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Para Israel16062010


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Para Israel16062010

  1. 1. FeedJournal Basic 6/15/2010 at 3:36:00 PM - 6/16/2010 at 6:53:02 AM Muslim mother stabs daughter in attempted honor killing in Montreal by Robert (Hija del Zion para their offspring, or offspring’s head, shoulders and arms. Dora added…. Israel - Daughter of Zion for offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2). It’s believed that the daughter came Why wouldn’t they let them play Israel) In other words, someone who kills home late, Pentefountas, a prominent with the kuffar children? “O ye who his child incurs no legal penalty under name in the Montreal legal believe! The idolaters only are Submitted at 6/15/2010 3:51:54 PM Islamic law. community, indicated to the court. unclean.” — Qur’an 9:28 Muslim mother stabs daughter in That’s why these honor killings keep One source said she is believed to Posted by Robert on June 15, 2010 attempted honor killing in Montreal happening — because they are have returned home after 3 a.m. The 3:51 PM I’ll say it again: Syria recently broadly tolerated, even encouraged, assault happened just after 8, | No Comments scrapped a law limiting the length of by Islamic teachings and attitudes. according to police. Print this entry sentences for honor killings, but “the Yet no authorities are calling Islamic Police based their theory that it was | Email this entry new law says a man can still benefit leaders to account for this. an honour crime on “what we saw at | Digg this from extenuating circumstances in “Mother stabbed daughter in ‘honour the scene of the crime,” said Olivier | crimes of passion or honour crime’: Police,” by Andrew Chung in Lapointe, spokesperson for the | ‘provided he serves a prison term of the Toronto Star, June 14 (thanks to Montreal Police Service, and Hija del Zion para Israel Support no less than two years in the case of all who sent this in): especially on interviews with people Israel killing.’” MONTREAL – Favouring her left inside the house and the victim • Business with Israel pays off in That’s right: two years for murder. forearm, on which spots of blood had herself. Jordan By JAMAL HALABY AP And in 2003 the Jordanian Parliament soaked through the white bandage, It appeared related to the “behavior Writer IRBID, Jordan -- Manager voted down on Islamic grounds a the woman stood in the prisoner’s of the victim,” Lapointe said. Rami Kurdi snapped off a quick provision designed to stiffen penalties box looking crushed, accused of The woman, 38-year-old Johra celebratory salute to his workers as for honor killings. Al-Jazeera stabbing her own daughter in what Kaleki, faces charges of attempted the factory's bell rang, marking the reported that “Islamists and police say was an “honour crime.” murder, aggravated assault and comp... ... conservatives said the laws violated After her lawyer, Tom Pentefountas, assault with a weapon…. • YU Maccabeats – Yom Hazikaron religious traditions and would destroy asked to delay the formal laying of The family, which is Afghan in 2009 YU Maccabeats perform at families and values.” charges so his client’s psychological origin, moved to the neighbourhood Yom Hazikaron Ceremony... What’s more, a manual of Islamic fitness for trial could be determined, in Dorval, near Montreal’s main • Yom Hashoah Day law certified as a reliable guide to the woman’s husband stood up in the airport, about five years ago, Commemoration- JGSCV April 11 Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar back of the court and shouted to the according to neighbour Emery Dora. Meeting The Jewish Genealogical University, the most respected judge: “Please sir, my wife is The family was pleasant, but “mostly Society of the Conejo Valley and authority in Sunni Islam, says that innocent!” kept to themselves,” Dora said. For Ventura County (JGSCV) will hold a “retaliation is obligatory against He soon began to weep, completing instance, the father and the girls general meeting, co–sponsored with anyone who kills a human being the picture of a family utterly torn would play together but not with Temple Adat Elohim, on Sunday, purely intentionally and without asunder by what transpired early other children in on the street. The April 11, 2010 at Temple Adat right.” However, “not subject to Sunday morning. father, Ebrahim Ebrahimi, wouldn’t Elohim 2420 ... retaliation” is “a father or mother (or The 19-year-old daughter remains in let a younger daughter play soccer their fathers or mothers) for killing hospital with knife wounds to the with other girls in their backyard, Original post source Pajamas Media » Media, Academia Destroying Themselves Over Israel by NoahDavidSimon (Hija del that the militants on the ship’s deck magistrate, a previous Turkish the IDF commados who ... Zion para Israel - Daughter of are calmly standing there, obviously government, and the U.S. • Why should Arabs be afraid of Zion for Israel) not being fired upon, and the soldiers government. Iran? (Zvi) In response to my post are holding onto the rope, with their All documents are easily available about Iran's new term of Submitted at 6/15/2010 8:49:00 PM guns slung over their shoulders. on the internet, but beyond the reach "Iranophobia," Zvi wrote:I don't The Times apparently views any Forced to retreat a bit — but never of the Times, apparently. via suppose that "Iranophobia" in the statement made by Israel or its acknowledging its error — the Times region has anything to do with* supporters to be false until proven editorialized: “The Israelis claim that Posted via web from declaring sovereignty over Bahrain* true beyond its ability to think up Insani Yardim Vakfi is a dangerous noahdavidsimon’s posterous occupying the UAE... some excuse for not accepting it. organization with terrorist links. They Hija del Zion para Israel Support • Tarab Tarab: A Journey in Search After Israel released several videos have yet to offer any evidence to Israel of Memory and Identity in Two Parts, showing Israeli soldiers arriving on support that charge.” • Turkish Autopsies Show Flotilla directed by Boris Maftsir, is a the deck of the Mavi Marmara and But, of course, a vast amount of Victims Shot at Point-Blank Range, compelling and in-depth documentary being beaten by a large mob, it evidence had been released, Six Remain Missing, Possibly Dead film about our cultural identities. It dismissed the footage as … “lacking including: documents showing the The Guardian publises a chilling provides a wealth of fascina... context. Were they [the images] shot organization had been declared to report that raises the distinct before or after the boarding party have such links by, among other possibility that many of the nine (so Original post source started using force?” entities, the Danish government, far) dead aboard the Mavi Marmara Yet one can clearly see on the video France’s leading counterterrorism may’ve been shot execution-style by
