosted pro- recommendation to the campus’ closureRelated post: London: Attacks recommendation — a process that is Palestinian speakers critical of Israel. office of student affairs if the group’s on Muslim studentsSee a short clip of expected to be completed before the In 2005, the Education Department’s appeal does not succeed. the protests here.Hundreds of Muslim next school year begins. Office of Civil Rights found that Lawhon said all the focus and students have been holding prayers... The appeal comes after more than 60 Muslim students had engaged in attention paid to tensions between • Britain calls Israel’s Gaza flotilla faculty members at UC Irvine signed offensive behavior, but that their Jewish and Muslim students “has raid unacceptable Britain Prime an open letter last month condemning actions stemmed from opposition to largely been generated by the outside Minister David Cameron said Israel's what they said was an anti-Semitic the politics of Israel rather than to community.” Gaza flotilla raid was 'completely atmosphere at the school. Jewish students themselves. “There’s been a lot of attention on us unacceptable' and called for an end to “We…are deeply disturbed about Three years later, Republican by outsider groups for whatever the economic blockade of the activities on campus that foment members of the Senate Judiciary reason for things that go on at every impove... ... hatred against Jews and Israelis,” the Committee wrote to the Education UC campus around the state,” she • Where’s the outrage? Where's the letter read, citing incidents over the Department expressing concerns that said, adding that controversial outrage? In the course past few years that included “the the office decided not to further speakers usually go to all the UC of commenting on Prime Minister painting of swastikas in university investigate charges that UC Irvine schools in the state. “The only time Netanyahu's Holocaust Day address, buildings and the Star of David had failed to respond quickly and you hear about it is when they’re at Jennifer Rubin takes the American depicted as akin to a swastika.” effectively to complaints by Jewish UC Irvine.” Jewish c... “Some community members, students of being repeatedly The Jewish Federation Orange students, and faculty indeed feel intimidated and harassed. County, which compelled the school Original post source intimidated, and at times even But now Muslim students find to release the letter after filing a unsafe,” the letter read. themselves on the defensive. Freedom of Information Act, praised But a lawyer for the Muslim Student The university on Monday released a the school for its decision. It’s summer camp time in Gaza! by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion 10,000 youngsters between the ages • lyron mann plays pantam in tel aviv • UK: MPs at risk from “radical para Israel - Daughter of Zion of 12 and 16 this year. lyron playing pantam (also called the Islamic loners” UK: MPs at risk from for Israel) Hamas camps will have far more "hang," pronounced "hung") in the “radical Islamic loners”by than that amount. A report about streets of florentin, a neighborhood of sheikyermami on May 23, Submitted at 6/19/2010 7:19:00 PM Hamas camps from two years ago can tel aviv, israel... 2010Really. You couldn’t make it up. It’s time for summer camp – that be seen here. • Pakistan now holding two they say Nothing to do with Islam, don’t time of year when Hamas and Islamic And how can I talk about summer helped finance Times Square jihad mention it!I guess all we need is m... Jihad can inculcate young men in the camps in Gaza without showing my car bomb Pakistan now holding two ways of murder and jihad! video, “Hello Martyr, Hello Fatah”? they say helped finance Times Square Original post source Palestine Today writes that Islamic Hija del Zion para Israel Support j i h a d c a r b o m b Jihad summer camps will enroll some Israel . . .
  6. 6. 6 FeedJournal Basic Mainstream media: Only Islamophobes could wonder about a 52,000 square-foot mega- mosque complex in Murfreesboro, Tennessee by Marisol (Hija del Zion para on Thursday from some residents Would enough Music City Muslims to reject a project for religious Israel - Daughter of Zion for who don’t want a mosque built in even commute on a regular basis to reasons…. Israel) their backyard. fill the place? Posted by Marisol on June 19, 2010 More than 600 people turned out for Some at the Thursday meeting wore 5:47 PM Submitted at 6/19/2010 5:47:16 PM a meeting of the Rutherford County religious or patriotic-themed clothing, | 1 Comment Mainstream media: Only Commission Thursday night, with and no one defended the plan in two Print this entry Islamophobes could wonder about a some sharing