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Larts review5thperiod

  1. 1. L.Arts Review 5 th Period 5 POINTS OF YOUR PERIOD GRADE To be turned in on Wednesday (Exam day) HANDWRITTEN I.-Spelling: 3 times words of L. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 Spelling Lesson 26 arrow harrow narrow marrow sparrow sallow tallow shallow shadow elbow fellow mellow fallow meadow billow window winnow widow borrow Words containing ei or ie. Spelling Lesson 27 grieve thieve pieced sheik retrieve apiece conceit believe besiege deceive relief relieve deceiver deceitful achieving receiver Spelling Lesson 28 clever painter wayward digest lightning portrait novice Tuesday climate scaffold
  2. 2. Spelling Lesson 29 shambles transcript menace shepherd wholesome shrivel jostle button picnic grumble Spelling Lesson 30 hustle rumble trouble argue sarcasm tarnish tartar harangue relapse profess revenge flighty II. - 3 times irregular verbs Fifth Period sweep---swept---swept swell---swelled---swelled/swollen swim---swam---swum swing---swung---swung take---took---taken teach---taught---taught tear---tore---torn tell---told---told think---thought---thought thrive---thrived/throve---thrived throw---threw---thrown thrust---thrust---thrust tread---trod---trodden understand---understood---understood uphold---upheld---upheld upset---upset---upset wake---woke---woken wear---wore---worn weave---weaved/woven---weaved/woven wed---wed---wed weep---wept---wept wind---wound---wound win---won---won
  3. 3. withhold---withheld---withheld withstand---withstood---withstood wring---wrung---wrung write---wrote---written III. - Write one time idioms 81 to 101 Idiom 81: LOOSE YOUR COOL Meaning: become upset.| Idiom 82: IN A TIGHT CORNER Meaning: without any good options Idiom 83: A COUCH POTATO Meaning: a lazy person Idiom 84: TAKE ITS COURSE Meaning: a situation develops naturally Idiom 85: UP THE CREEK Meaning: in trouble Idiom 86: CROCODILE TEARS Meaning: exaggerated of faked sympathy Idiom 87: WHEN IT COMES TO THE CRUNCH Meaning: when there are no more possibilities Idiom 88: A FAR CRY FROM Meaning: very different from Idiom 89: OFF-THE-CUFF Meaning: without research, planning or considering Idiom 90: CAN'T CUT IT Meaning: cannot do it Idiom 91: IN THE DARK Meaning: ignorant Idiom 92: A SHOT IN THE DARK
  4. 4. Meaning: a guess Idiom 93: CALL IT A DAY Meaning: stop Idiom 94: LATE IN THE DAY Meaning: too late or almost too late Idiom 95: IN BROAD DAYLIGHT Meaning: without trying to hide Idiom 96: MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY Meaning: make someone happy Idiom 97: WOULDN'T BE CAUGHT DEAD Meaning: would never Idiom 98: GET A RAW DEAL Meaning: receives less than what is deserved Idiom 99: RUNS DEEP Meaning: entrenched or ingrained Idiom 100: OUT OF YOUR DEPTH Meaning: beyond your existing knowledge or ability Idiom 101: ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END Meaning: regretfully, we are finished IV. – Reading • Kenny Roberts • Water Woman Vocabulary write 2 times the word and meaning Kenny Roberts • dazed: confused or shocked because of a heavy blow. • cocky: too sure of oneself • courses: tracks on which races are held
  5. 5. • spleen: an organ in the human body • pushy: too bold Water Woman • Meters: units of measure. • strokes: moves the arms and legs to swim • awkward: clumsy • depressed: unhappy, sad • cast: to throw something • contract: agreement, deal • retire: stop working Grammar V. - write a Yes/No question and information question. Copy the questions one time. 1. –We have to buy a present. Yes/No. Do we have to buy a present? IQ. What do we have o buy? 2.-She should tell a teacher. Yes/No. Should she tell a teacher? IQ. Who should she tell? 3.-We have to stay for an hour. Yes/No. Do we have to stay for an hour? IQ. How long do we have to stay? 4.- You´ve got to the problem. Yes/No. Have you got to solve the problem? IQ. What have you got to solve?
  6. 6. 5.-He has to tell her soon. Yes/No. Does he have to tell her soon? IQ. When does he have to tell her? MODALS OF ADVICE, NECESSITY OR PROHIBITION. Choose the best answer to complete each statement. 1. You (couldn’t/shouldn’t) let the baby put that in his mouth. 2. What kind of gift (ought I/should I) get for my girlfriend? 3. We (doesn’t have to/don’t have to) get up early tomorrow. 4. When do you (have to/must) be at the airport? 5. You (had better/ought to) eat more vegetables. 6. (I must/I’ve got) to call my parents. SAY IT RIGHT! May I can repart the papers? May I give out the papers? I don’t was talking. I wasn’t talking. We are going to copy this? Are we going to copy this? I yes told you the situation. I did tell you the situation. We presented the Spanish exam last Monday. We took the Spanish exam last Monday.