  2. 2. 2 FeedJournal Basic The Nature of the Bureaucratic Beast by Daniel Greenfield @ the godliness. Sultan Knish blog (Hija del Zion Centralization requires a constant para Israel - Daughter of Zion expansion of the size of government for Israel) in order to accommodate larger responsibilities. This process can Submitted at 6/15/2010 7:48:00 PM rapidly transform a democracy into a There are two types of revolutionary bureaucracy, as such a system cannot movements, those that discharge their be run by the people. Instead it is run accumulated energy on returning by a series of internal laws, overseen power to the people and those that by managers who outlast virtually all invest that energy into building up politicians. While politicians may try systems. Both are approaches to to dictate to bureaucracies, their remedying injustice. The former ability to interfere in the internal gives the people the responsibility to workings of the bureaucracy is guard their freedoms, the latter limited by the same process that presumes that injustice can only be makes it impossible to people to remedied by systems, not by people. manage those bureaucracies. Size. The former is democratic, the latter is Where businesses expand through autocratic. revenues, bureaucracies expand The modern day liberal is autocratic. through the scope of their His beliefs are the product of an responsibilities. Since all institutions aristocracy which rejected rule by a seek to expand, yet businesses are hereditary aristocracy, in favor of rule limited in the scope of their by an ideological aristocracy. They expansion by their revenues, while called this process by which one elite bureaucracies are only limited by the winnowed itself down, revolution, but scope of their responsibilities– such purges were not true revolutions, bureaucracies are able to expand well they were the transition of power beyond businesses. And they are not from people who ruled because of bound by resources, as those their blood, to people who ruled is idealistic. It does not follow the ideals of the movement itself, the resources are derived from the because of their revolutionary workable policies, but policies that it movement can either confront the gap winners in the economy. Unlike consciousness. These people too believes must work, because they between its ideals and its actual aims, businesses who have to bet on the generally came from the upper to accord with their ideological view of or maintain ideological conformity right horse to win, bureaucracies win middle classes. The only difference the world, or simply the will of their through ideological xenophobia, by no matter which horse comes in first. was they believed in a new kind of leader. Where democracy suffers blaming outside enemies and internal Because they are built on resources aristocracy. An aristocracy built on from ’spot fallibility’, the centralized subversives for its failures. Either taken from the businesses who won the right of those who knew better to systems of the left suffer from ‘total way its only remedy is likely to be the bet. rule in order to improve the lives of fallibility’. This resembles a unit with more of the same, expanding the very Bureaucracy is the perfect pair to those who did not know better. That several internal serviceable parts that systems that are failing. liberal aristocracy, because both of boiled down, is the essence of the can be swapped out and replaced, as Ideological autocracies that are them are undemocratic. Bureaucracy left. opposed to a sealed single integrated revolutionary require a constant eventually swallows revolutionary Democracy is not idealistic, it is unit that cannot be serviced. The revolution to maintain their vigor. impulses, making them into another realistic. It must be realistic because former can have parts that will fail This means fighting internal and aspect of the system. A system that is it disperses its decision making and be replaced, and still go on external enemies. Since political wholly corrupt, because it wields among the people who rule it. Those working. The latter will simply fail autocracy is institutional, liberal power without oversight. Thus people have natural human failings. and take everything down with it. autocrats thrive on tearing down bureaucracy becomes the ultimate Rule by democracy means playing Movements which claim to be existing institutions and replacing expression of that fundamental the odds. It means not investing too revolutionary and liberationist, which them with their own institutions. hypocrisy at the heart of the much in any particular wave, but instead are quickly revealed to Habitually distrustful of natural revolutionary impulse by aristocrats having confidence that the combined oppressive and elitist, reveal a institutions such as the family. they promising freedom to the people they waves will eventually carry the ship fundamental hypocrisy. And grand insist on replacing them with artificial would rule over. It reaffirms their home. Centralization is alien to hypocrisy in the ideals of a movement institutions of their own making. rule, drowns their opponents in democracy, because it means demonstrate its unworkability, just as Once overlaid with laws and given regulations and fosters secret systems investing in systems at the expense of a product whose description differs large responsibilities, these of loyalties and affinities within the the people. The increasing fundamentally from its actual institutions quickly devolve into bureaucracy that can be used for centralization of a government also functionality will never do what its bureaucracies. The more control is internal feuds and rewards. means a reduction in the extent to buyers expect it to do. In a political exercised over them, the more When power is invested in a system, which the people participate in its movement, hypocrisy may be centralized they become. Each the system itself becomes the decisions. similarly described as a divergence modification only adds another layer expression of that power, wholly In a democracy, individuals do the between words and actions. When of bureaucracy. Reform of the apart from any goals that it was long term planning, while words and actions dramatically bureaucracy then itself becomes an originally meant to serve. When an governments do the short term diverge, it means that the stated exercise in expanding the size and ideology invests power in a system, planning, because all long term purpose of a movement is not its real scope of the bureaucracy. the system comes to represent the planning is subject to revision, when