their opposition in hours of public comments, the | Email this entry 52,000 square-foot mega-mosque public comments that at times turned Tennessean newspaper reported. | Digg this complex in Murfreesboro, intolerant. “They seem to be against everything | Tennessee“The Islamic Center of “We have a duty to investigate that I believe in, and so I don’t want | Murfreesboro ’s plans call for a anyone under the banner of Islam,” them necessarily in my neighborhood Hija del Zion para Israel Support 52,000-sq. ft. facility that would Allen Jackson, the pastor of World spreading that type of comment,” said Israel include a pool, gym, and school in Outreach Church, said at the meeting. one man at the meeting. • ”Islam or Islamism?”: Spencer at addition to a mosque.” The implication: Jackson has no Tracey Steven, who also attended, the Vienna Forum, May 8, But only Islamophobes could wonder possible reason to object to the said, “Our country was founded 2010''Islam or Islamism?'': Spencer at who’s paying for it all. Only mosque except as pastor of World through the founding fathers — the Vienna Forum, May 8, 2010 Islamophobes could think there’s Outreach Church. through the true God, the Father and ... something odd about a mega-mosque The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro Jesus Christ.” • Daily Quote: Iyar 22, 5770 – May in a town of 100,000 in middle ’s plans call for a 52,000-sq. ft. Some Cite Traffic, Housing Values 6, 2010 Therefore man was created a Tennessee. And so this story makes facility that would include a pool, as Concerns single individual: to teach us that every effort to make the locals who gym, and school in addition to a Others opposed to the plan did so for whoever destroys a single life, it is as are opposed to it look like narrow- mosque. The center has had a facility more practical reasons, citing if he destroyed the entire world; and minded, reactionary xenophobes who in Murfreesboro since 1997, but says concerns about the effects on traffic whoever sustains a single life, it is as jest plain don’t cotton to people with that with over 250 Islamic families in and housing values. The mosque if he sustained... different beliefs — that’s all it could the community, it needs more space. would be built in a primarily • Six Million Israel Citizens be. A whole lot of space, apparently. residential area. Information Council “Plan for Mosque in Tennessee Town “It is not a huge mosque as they are “I was very surprised they would Israel Ministry of Draws Criticism from Residents,” by saying,” said Imam Ossama Bahloul. approve of that for any religion,” said Foreign Affairs Bradley Blackburn for ABC News, “This place is too small for us and we resident Jackie Archer. Israel Defense Forces Yad June 18: have to move.” Despite the outrage, county officials Vashem Is... A plan to build an Islamic Murfreesboro has a population of said Thursday that the plan will go community center in the middle- just over 100,000, according the the ahead. They defended their decision Original post source Tennessee town of Murfreesboro U.S. Census Bureau. It is about 30 by noting that the mosque plan met sparked an eruption of ugly criticism miles southeast of Nashville. zoning requirements and it is illegal 6th Circuit Court of Appeals overturns lower court’s The Revolt ruling prohibiting Christians from distributing by paraisrael (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion leaflets at Dearborn Arab-American festival for Israel) by Marisol (Hija del Zion para three-judge panel of the U.S. 6th this year by the U.S. State Submitted at 6/19/2010 11:20:11 PM Israel - Daughter of Zion for Circuit Court of Appeals ruled. Department. Israel) George Saieg of California wants to Posted by Marisol on June 19, 2010 The Revolt hand out pamphlets aimed at 7:09 PM Rating:(out of 13 reviews) Submitted at 6/19/2010 7:09:36 PM converting Muslims. | 2 Comments List Price: $ 2.25 6th Circuit Court of Appeals The Thursday ruling overturned a Print this entry Price: overturns lower court’s ruling District Court decision that supported | Email this entry Menachem Begin, Jimmy Carter & prohibiting Christians from Dearborn’s policy, which said Saieg | Digg this Anwar Al Sadat distributing leaflets at Dearborn Arab and anyone else must hand out | Image by Jeff Kubina -American festival Good news, in an literature only around their booths | Menachem Begin on Hanging of update on this story. Meanwhile, of because of crowd control concerns. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Two British Sergeants – 1947 course, we wait to find out the “Crowd concerns.” Israel Hija del Zion para Israel Support grounds on which another group of The Ann Arbor-based Thomas More • SIOA Rally Calls for Halt to Plans Israel Christians was arrested there, as BWI Law Center filed suit on behalf of for Ground Zero Mosque SIOA Rally • Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran, and The — Breathing While Infidel — is not Saieg. Calls for Halt to Plans for Ground Revolt of Islam This DVD is a yet against Michigan law. This story just happened to appear Z e r o M o s q u e historic journey, from the birth of If it’s an Islamic festival, call it an directly under the preceding one: . . . Islam, through it's 1200 year reign Islamic festival. Otherwise, stop Once-banned professor to address • Guardian claims Israel offered to over the civilized world, to the last hiding behind the generality of “Arab fund-raiser sell nukes to South Africa Guardian 300 years of Islamic decline, -American” while persecuting Arab- Tariq Ramadan, a noted Muslim claims Israel offered to sell nukes to overtaken and dominated by the Americans who also happen to be scholar, is to speak tonight in South Africa And here's West, then hu... Christian, but refuse to be dhimmis in Dearborn at a fund-raiser for the the bottom line: Did Israel sell a free country. Muslim Legal Fund, a Texas-based nuclear weapons to South Africa? “Local news: Pastor gets OK for nonprofit. He is to speak about rights, The ans... handouts,” from the Detroit Free duties and justice at the 6 p.m. • World Exposition 1958 Image Press, June 19: banquet at the Hyatt Regency in taken on 2008-06-10 18:44:15 by A Christian pastor can distribute Dearborn. Tickets are $30. mickebear.... literature on the streets at this Ramadan was banned from visiting weekend’s Arab-American festival the U.S. under the Bush Original post source along Warren Avenue in Dearborn, a administration, but had his ban lifted
  7. 7. FeedJournal Basic 7 Pro-Obama parody of ‘We are the Overnight world’ still up at YouTube music by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) video by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Submitted at 6/19/2010 6:56:00 PM Zion para Israel - Daughter of Pro-Obama parody of ‘We are the Zion for Israel) world’ still up at YouTube Pajamas Media interviews Caroline Glick, Submitted at 6/19/2010 5:48:00 PM who is behind the ‘We con the world’ Overnight music video Here’s video that was removed by YouTube Shloime Dachs singing Acheinu Kol for ‘copyright violations’ last week. Beis Yisrael (Our Brethren the Entire I’m sure you’ll all be shocked – just House of Israel), a prayer we say for shocked – to hear that there’s an all Jews under threat everywhere obscenity-laced parody of the same every Monday and Thursday. song by pro-Obama Leftists that has Did I ever mention that Shloime been left up by YouTube – apparently Dachs once gave a private concert in without any ‘objections’ by the our house? Really…. copyright holder. Let’s go to the videotape. Warner/Chappell, which owns the posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:48 rights to “We are the World,” had AM YouTube remove the video, Hija del Zion para Israel Support supposedly for copyright Israel infringement. Glick, who is • Happy Birthday Israel... appealing, contends there were no available video footage of the posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 4:56 • First praise, then a rebuke: Biden’s violations of the fair use doctrine or incident. The supposed “peace AM Israel visit turns sour By Donald U.S. copyright law. Indeed, I quickly activists,” some members of the Hija del Zion para Israel Support Macintyre in Jerusalem The Israeli found that YouTube hosts another terrorist group IHH (Foundation for Israel government last night managed to parody video, “Obama’s Inauguration Humanitarian Rights and Freedoms), • No Sale Looks like Obama plans to overshadow a high-profile visit by the Party Song,” which also uses the tune initiated the violence. Says Glick: impose his own "solution" and set up US Vice-President, Joe Biden, with from “We are the World”. Neither Calling them peace activists is a a Palestinian State without any Arab an annou... ... YouTube nor Warner saw fit to pull complete lie. If you want to get some commitment to peace or any end to • Festive Shofar Flat Card Holiday this video, though the lyrics are credibility you attach the word peace the current incitement and Rosh Hashanah Product objectionable. to your name or title, and you can get demonization of Israel and without DescriptionHave some fun this Rosh Glick comments about the obvious immunity to criticism. Instead of any ... Hashanah and send this light-hearted, hypocrisy: listening to the message, they are • Palestine Central Bureau of ecru flat card. The greeting card They are trying to personalize demonizing the messenger. Statistics lies The Palestine