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Twitter me this


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Published in: Education
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Twitter me this

  1. 1. Twitter Me This: Taco Trucks & Cupcakes GENTRIFICATION, EVOLUTION, OR SOMETHING IN BETWEEN?
  2. 2. Panelists Gabriela Juarez, Planner, Department of City Planning, City of Los Angeles Wendy Carrillo, M. A., Ethnojournalist Alma Flores, Economic Development Planner, Bureau of Planning & Sustainability, Portland, OR Maria Garcia, Transportation Analyst, New York Metropolitan Transportation Council
  3. 3. Objectives Identifying and understanding the land use implications in regulating mobile food vending Learning to strike a balance between the interests and needs of various ethnic communities, economic growth, and land use regulation Identifying possible approaches as solutions to a recurring issue that continues to evolve Network!
  4. 4. Los Angeles
  5. 5. Los Angeles – B.T. (Before Twitter) County Ordinance City Ordinance Los Angeles Superior Court Decision Overturning County and City Ordinance
  6. 6. Los Angeles – A. T. (After Twitter)