purpose. Bureaucracies also make for a meaning of that ideology. the government is subject to revision. The stated purpose of the left is to wonderful cover for hypocrisy as they Bureaucracy is the terminus of all This is its weakness as it combines a liberate, but its actions are appear to be governed by wholly ideologies that steal power from the wise people with a government that oppressive. And it is its actions which objective rules. This of course ignores people. It is an expression of their has difficulty thinking more than a are therefore truly revealing, not its the underlying bias at the heart of belief in the system over the people. few years ahead. When central words. Hypocrisy is revealed in that bureaucracy. The bias of the system. Those who would rule in the name of planning becomes the focus however, gap between actions and words. The Human laws are those laws which the people, must either give up power individuals do only short term wider the gap, the more unstable the protect human beings from each other to the people, or cease to deny the planning, while governments do all actual policies of the movement will and the system. Inhuman laws are hypocrisy at the root of their the long term planning for them. This be. Since goals are most easily met those laws which protect systems ideology. is a far more devastating weakness in when there is the least divergence from human beings. Bureaucracy Bureaucracy is institutionalized the long run, because it combines a between the real goals and the stated thrives on inhuman laws, because by hypocrisy, it is the product of rulers foolish people with an arrogant goals, major gaps result in goals equating human welfare with its who believe in systems rather than in government. which can never be met. When goals workings, it acquires a superhuman Liberal aristocracy is not realistic, it are unmeetable because of flaws in status. Bureaucracy becomes next to NATURE page 5
  3. 3. FeedJournal Basic 3 Lieberman: Obama wrong not to identify enemy as radical violent Islamist extremist misunderstanders of Islam by Robert (Hija del Zion para instead use “violent extremism,” done a single thing actually to fight motivates many other groups and Israel - Daughter of Zion for which is too broad and includes against the jihad doctrine or Islamic individuals . . . Israel) elements that are not at war with the supremacism among Muslims in the “We must recognize the nature of the U.S., Lieberman notes. U.S. fight we are in, not paper it over.” Submitted at 6/15/2010 4:04:30 PM Administration officials would argue Almost ten years after 9/11, and Uh, yeah. Lieberman: Obama wrong not to that the term “violent Islamist Lieberman is still talking about Posted by Robert on June 15, 2010 identify enemy as radical violent extremism” bolsters our enemy’s having to “encourage and empower 4:04 PM Islamist extremist misunderstanders propaganda assertion that the West is the non-violent Muslim majority to | 2 Comments of Islam Lieberman is certainly closer at war with Islam, but that logic is raise their voices to condemn the Print this entry to the truth than is Obama, and the “completely unsound,” Lieberman Islamist extremist ideology as a | Email this entry Senator is to be applauded for that. declares. desecration of Islam.” Yet they’ve | Digg this But his formulation still opens the “Muslims in fact understand better been encouraged and empowered for | door for the advance of Islamic than anyone else the enormous ten years, and what is the result? How | supremacism and Sharia in the U.S. difference between their faith and the much encouragement do they need? Hija del Zion para Israel Support “Lieberman: Obama Wrong on terrorist political ideology that has When, if ever, will people like Israel Radical Islam,” by Jim Meyers in exploited it . . . Lieberman — to say nothing of • Mearsheimer can’t keep his Jews Newsmax, June 15: “We must encourage and empower Obama — start to wonder if this straight Mearsheimer can't keep his The new National Security Strategy the non-violent Muslim majority to endless failure of the non-violent J e w s s t r a i g h t released by the Obama White House raise their voices to condemn the Muslim majority to do anything Remember how Israel Lobby last month refuses to recognize that Islamist extremist ideology as a effective against the jihadists might specialist John Mearsheimer our nation is at war with violent desecration of Islam.” say something about their real categorized Jews into 'Righteous Islamist extremism, according to Sen. George W. Bush and his priorities and loyalties? Jews,' 'New Afrik... Joseph Lieberman. administration did their level best The White House is also wrong to • Switzerland: Muslims want Islamic The Independent Democrat from between September 12, 2001 and identify America’s enemy in the war cemeteries in every canton Connecticut writes in a Wall Street January 20, 2009 to encourage and on terror as simply al-Qaida and its Switzerland: Muslims want Islamic Journal opinion piece that the 2006 empower the Vast Majority of affiliates, Lieberman states. cemeteries in every cantonAn National Security Strategy correctly Peaceful Muslims to act against the “Defining the enemy by reference to umbrella group for Swiss Muslims identified America’s enemy as Tiny Minority of Extremists who had al-Qaida implies that this war in says they should be able to be buried transnational terrorists who “exploit Hijacked the Religion of Peace™. primarily about destroying an “with dignity” and is therefore calling the proud religion of Islam to serve a What did they have to show for it as organization, rather than defeating a for Islamic cemeteries in ... violent political vision.” The new they passed the baton to Obama and broader political ideology. This war • Rosh Hashanah greetings Image Security Strategy omits that his administration? Pakistan’s double will not end when al-Qaida has been taken on 2008-09-26 16:56:28 by Just statement. game — and an array of Muslim vanquished . . . but only when the Nora.... The administration is wrong to Brotherhood-linked organizations in ideology of violent Islamist eschew those words and the term the U.S. that have paid lip service to extremism that inspires and predates Original post source “violent Islamist extremism” and condemning terrorism, but haven’t it is decisively rejected. That ideology "I’ve become an enemy of the people for speaking the truth about Islam" by Robert (Hija del Zion para one’s mind about Islam, the record of and where the last few days have seen about, like the truth about Islamic Israel - Daughter of Zion for the last few years makes it clear yet another dark development. By jihad and Islamic supremacism. Read Israel) which direction the West is moving way of background, permit me to it all. in. In France and Italy, Oriana Fallaci begin by quoting myself. On pages Posted by Robert on June 15, 2010 Submitted at 6/15/2010 4:55:29 PM is put on trial for disparaging Islam. 