Central features a simple, blue drawing of a everything and demonize what they She continues: Bureau of Statistics came out with its Jewish man reading and playing a can’t contend with. The left has one There is a boycott of Israel by statistics on the 62nd anniversary of shofar. The... card, and they play it over and over Hollywood and the rock world. They Israel's birth. As I mentioned last again for dealing with issues. They would rather champion a terrorist week, they say that the Palestinian Original post source have no answer but to resort to the organization against Israel. Where are Arab population has increased... politics of destruction. Their favorite the Jews of Hollywood — Steven • Bill Maher Has the Guts FOX method is to call anyone who gives Spielberg, Barbara Streisand, and News does not via them an answer that they can’t David Geffen? They will not speak He still makes contend with a racist. They cry for out on Israel’s behalf. They care far an equivalence statement comparing terrorists who would destroy them, more about being leftist than they Mohammad's texts to Torah. I'm not but come out against democracies. care about being Jews. terribly religious in a ritualistic sense Here’s more: Unfortunately, that’s not much (though I admit I'd like more in my ... The critics of the parody show a different than most of the rest of the definite disconnect with what actually American Jewish community. But Original post source happened, according to publicly read it all. Lawsuit against Egyptian soccer star for "normalization" by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion the fact that there is an Israeli, which the same team as Gershon, as long as • Excerpts from the Daily Kabbalah para Israel - Daughter of Zion created an “unprecedented situation.” he doesn’t become friends with him. Lesson Lecturer: Rav Michael for Israel) The lawyer goes on to argue that Hatred for Israel is a given, he says, LaitmanDate: 2010-05-31Video: Motaeb knowingly joined the Belgian but asking him to not be on a team flash: ENG 1.04MB flash: ENG Submitted at 6/19/2010 8:53:00 PM team despite Egyptian hatred for with an Israeli is going a little bit too 7.6MB 1/2: ENG 0.93MB 2/2: ENG From Al Arabiya(Arabic)(h/t for Israel. far. 7.49MB ... initial translation Ali) Motaeb is very popular in Egypt, The newspaper does bring up the • Letter: Hamas must be part of a Famous Egyptian lawyer, Nabih Al having scored a last-minute goal question of whether the Egyptian peaceful solution It is not correct that Wahsh, filed a lawsuit demanding against Algeria to bring Egypt close should refrain from hugging the the 1980 Venice declaration of the that Egyptian soccer player Emad to World Cup competition last Israeli when a goal is scored. European Community called for the Moteab be stripped of his citizenship November. Hija del Zion para Israel Support creation of a -Palestinian state because of “normalization.” Al Arabiya quotes a prominent Israel (Troubled alliance: Period of crisis Moteab joined Belgian soccer club Egyptian scholar Gamma al-Banna • Weekly Parshah "Korach", The worsens already strained relation... Standard Liège, whose squad (brother of the founder of the Muslim Book of Zohar, selected excerpts includes Rami Gershon, an Israeli Brotherhood, but considered much Lecturer: Rav Michael LaitmanDate: Original post source soccer player. Moteab signed the more liberal) who said that there is 2010-06-11Video: ENG 54.74MB contract without any reservation over nothing wrong with Motaeb being on Audio: ENG 9.75MB ...
  8. 8. 8 FeedJournal Basic THIS US asks Paraguay to extradite continued from page 3 • Rabbi Rivkin Rosh Hashanah and Brooklyn-born Hezbullah financier Shofar 5768 PLEASE NOTE: hearing a recording of the Shofar does not fulfill the obligation to hear the by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del America is full of drug smugglers and Shofar. That must be done in person. Zion para Israel - Daughter of terror supporters. Read the whole Please call the Shul to find out where Zion for Israel) thing. a... posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 9:28 Submitted at 6/19/2010 11:28:00 PM AM Original post source US asks Paraguay to extradite Hija del Zion para Israel Support Brooklyn-born Hezbullah financier Israel The United States has asked Paraguay • Silence That Overpowers The to extradite Brooklyn-born Moussa Siren: Yom Hashoa ? Israel’s Ali Hamdan, who is accused of being Holocaust Memorial Day | about yad a financier for Hezbullah (Hat Tip: vashem by michalska1 Silence That Jihad Watch). Overpowers The Siren: Yom Hashoa The United States has asked ? Israel's Holocaust Memorial Day Paraguay to extradite a Lebanese It is something I can't