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Commercial Office Interior Designs Process


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If you are in the search of the new office interior designs process , feel free to contact the ‘Vision Projects’. This Leicestershire based company is one of the leading companies in the U.K. It is the one stop solution for all the interior fit out building issues.

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Commercial Office Interior Designs Process

  1. 1. Innovative Building Solutions The Design Process
  2. 2. Page 3Page 2 InnovativeBuildingSolutions Intro 1Since its creation 15 years ago Vision Projects Limited have established itself as one of the leading interiors fit out contractor in the Midlands. Constant investment in the business has led to the growth and development of the Design Department within the company. Vision are now better equipped than ever to provide a design led programme to its clients which includes a range of design services. Sample Boards ThisbrochuretakesalookatthedesignprocesswithinVisionProjects and explains in detail how these services can benefit the client. Mood Boards Space Planning 2D + 3D Design Conceptual Development Design Visuals Corporate Branding Site Surveys Research Development Product Selection Photo-realistic Renders Exterior Renders The Design Process.
  3. 3. Page 5Page 4 InnovativeBuildingSolutions Brief 2 “Create an environment that is better than fit for purpose, a great place to work!” Every project starts by meeting with the client to establish objectives and outline in a clear brief which encapsulates the clients goals for the projects. By first listening to the clients needs and understanding what they hope to achieve we can ensure from the outset that everyone is on the same page and that our vision for the project is in line with there’s. Experience has taught us that projects are constantly changing and evolving but setting a clear brief at the start gives a good benchmark for development. A successful brief will state clearly what all parties realistically want to achieve given the constraints of time, budget, space, resources and logistics. How will it be used? How many people will you have occupying the space? What are their individual requirements? We want to encurage collaboration, the space will house x10 Sale Staff x4 Researchers and x3 Mangers. Each manager needs their own private space. Everyone will need access to a Breakout Area. What do you want this Space to say about your Business? How would you want a visitor to perceive it? Do you have a colour scheme in mind? We want the space to Echo the companies modern ap- proach to business. We want to be perceived as the market leaders. We want our corporate colours used throughout. Example Brief: an open plan space for x17 staff members which includes x3 cellular offices. All staff should have access to a modern and trendy kitchenette/seating area. The space should express the clients branding and reflect their position as market leaders... The Client T he Designer Example...
  4. 4. Page 7Page 6 InnovativeBuildingSolutions Survey 3Where ever possible the design team likes to spend some time surveying the site and making observations of the user and how they operate. The point of this exercise is to gain a greater understanding of the needs of the user which are often overlooked in the construction of the brief or unknown to the client. Measurements, photographs and notes are taken away from the site visit to aid the design team back in the office. These are used to create in-sites and overviews which lead to a more in depth and suitable design proposal. Wasted Space Under Stairs Busy walkway next to Work space, doors always propped open...Noise?? Employees have a sense of humour! Electricians, Plumbers & Engineers all Conduct Surveys with the Design Team Use post- it notes to arrange ideas... ...Could use a whiteboard. Sales Staff have regular communication with each other No storage space for empty water bottles... Taking measurements on site allows for accurate drawings to be produced back at the office. Collecting site photographs means we can share them with the team back in the office. It also allows us to reflect on the site visit afterwards. By listening to what Staff have to say and recording their responses we can better understand the needs of the primary users and develope a better design.
  5. 5. Page 9Page 8 InnovativeBuildingSolutions KOHLER® products offer intrinsic quality born of tradition. Skills passed down through generations combine with innovative techniques and timeless design to establish the enduring character for which Kohler is known. There is no substitute for the knowing hand that sculpts the rim of a washbasin or the eye that measures the thickness of enamel on red-hot cast iron as if by instinct. This experience is bold. This experience is art. Est. 1873... ThePast... ThePresent Research 4Before a design concept can be drafted the Vision team first undergo a period of design research. The aim of this exercise is to ensure that the design concepts are fully in line with the client company’s branding, beliefs and market positioning. Research into the client company provides a solid foundation for the generation of design concepts and ensures that the designsreflectthecompanyandhowitwishestobeperceived. An example of how a bit of research into a companys background can gain some valuable insites and help create a better design...