230-31 of my book Surrender: 4:55 PM “I’ve become an enemy of the people In Canada, Mark Steyn and Ezra Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing | 2 Comments for speaking the truth about Islam” So Levant are hauled before “human Freedom I sum up the more alarming Print this entry says Bruce Bawer. “When it comes to rights commission” tribunals for aspects of Norway’s Discrimination | Email this entry the right to speak one’s mind about criticizing Islam in print. In Australia, Law, passed in 2005: | Digg this Islam, the record of the last few years an Islamic organization sues two It forbids “harassment on the | makes it clear which direction the pastors for “vilification of Muslims.” grounds of ethnicity, national origin, | West is moving in.” Indeed. The In Britain, a Daily Telegraph ancestry, skin color, language, Hija del Zion para Israel Support official fictions are ever more strictly columnist is arrested on charges of religion, or beliefs,” and, in turn, Israel enforced. It is only a matter of time. hate speech for having written defines harassment as “actions, • Davar Acher: An Argument with But…the truth will always remain the negatively about Islam, and the omissions, or utterances [my Intention by Joel Simonds(Originally truth, and it will come out in other Archbishop of Canterbury proposes emphasis] that have the effect or are published in Ten Minutes of Torah ways. that Parliament pass stronger laws intended to have the effect of being and Reform Voices of Torah) "Any “I’ve Become an Enemy of the against such speech acts. And in the insulting, intimidating, hostile, controversy that is for the sake of People for Speaking the Truth About Netherlands, Geert Wilders, the head degrading, or humiliating.” Heaven shall in the end be resolved. Islam: I’ve now been singled out, in a of the Freedom Party, which In other words, it’s illegal just to say A...... report commissioned and funded by performed so well in the June 9 certain things. [...] • Shavuot table 1 Image taken on the government of Norway, as a general elections that Wilders may Which means that a handful of far- 2008-06-08 19:56:38 by rbarenblat.... perpetrator of Islamophobia. Am I end up in the governing coalition, still left organizations have been given • sukkot-18 Image taken on 2007-09- about to be hauled into court?,” by faces trial for having made a film enormous power to silence those they 26 00:00:07 by RonAlmog.... Bruce Bawer in Pajamas Media, June about the Koranic foundations of disagree with. 15 (thanks to Aaron): terrorism. Or to silence those who speak about Original post source When it comes to the right to speak Then there’s Norway, where I live, things they don’t want you to know
  4. 4. 4 FeedJournal Basic Guilty pleas in honor killing of Aqsa Parvez by Marisol (Hija del Zion para marriage, ran away from home twice Waqsa, a tow truck driver, told a co- in Pakistan who later joined them in Israel - Daughter of Zion for because of her lack of freedom. With worker that he intended to kill his Canada…. Israel) assistance from her school counselor, sister and his father would take the Posted by Marisol on June 15, 2010 she stayed at a shelter the first time blame. “Waqas explained …that his 4:50 PM Submitted at 6/15/2010 4:50:23 PM and with a friend the next. Despite sister was causing the family | 4 Comments Guilty pleas in honor killing of Aqsa her father allowing her to wear embarrassment and he had to do it.” Print this entry Parvez Unlike Syria and Jordan, Western clothes and begging her to He later told the friend that the guilt | Email this entry Canada provides for an automatic life return, she refused to come back. was killing him. “He admitted | Digg this sentence. An update on this story. She had told her friends that her dad choking her until she died and said | “Guilty plea in Aqsa Parvez honour had sworn on the Koran that he that there was no evidence against | killing,” by Michelle Mandel for the would kill her if she ran away again. him,” the Crown said in the agreed Hija del Zion para Israel Support Toronto Sun, June 15: On Dec. 10, her brother Waqsa statement. “Waqas also explained Israel The father and brother of Aqsa confronted her at the school bus stop how what happened was partly • Shin Bet Nabs Spanish Clown Parvez have pleaded guilty to and she was taken away in the Parvez Aqsa’s own fault because he had tried Intent on Damaging National Security murdering the rebellious 16-year-old van at about 7:20 am. Just over 30 twice to talk to her and he even Boy, am I glad there’s a Shin Bet in an abhorrent honour killing. minutes later, her father called 911 offered to get her own apartment and around to protect Israel. First, they Muhammad Parvez, 60, and his son, and said he “killed his daughter” pay for it so she didn’t have to work nab that bitch traitor Anat Kamm who Waqas, 29, pleaded guilty to second- using his hands. and she rejected his offers.” sold the nation’s secrets to Hamas. degree murder Tuesday in the Dec. Police found her fully clothed in her Her mother, dressed in a white hijab Then, they send that other spy Uri 10 2007 strangulation of Aqsa and basement bedroom, lying face up and and black cloak, looked on and wiped Blau p... they face an automatic term of life in with no vital signs. An autopsy away tears as Justice Bruce Durno • How to Find an Apartment in Tel prison. determined she’d died from “neck said the two killers face at least 10 Aviv – What to Check When At the time of her shocking murder, compressions.” years in prison before being eligible Searching for an Apartment to Buy or which Peel Police have described as a Her mother Anwar Jan told police for parole. The father, dressed in a Rent in Tel Aviv- Dorit Shanan Why? “planned and deliberate act,” the that she questioned her husband about blue sweatshirt, and his son, his hair How much? How? Move it! Grade 11 Mississauga student was why he’d killed her. slicked back in a ponytail, showed "Why?â? "How much?â? and estranged from her Muslim family “He said this is my insult. My little emotion as they listened to the "How?" are the first questions that we because she was bristling at their community will say you have not lengthy recounting of the heinous should ask ourselves when we begin restrictions. She had moved in with a been able to control your daughter. family murder. to search for an apartment in Tel friend’s family and no longer wore a This is my insult. She is making me The elder Parvez came to Canada as Aviv. Ther... hijab in her Applewood high school naked.” a refugee from Pakistan in 1999 and • Zohar Fresco #2 Image taken on in Mississauga. When asked if she disagreed with eventually brought his wife and eight 2007-02-05 22:36:01 by Nit_Sun.... In an agreed statement of facts read what he’d done, Aqsa’s mother children. Aqsa was the youngest and by Sandra Caponecchia, court heard refused to protest his actions.