describe. It national suspected of funneling must be experienced to understand money to the Shiite militant group the weight of it.... Hezbollah from the South American • Happy Jerusalem Day: 43rd nation, court sources said Anniversary Today, Wednesday, May Wednesday. his identity as part of an extradition 12 marks the 43rd anniversary of the Mussa Ali Hamdan, 38, was arrested request, and then was transferred to reunification of Jerusalem. It was in Tuesday in Ciudad del Este, part of Asuncion’s Tacumbu penitentiary. May of 1967 that Jews and Christians the Triple Frontier, a region the were finally able to return to the Holy United States has repeatedly cited as Local media, citing local security officials, have said Hamdan was City, after 19 years of ex... Lebanese pop being exploited by militant groups financing Hezbollah, which fought a • Did Twitter censor the #flotilla that “finance terrorist activities.” devastating 2006 war with Israel and hashtag following the Israel attack? star banned from Hamdan is accused of 31 crimes, is blacklisted as a terror group by Users of the microblogging service according to Interpol. The US extradition request cites his alleged Washington. complain at apparent censorship as Hezbullah ship A cosmopolitan area and significant discussion grows around deaths on material support for Hezbollah convoyThe attack by Israel on a by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del tourist spot, the Triple Frontier is also “including falsified documents.” flotilla of ships approaching Gaza Zion para Israel - Daughter of considered a major spot for Zion for Israel) The suspect is also accused of smuggling and other organized crime. has, as you'd expect, generat... counterfeiting US currency and Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina Submitted at 6/19/2010 4:34:00 PM conspiracy to commit passport fraud, however deny their shared region is a Original post source according to the request. Lebanese pop star banned from hotbed for terror financing. Hamdan appeared Wednesday before It’s well known that area of Latin LEBANESE page 9 judge Hugo Sosa Pasmor to confirm Saudi Arabia Wants to Go Nuclear. by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del Hija del Zion para Israel Support Zion para Israel - Daughter of Israel Zion for Israel) • JTF Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach & David Ben Moshe explain how Submitted at 6/19/2010 10:33:00 PM Kosovo belongs to the Heroic Serbs!! Not Enough Oil? JTF Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach & Saudi Arabia could be interested in senior JTF colleague David Ben developing a uranium enrichment Moshe explain how Kosovo belongs capability as part of the kingdom’s to the heroic Serb Christians... The efforts to establish a civilian atomic illegal declaration by Albanian Mus... power sector, an adviser hired by the • A Short Yom Kippur Message from Middle Eastern state to devise its Rabbi Chaim Richman If you've ever nuclear strategy said Wednesday (see made a mistake, watch this short GSN, Aug. 24, 2009). message. If you ever wished you The uranium enrichment process can could simply delete all the errors you produce nuclear-weapon material as made in your life, watch this video. If well as fuel for civilian applications. you e... Over time, Riyadh is expected to • Hamas arrests counterfeiters in want to be involved in as many parts Rafah Palestine Press Agency reports of the atomic energy production that Hamas caught people process as it can be, said David Cox, the potential for Saudi participation in the economic, institutional and counterfeiting US dollars near the a consultant whose firm was hired by all aspects of the atomic-energy technical aspects needed for Egyptian border. Apparently the Saudi Arabia to prepare the nuclear production process, Reuters quoted beginning nuclear plant construction, counterfeiters dropped some of the strategy. the consultant as saying. he said (Reuters/ Daily Star, June 18). bills from a window, causing a “Enrichment could happen there and Cox said his firm’s study “is to via I’m not going to act stir.Back i... the same with mining uranium,” Cox evaluate what part of [nuclear energy shocked. I’m just not. Jordan is said, adding that “outsourcing will production] is possible at a doing it with Obama… and the Original post source happen initially.” reasonable economic cost.” Saudis are terrified of Iran. This is Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah City The feasibility study would be what happens when you encourage for Atomic and Renewable Energy finished in several months and would this. Posted via web from chose Cox’s firm, Poyry, to analyze contain comprehensive guidance on noahdavidsimon’s posterous