  6. 6. Page 11Page 10 InnovativeBuildingSolutions Quality - Executive - Professional - Welcoming - Polished - Practical Take down the walls, leave preconceptions behind and think creatively about how you use your space.... Modern - High quality - Unparalleled - Serious - Established - Well Run Light and Open Clever Storage Practical yet Stylish Modern & Striking ContemporaryStriking Flare Appropriate Colour Unite through Collaboration TimelessProfessional Clean lines Fit for Purpose Flexible Space, Adaptable EnvironmentsEstablished Quality From the research gathered on a company and their brand the design team can assemble mood boards that encapsulate the client current market perceptions. This is then coupled with the clients design aspirations as established in the brief. Together they paint a picture of what the design concept should achieve and provide a positive direction to move forward. The accumulation of key descriptive words provides a checklist that any design concept should adhere to ensure it stays within the parameters of the brief. Mood Board 5
  7. 7. Page 13Page 12 InnovativeBuildingSolutions Finance Total x68 People Hot Desks Total x6 People Reception Meeting/Colaborative Space Breakout Area/Kitchenette Printer/Copier IT Total x23 People Corporate Total x21 People Corporate Management Total x1 plus x1 PA “Where ever possible we have sought to keep departments together and management close to their teams. We have included collaborative and breakout spaces close at hand to each department to ensure that everyone has equal access to the buildings facilities. Departments and open plan areas have been divided up using a clever combination of light and airy glazed partitioning and practical storage walls. This maximised Natural light and Storage in all areas....” Space Plan 6After the needs of the client have been established and the design direction chosen the next stage is to move onto 2D space planning. Taking into consideration the specific needs of the people who use the space and how the business operates on a day to day basis a logical space plan can be crafted with help of the client. 2D space plans are a great way to rapidly visualise how the available space can be optimised to best fulfil the brief and suit the needs of the client. Space plan takes into account, people, objectives, time scales, budget, furniture, IT, power and data. Benefits of an intelligently planned workplace include increased productivity, staff recruitment and retention, and a happier healthier working environment. Example of a Space Plan and the reasoning behind it
  8. 8. Page 15Page 14 InnovativeBuildingSolutions 3D Design 7 From the sketches a 3D Model can be produced which gives a great indication of the environment. When the layout has been finalised the model can be rendered to give an indication of materials, finishes and colours. Graphics onrear Wall Close off rear Stairwell...? Cluster of x4to save space ContemporarySeat at Window(need a Stool..) Company Log on the Welcome Desk A series of quick 3D sketches are produced by the design team to rapidly visualise different aspects of the chosen layout. These are not set in stone, concept development is key to meeting the needs of the client and making sure the best solution has been reached. Once we have a general idea of how the space will be used, the 3D development can begin.
  9. 9. Page 17Page 16 InnovativeBuildingSolutions Fixtures, Fittings & Furniture 8 Lower end of the Market, Not suitable for high end Client Cheaper option, still looks effective tho... ...White frame matches Branding Sayl Chair?? inspired by GoldenGate Bridge Nice use to two tone fnishing, Matt + Polished Looks like every other handle out there...Not Unique Like this form but its far too expensive Not right for a Working enviroment... Strong yet Elegant... PERFECT !! Seat back looks too soft, doesnt capture the company Message Looks very industrial...? Like these, Looksdifferent & Modern RUbbish. Not right for the job These mightwork, can they be mounted into current ceiling? Corners make itlook too harsh... If you know how you want your space to look, but aren’t sure what’s out there, the Vision Design team can help. We are able to pool products from an extensive range of suppliers to provide you with a selection of options that match your requirements. We start by presenting the client with a small sample of possible options and then we take it from there based on your feedback. You don’t have to be a design Guru, you just need to know what you like and what you don’t!
  10. 10. Page 19Page 18 InnovativeBuildingSolutions Sample Boards9‘Visions of Flowers’ + Boarder Carpet tiles By Desso Sample boards are used by the design team to present the proposed Materials, Finishes, Fabrics and Fittings to the client prior to signing off. This a useful exercise which ensures that the client is aware of exactly what they will be getting when the project is delivered. The design team have an extensive collection of samples ranging from carpet tiles to door handles. Sample boards give the client a good opportunity to get ‘hands on’ with the design. Something that looked great on the computer screen my not be what was expected in reality. The design team also have the ability to show the client alternative finishes. This is something we regularly do with furniture where the sheer range of choice can be overwhelming.
  11. 11. Page 21Page 20 InnovativeBuildingSolutions Renders 10 When the situation calls for it Vision can produce high quality photo- realistic renders to give the client an idea of exactly what there project could look like upon completion. These take a little longer to produce but the benefit of presenting these to a client cannot be overstated. Its as close as you will get to seeing the finished article before the project has even begun!
  12. 12. Page 23Page 22 InnovativeBuildingSolutions More Renders 10
  13. 13. Page 25Page 24 InnovativeBuildingSolutions Exteriors 11 The design team at Vision are also able to help clients visualiseanycosmeticchanges to a buildings exterior. This is often a great way for clients to be able to appreciate the visual impact exterior upgrades can have for a business. Before After Before After Before After Site Photo CAD Visual
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