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7 bd spellint lesson 8


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Published in: Education, Technology
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7 bd spellint lesson 8

  1. 1. Avertical channel or pipethat conducts smoke andcombustion gases
  2. 2. Aperson, typically aman, who is admiredfor courage or noblequalities.
  3. 3. A room where anartist, photographer, sculptor, etc., works
  4. 4. an occupation, profession, or trade.
  5. 5.  is an excellent intellect, excellent work or an excellent achievement.
  6. 6.  Each of a pair of long narrow pieces of hard flexible material, fastened under the feet for gliding over snow
  7. 7. Aquantity of breadthat is shaped andbaked in one piece andusually sliced beforebeing eaten.
  8. 8. Theamount held bya cup.
  9. 9. A cutting instrumentcomposed of a blade and ahandle into which it isfixed, either rigidly orwith a joint.
  10. 10. A boat or other meansof transportation usedto convey passengers inreturn for payment of afare.
  11. 11. Sound that isdirected throughtwo or morespeakers
  12. 12. Amobile, destructivevortex of violentlyrotating winds
  13. 13. Aloop of thread or yarnresulting from a singlepass or movement of theneedle insewing, knitting, orcrocheting.
  14. 14.  Criminal law a person who commits theft.