Marketing Basics


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Basics of Marketing with the explanation of traditional as well as Modern modes of communication.

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Marketing Basics

  1. 1. MARKETING BASICSFOR Brand Building<br />
  2. 2. Brochure<br />Tradeshows<br />Modern Mode<br />Corporate blogging.<br />Website Content(SEO)<br />Social Media( SMM)<br />PowerPoint Presentations<br />Podcasts<br />Video Content<br />Traditional Mode<br />Newsletters<br />Brochures<br />Direct mail<br />Email<br />Corporate Gifts<br />Events<br />Marketing<br /> Channels<br />
  3. 3. Why Blogging?<br />3.Search Engines love Blogs. Having your content available and present when someone is doing a search with your keywords is critical, and will become even more important in the coming years as more and more Consumers first brand interactions happen at the search box.<br />1. A business blog offers a more approachable, informal information-providing approach in which customers find enjoyment, get to know your company, and learn about your services, achievements, and innovations.<br />2. A business blog is an informal, easily maintained method for regularly communicating with the employees. Multiple people may post on the blog and information can be shared daily.<br />
  4. 4. Search Engine Optimization<br />1.Websites are built to be seen by Internet surfers and main purpose of search engine optimization is to increase the traffic to the website.<br />2.Search engine optimization leads to the optimization of a webpage or a website. It will lead to a website which is more organized and a website which contains substantive information.<br />3.Search engines segment the market and connect the right people together. People search for topics which they are interested in and this is the main strength of search engines in connecting markets together.<br />
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING<br /> media can help in bridging gap - it can work with the consumers on answering their fears, their questions....lead them from their reality to achieving their visions.<br />1.Brands need advocates to spread the word - nothing better than social media for recommendations, share-ability etc.<br />3.Social Networks have become a powerful tool for reputation management which is a crucial point in brand marketing. Being first to control a targeted URL or Profile set-up on a major social network can be of endless benefit to your brand over the long term. <br />
  6. 6. Presentations<br />1.Slideshare is a social media content site that allows users to upload, favorite,<br />bookmark, tag, and comment on slide shows.<br />2.The nice thing about Slide-share is that once the content is published, it seems to be indexed by the search engines very quickly. SEO benefits of Slideshare is simply amazing.<br />3.World’s largest community for sharing presentations, Publicly or Privately. <br />
  7. 7. Podcast <br />2.<br />Websites that use podcasting technology have taken off like a rocket over the last few years and they have now become so important to reach out target audience.<br />1.<br />It is a way to reach your viewers without making them have to read through countless pages of web site material. <br />3.<br />The recent advances in handheld device technology, iTunes, mobile phones, as well as many other devices will help ensure that podcasting will remain a staple for core marketing needs.<br />
  8. 8. Video<br />1.<br /><ul><li>73% of active online worldwide </li></ul> users have read a blog<br /><ul><li>45% have started their own blog
  9. 9. 57% have joined a social network
  10. 10. 55% have uploaded photos
  11. 11. 83%have watched online video clips</li></ul>Source: Universal McCann Comparative Study<br />on Social Media Trends<br />2.<br />An obvious advantage of video is that video involves more of <br />the senses; it sells your product or <br />service using sight, sound, and <br />emotion. So your prospects are more engaged, and thus more likely to be convinced. <br />3.<br />Direct-marketing video isn&apos;t just for big companies with huge budgets. With<br /> new technologies making both <br />production and fulfillment more <br />affordable, businesses from car <br />dealerships to photography studios <br />are finding that even small campaigns<br /> reap big rewards.<br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13. 1.A brochure is a time saving device. It would be too time consuming for you to type up individual letters to every prospect that showed interest in your offering. The solution is to collect your basic information into a single brochure that prospects can take with them and read at their leisure.<br />2.The goal of any brochure is to convey the key message quickly and concisely. Brochures act as a tour guide for the company. It offers people a way to move directly to either purchase or request more information. <br />Brochure<br />3.A good sales brochure does more than explain and inform. It also persuades. It translates your facts and features into customer benefits and sells your services.<br />
  14. 14. COPRPORATE GIFTS<br />Helps in brand <br />recollection.<br />Promote goodwill<br />/image<br />Attract new clients<br /> and retain old ones<br />
  15. 15. Events/Tradeshows<br />1.Trade shows offer an element of professional pride, perspective, and relationship building that the Internet does not.<br />2.Giveaways at tradeshows are the best way to bring awareness about the product.<br />3.Extremely useful for manufacturing firms as its easier to give demo.<br />t<br />Visitor<br />
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