“I just 11 when she arrived here. Original post source Aqsa, who had already been promised cannot say anything. Whatever he All but three of the siblings were by her family in an arranged thinks, he knows about it. “ wed in arranged marriages to cousins French dhimmi cops ban sausage and booze party for fear of offending Muslims by Robert (Hija del Zion para banned a street party whose with organizers on Tuesday before | Israel - Daughter of Zion for organizers planned to serve alcoholic announcing the ban. Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel) cocktails and pork sausages in a French rights group SOS Racisme Israel heavily Muslim neighborhood of praised the ban on the party, which • Links for 2010-05-04 [Digg] Submitted at 6/15/2010 4:46:29 PM Paris, authorities said in a statement they called it a “flagrant call for Dershowitz Incites Hate Against French dhimmi cops ban sausage and Tuesday. hatred.” Michael Lerner It is absolutely no booze party for fear of offending Police said the party, called “Sausage The woman who organized the party accident that Alan Dershowitz singled Muslims Of course, it was to be held and Booze,” could have been viewed on Facebook and gives her name as Rabbi Michael Lerner out for special in a “heavily Muslim neighborhood” as a provocation in the Goutte-d’Or Sylvie Francois denies any ties to the opprobrium in his most recent — a provocation, to be sure. And yet neighborhood of northern Paris, extreme right. She told the free daily Jerusalem Post and Huffingt... I can’t help but wonder what might where many Muslims pray on the Metro newspaper on Tuesday that she • UK government groveling to have happened if a Muslim group in streets because there are not enough had launched the party as a way to Islamists From Douglas Murray at France had announced that it was mosques. Alcohol and pork are “express exasperation.” The Telegraph (UK): I have just going to do something in a non- forbidden by Islam and the party had She complained that the been forwarded an email from the UK Muslim area that many non-Muslims been slated for just after Friday’s “Islamization” of her working-class government which suggests that the found offensive. (That would not be main Muslim weekly prayers. neighborhood was “more and more new administration does not merely the same thing as holding the halal Organizers said they were holding ostentatious,” and complained that feel blackmailed by Islamists but is event in the same area, as described the party to protest Islam’s Muslims now block several streets a... in the article below.) I expect that the encroachment on traditional French during Friday prayers. • Kosovo, what have we done? same police who banned this party values in the neighborhood. Muslim “It offends my concept of the Islamic Terrorism against serbian would be protecting the Muslims groups had announced a counterparty republic’s secularism, I feel churches and civilists in the kosovo physically and lecturing the non- serving halal, or religiously approved, increasingly excluded in the Islamski teroristi uništen nakon rata, Muslims about “tolerance.” food. neighborhood,” Francois said…. bezbroj crkava, Katoli?ke i “French police ban planned street Police banned both events. Posted by Robert on June 15, 2010 pravoslavnih krš?ana. Mnogi party serving pork and wine in “Because of the organization, 4:46 PM sve?enici pravoslavne krš?ane i heavily Muslim neighborhood,” by location, day and timing chosen, as | 3 Comments kukavi?ki su brutalno ubijeni. Islamic Pierre-Yves Roger for Associated well as the counterparty plans, this Print this entry te... Press, June 15 (thanks to all who sent event … creates grave risks of public | Email this entry this in): trouble,” the police statement said. | Digg this Original post source PARIS (AP) — French police have Police also said they met at length |
  5. 5. FeedJournal Basic 5 Russians helping transfer weapons from Syria to Hezbullah? by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del more than a few Syrians, Iranians and Zion para Israel - Daughter of North Koreans among the service Zion for Israel) personnel. And if that is true, why isn’t a bigger fuss being raised over Submitted at 6/15/2010 9:12:00 PM such support of terrorism?” Russians helping transfer weapons I would guess that in addition to from Syria to Hezbullah? A NATO Syrians, Iranians and North Koreans, submarine stationed off the coast of there are also Russians supporting the the Syrian port of Tartus has transfer of weapons from Syria to photographed weapons and military Hezbullah, and maybe also with the equipment being shipped to handling of the weapons. Hezbullah. And there may be The Russians have been upgrading Russians involved in the transfer. the port of Tartus in order to establish As part of the body’s Active a Russian base in Syria. Under those Endeavor anti-terrorist operation, the circumstances, it is inconceivable that Spanish submarine Sirocco S-72 weapons could be transferred through snapped a photo of a ship sailing the port of Tartus without the from the Syrian port of Tartus on Russians’ consent and participation. March 2, bearing dozens of military Why isn’t anyone in an official vehicles. The ship’s flag, and its position raising a fuss over these terrorist organization – but Israeli meaningful target among thousands destination, were deemed classified weapons transfers? What could go military intelligence has continued to of possible options within a 500- information, and are not available to wrong? emphasize the group is receiving meter range. The same article noted the media. posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 7:12 Scud missiles and Syrian-made M- that the CEP of the M-600 was However, the Defence Forum of AM 600 mid-range missiles from approximately 200 meters – nearly India noted that it took less than a Hija del Zion para Israel Support Damascus. Scud class. month for Israel’s President Shimon Israel The M-600 is an improved version of The ranges of both reportedly extend Peres to announce to reporters that • Purim holiday in Israel Purim the Iranian Fatah-110 missile, to at least 600 kilometers, enabling Syria had transferred Scud missiles to holiday in Israel... carrying a 1,000-pound warhead. It is them to reach beyond Tel Aviv or Hizbullah. • Innovation center? How Israel fitted with a GPS-aided inertial Jerusalem from southern Lebanon. That message, noted the report, was became a ‘Start-Up Nation.’ The navigation, upgrading it from a … quickly followed up by one from recent New York Times bestseller simple terrorist weapon to an outright A quiet discussion spotted recently King Abdullah II of Jordan, who Start-Up Nation drew much attention military threat. Moreover, because it between defense and military began to talk of the “high risk” of a to Israel as a global innovation center. is solid-fueled, it can be fired without personnel on an Internet military looming conflict in the region. Israel has more Nasdaq-listed preparation, as opposed to the Scud aviation forum posed the question, Last month the British newspaper companies than a... ... missile, which must be protected “Has anyone even considered what it The Times claimed to have access to • 8 Hanukkah pewter hanukkah from air strikes during fueling would take for Hizbullah to manage satellite images showing a Hizbullah menorah with charms 8" Pewter because it requires liquid fuel. and launch such weapons?” complex near the Syrian town of MenorahIncludes CharmsSilver According to an article published in The writer went on to note that even Adra, northwest of Damascus. The Product Description8" Hanukkah the May 17 issue of Aviation Week, though the terrorist group had “used images allegedly revealed shelters, Pewter Menorah With Charms... the latest Syrian variant of the Scud that cruise missile a while back…. weapons and a fleet of trucks, More >> ... missile is equipped with a 500-meter still, does anyone really think a third- presumably to be used for transfer. CEP (complex event processing) world terrorist group has sufficiently … Original post source system – meaning that the missile can trained personnel to handle such Syria has repeatedly denied that it identify and proceed to the most weapons? Methinks one will find has transferred weapons to the NATURE Overnight music video continued from page 2 people. It consumes what the people Command and Palestinian Officials by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del sings three songs so you get a bonus produce, and its consumption has no Results in Announcement Regarding Zion para Israel - Daughter of tonight. V’Zakeini, Anovim and v’Hu limit beyond its ability to draw those Easing Measures, 24 May 2010 The Zion for Israel) Keili. Awesome. resources from the people. Like every IDF OC Central Command, Maj. Let’s go to the videotape. parasitic system, it is ultimately Gen. Avi Mizrahi, and the Head of Submitted at 6/15/2010 5:47:00 PM posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:47 undone by its own parasitism, in that the Civil Administration, Brig. Gen. Overnight music video As I AM it will either weaken the people too Yoav Mordechai, held a coordination mentioned last week, this week is Hija del Zion para Israel Support severely for them to defend it when meeting with Palestinian Authority also part of wedding season. This Israel the time comes, or outrage them officials today. In addit... week’s toll is three weddings tonight • Rosh Hodesh ??? ???? – Barekhi sufficiently so that they will • Part 2: Preface to the Sulam (okay, I was only planning to go to Nafshi (?????? Moroccan) – nz”y overthrow it. Either way it is a dead Commentary, item 5, lesson 2 two but the second and third ones Ribi David Kadoch s”t Moroccan end. And so are the ideologies that Lecturer: Rav Michael LaitmanDate: were next door to each other so I Daily Halakha La Halakha Marocaine invest their energy in them. 2010-05-17Video: ENG 31.05MB stopped in on the other side to say Q u o t i d i e n n e Hija del Zion para Israel Support Audio: ENG 5.53MB ... “Mazal Tov”) including one out-of- Israel town, one wedding tomorrow night • The Santa Cruz Haggadah: • Obama urges Israel work with all Original post source and one wedding Thursday night. Participants Version Product parties on Gaza WASHINGTON And a Bar Mitzva last night and DescriptionThe Santa Cruz Haggadah (Reuters) - President Barack Obama another Bar Mitzva Thursday night to is a user-friendly Passover Haggadah called on Israel on Wednesday to boot. based on the concept that we should work with all parties to find a At the first wedding I was at tonight, not only look back in history to when solution for Gaza and said the United two little kids – one the brother of the we were slaves and then freed, but States is p... ... bride I am told (I was on the groom’s that we... • Meeting between IDF OC Central side) – got up and sang v’Zakeini, the • Masada, Israel Image taken on first song on this video. 2001-02-01 00:00:00 by miss mass.... This is (mostly) Dovid Dachs. He gets some accompaniment from his Original post source father Shloime in this video. And he
  6. 6. 6 FeedJournal Basic And now an oil war? New blog: by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Infrastructures Ministry, called the Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) claims “nonsense.” He added, “These noises occur when they smell gas. AP Israel Until then they sit quietly and let the Submitted at 6/15/2010 7:19:00 PM And now an oil war? Over the past other side spend the money.” Marine law expert Amir Cohen-Dor Watch few months, Israel has had a couple told the Globes business news service by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del of major natural gas finds in the that the Dalit and Tamar gas fields Zion para Israel - Daughter of Mediterranean off our northeast are within Israel’s contiguous Zion for Israel) coast. The finds are so significant that economic zone, and that United Israel could find itself energy Nations regulations clearly state that Submitted at 6/15/2010 4:43:00 PM independent, which is quite important Israel can develop them. New blog: AP Israel Watch Here’s a to us given the Arab refusal to sell oil That’s all well and true, but as you new blog about Israel that you may to us. all know we’re Israel and we’re want to check out. It’s called AP Although the wells are in Israeli judged by a different standard in Israel Watch. territorial waters, and although anything having to do with the Here are emails that we are sending private investors in Israel have spent ‘international community.’ to AP about bias in their Israel millions of dollars exploring the wells What could go wrong? reporting. The headlines of the posts (I had occasion to review several of party’s executive council chief posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 5:19 here are the AP headlines, so that you the prospectuses that raised money Hashem Safieddine, who was quoted AM can find their reports easily. We for the exploration), Hezbullah – yes by the Tehran Times as saying it Hija del Zion para Israel Support started this Blog because it seems that Hezbullah – is now trying to lay would not allow Israel to “loot” Israel AP’s Israel reporting is going from claim to them. Lebanese gas resources. • Israel issues 500-page report to bad to worse. Do you agree? Will you The terrorist organization warned Lebanese parliamentary speaker refute Goldstone Israel issues 500- write to AP too? AP news agency: that it will not allow Israel to take Nabih Berri previously said, “Israel is page report to refute Goldstone possession of the offshore fields, racing to make the case a fait posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 8:07 Posting seems sporadic until the past which could make the Jewish State accompli and was quick to present PM... few days. Hopefully, now it will keep energy self-sufficient for the first itself as an oil emirate, ignoring the • Shavuot Part 3 Here's part 3 of 5... up (seeing your site meter go up time in history. fact that, according to the maps, the • “Unacceptable trousers” From the makes a blogger want to post more). The As-Safir Lebanese newspaper deposit extends into Lebanese waters. Saudi Gazette:MADINA – A man posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 2:43 told its readers that the gas field “was Exploring our options in this field is here has accused the Commission for AM located between Israeli and Cypriot our best bet to pay off Lebanon’s the Promotion of Virtue and Hija del Zion para Israel Support territorial waters and stretches toward debts.” Prevention of Vice (the Hai’a) of Israel the Lebanese coast.”Lebanese The Israeli government immediately assaulting him and holding him • EUrabia Watch EUrabia Watchby newspapers also reported that responded to the Lebanese claims, illegally inside a restaurant on ... sheikyermami on May 4, 2010The previous Israeli gas finds “were either saying they are totally unfounded and world of Gordon Clown:Labour has taking place in areas stretching to that all of the gas and oil fields are off Original post source common bond with Muslims, Brown Lebanese territorial waters or other the coast of Israel and not Lebanon. tells The Muslim NewsAs if we spots far away from the Israeli coast.” Dr. Yaakov Mimran, director of didn’t know that already…..Police Hizbullah’s claims were stated by the energy exploration for the National stop Muslim ... • I am Israel (Documentary Film) What Hamas does with English version I am Israel. For the people who keep saying that this video is Anti- concrete Semitic: Jews against Zionism: "Another" Jews against Zionism: www.jewsa... by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del with cement as well as other supplies • Opinion: Does Turkey want to be Zion para Israel - Daughter of under the guise of humanitarian aid. an empire? Opinion: Does Turkey Zion for Israel) Hmmm. want to be an empire?Over the past posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 8:22 few months, reporting on Turkish PM Submitted at 6/15/2010 10:22:00 PM AM announcements in Europe, I've What Hamas does with concrete I Hija del Zion para Israel Support noticed a certain trend, which led to a know that a lot of you may be Israel nagging question: Does Turkey wondering why Israel does not allow • Taliban reject peace overtures of dream of... concrete into Gaza. Well, here’s why. Karzai-backed council Taliban reject Hamas is demanding more cement to peace overtures of Karzai-backed Original post source restore what they claim was c o u n c i l destroyed by the IDF, but new photos . . . show the cement is being used for military purposes. • The Letters of the Torah: Black Fire on White Fire – Part 2 Temple Whiny little rump king Army intelligence information has Talk... found that in recent months there has been a substantial increase in cement • The Transformation of the American Dream into the American complains: Israel trying to and concrete used by the military wing of Hamas in Gaza. Much of the Nightmare In the movie Moscow on the Hudson (1984) Vladimir Ivanoff, prevent him from going nuclear military formations are built deep a frustrated jazz musician living in by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del dance... inside the Gaza Strip in areas full of the overregulated and dysfunctional Zion para Israel - Daughter of • Weekly Parshah “Bamidbar”: The civilians to use them as “human USSR escapes to New York City, Zion for Israel) Book of Zohar, selected excerpts shields”. only to be initially bewildered and t... Lecturer: Rav Michael LaitmanDate: Submitted at 6/15/2010 6:04:00 PM 2010-05-14Video: ENG 55.45MB Each week, Israel allows thousands of tons of suplies in dozens of trucks Original post source Whiny little rump king complains: Audio: ENG 9.88MB ... to cross into Gaza from Israel filled Israel trying to prevent him from • Why is Saadia Gaon Important in going nuclear Heh. Judaism posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 4:04 cybersynagogue AM Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel Original post source • Tisha B’Av Creative Dance
  7. 7. FeedJournal Basic 7 Continent’s Oldest The West sides with Hamas Congregation Unveils Plan to Preserve by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Flatiron Cemetery Zion for Israel) by Blog Admin (Hija del Zion Submitted at 6/15/2010 8:34:00 PM para Israel - Daughter of Zion The West sides with Hamas for Israel) Caroline Glick reports that Israel Submitted at 6/15/2010 9:32:00 PM made a mistake by establishing the Turkel commission and by going Click here to read the article along with any international Hija del Zion para Israel Support investigation of the flotilla follies at Israel all. She says that the game is rigged • Gaza flotilla raid: ‘We heard from the start: The West – led by gunfire – then our ship turned into President Obumbler – has embraced lake of blood’ Activists aboard Mavi Hamas. Marmara speak of shock at rapid It is not surprising that Obama is attacks and deny assaults on Israeli siding with Hamas. His close commandosSome formed human associates are leading members of the shields, others fought back with pro-Hamas Free Gaza outfit. makeshift weapons, while a few of Obama’s friends, former Weatherman the most vulner... Underground terrorists Bernadine • Part 1: The Book of Zohar – Dohrn and William Ayres to deport Hamas deserter and Israeli Israel withdraws Hamas leader Selections, chapter “Vayikra”, item participated in a Free Gaza trip to counter-terror operative Mosab Khaled Meshaal during an open 41, lesson 4 Lecturer: Rav Michael Egypt in January. Their aim was to Hassan Yousef to the Palestinian meeting with journalists about the LaitmanDate: 2010-05-16Text: ENG force the Egyptians to allow them Authority where he will be killed is Palestinian situation in Damascus 0.2MB... into Gaza with 1,300 fellow Hamas the latest sign of their support for May 23, 2010. DAMASCUS • Is it anti-Semitic or ‘just’ anti- supporters. Their mission was led by radical Islam. (Reuters) - Hamas leader ...... Israel? Is it anti-Semitic or 'just' anti- Code Pink leader and Obama Given Obama’s attitude towards • A Dialogue of Hope Today’s blog Israel? The disgusting fundraiser Jodie Evans. Another jihadists and the radical leftists who comes to us from Museum Educator cartoon at the top of this post comes leading member of Free Gaza is support them his decision to support Tracy Bradshaw, who had the from Cologne, Germany. A crude anti former US senator from South Hamas against Israel makes sense. opportunity to take part in an -Israel exhibit... Dakota James Abourezk. What is alarming however is how extraordinary afternoon and offered All of these people have open lines leaders of the free world are now all to share the experience with us. Original post source of communication not only to the siding with Hamas. That support has Thanks, Tracy!On May 4, I ... Obama White House, but to Obama become ever more apparent since the • Rosh Hashanah and the Messianic himself. Mossad’s alleged killing of Hamas Kingdom to Come: An Interpretation Obama has made his sympathy for terror master Mahmoud al Mabhouh of the Feast of Trumpets Based upon the Muslim Brotherhood clear several at his hotel in Dubai in January. Ancient Sources Rosh Hashanah and times since entering office. The Read it all. It’s grim, but the Messianic Kingdom to Come: An Muslim Brotherhood’s progeny unfortunately, it’s way too plausible Interpretation of the Feast of include Hamas, al Qaida and the and explains way too many events Trumpets Based upon Ancient Egyptian Islamic Jihad, among and actions to be ignored. Sources... others. Last June, Obama infuriated posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 6:34 the Egyptian government when he AM Original post source insisted on inviting leaders of the Hija del Zion para Israel Support Muslim Brotherhood to attend his Israel speech at Al Azhar University in • Hamas renews offer to end fight if Cairo. His administration’s decision Their Problem by Yaakov Kirschen (Hija del and not from my usual vantage point blockade of the Gaza Strip, allowing Zion para Israel - Daughter of back here, at home in Israel, in a little in everyday goods while ensuring Zion for Israel) town on the Mediterranean sea.-Dry arms and military material s... Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip • Eli Lake Calls for ‘Regime Submitted at 6/15/2010 8:00:00 PM Since 1973 Change’ in Gaza, ‘Strategic I’m just back from a trip to America Hija del Zion para Israel Support Communications War’ Against to attend the National Cartoonists Israel Hamas The NY Times features Society’s Annual Awards Weekend, • Video Update: Israeli Navy excerpted conversations with political where I gave a presentation on the Addresses a Ship in the Flotilla, 31 bloggers on various topics via an history of Dry Bones. May 2010 The Israeli Navy addresses agreement with BloggingheadsTV. Before I got back, the “flotilla” story a ship nearing the Gaza shore , Very infrequently, they will host a broke, so I scratched out a few offering it to dock at the Ashdod Port discussion about the Israeli-Palesti... cartoons about it. The story does not and transfer its supplies under the – Blair by merdi Israel ready to ease look like it’s going to go away. So I’ll ship’s crew’s supervision. The ship Gaza blockade - Blair ISRAEL Original post source post the cartoons that I did while refused to comply.... agreed in principle to greatly ease its watching the world from America • Israel ready to ease Gaza blockade Israel’s Foreign Ministry and Che Guevara by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del Hija del Zion para Israel Support New York Daily News, Joel Lion, and...Mutual goal [...] Zion para Israel - Daughter of IsraelIt takes two to forge a lasting consul for media and public affairs at Hija del Zion para Israel Zion for Israel) Mideast peaceIn an editorial featured the Consulate General in New York, in the December 6th edition of the argues for more collaboration
  8. 8. 8 FeedJournal Basic King of Jordan accuses Israel of ‘underhand’ plot to thwart nuclear… by israel (Hija del Zion para Israel - Daughter of Zion for Israel) Submitted at 6/15/2010 4:03:00 PM By Catrina Stewart in Jerusalem Jordan’s King Abdullah II has accused Israel of making “underhand” efforts to prevent the Middle Eastern country from developing… Hija del Zion para Israel Support Israel • New York subway jihad plotter quotes Qur’an verse justifying suicide bombing New York subway jihad was betrayed by a close associate, the plotter quotes Qur'an verse justifying emirate's police ... s u i c i d e b o m b i n g • Latest videos about the flotilla New . . . stuff that came out recently: The IDF • Killed Hamas official Mahmoud al- released (almost unusable) video and Mabhouh betrayed by associate, says audio from during the operation Dubai police chief Two more where the soldiers hear and react to fraudulent Irish passports linked to gunshots from the "peace activists." Palestinian's killing, officials I'm still tryi... sayMahmoud al-Mabhouh, the Hamas official assassinated in Dubai, Original post source Beat LA! by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del daughter of Laszlo and Ilus Semjen. Zion para Israel - Daughter of With the invasion of Hungary by the Zion for Israel) Germans... • Crash Course in Jewish History: Submitted at 6/15/2010 6:00:00 PM The Miracle and Meaning of Jewish Beat LA! Heh. #Beat_LA. History, from Abraham to Modern posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 4:00 Israel Product DescriptionIn one AM volume, Crash course in Jewish Hija del Zion para Israel Support History explores the 3,800 years of Israel Jewish existence while answering the • US expats giving up citizenship US great question: Why have the Jewish expats giving up citizenship • Holocaust Survivor Testimony: people been so unique and infl... The New York Times notes a large Sara Israeli Sara (Kati) Israeli was increase in the number of Americans born in 1937 in Pestszenterzsebet, Original post source abroad giving up citizenship. Amid Hungary (today Budapest), the mounting ... In Israel, From Storage Unit to Loft by israel (Hija del Zion para UNITED!... Israel - Daughter of Zion for • Oren – 5,000; Pro-’Palestinian’ Israel) Students – 150 Oren - 5,000; Pro- 'Palestinian' Students - 150 Submitted at 6/15/2010 4:05:00 PM There are a heck of a lot of Brandeis By DAVID KAUFMAN JAFFO, students out there who would like to ISRAEL — As a refugee from the hear Israeli ambassado... former Yugoslavia, Nesh Bruic knew • Miracle of Jewish History clip #1 how to build homes. He arrived here Hear proof that there's a unique in this Bible-era port town, now… connection between the Jewish Hija del Zion para Israel Support Day – Celebrating 40 Years Of people and the land of Israel.... Israel Jerusalem United CELEBRATING • Yom Yerushalayim / Jerusalem 40 YEARS OF JERUSALEM Original post source