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Website that would allow both contributors and consumers to buy and sell stock photography online. A showcase of stock images through a tested system which would be integrated with a dedicated payment gateway for a complete ecommerce cycle.

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  1. 1. A Case Study onSocial “Stock Media” WebsiteAbout The ClientThe client is a US based start up company planning to venture in the market of social stockmedia, where visitors can browse, search, upload photos and download track of choices aftermaking payment. Stock media agency provides ready-made images to be used in anyadvertising or promotional materials and illustrate specific things, concepts or ideas moreimpressively.Client Situation & ChallengesBeing a start up company, the client was looking for a website that would allow bothcontributors and consumers to buy and sell stock photography online. The solution wasintended to be a pilot version initially, created on work break down structure (WBS) and thento be scalable in the beta version once the requirements were fine tuned. Overall, the clientwanted to showcase stock images through a tested system which would be integrated with adedicated payment gateway for a complete ecommerce cycle.A user functionality intended online store would enable website visitors to: • Search images of their choice • Upload and download by adding to cart • Purchase & utilize credits by selecting different plans • Manage their account easily and • Navigate to other pages of the siteSecured and user friendly commercial transactions was also a major challenge for success of theonline business. The client wanted to accomplish all these functionalities to reach broadermarkets and earn more goodwill in the industry.
  2. 2. Solutions Offered:After multiple discussions and understanding of the pain areas, vEmployee analyzed the actualrequirements of the client and suggested a Zend Framework implementation. Zend has one ofthe best architectures in PHP and this would make the solution faster with error freefunctionality for both commercial as well as regular business activities.vEmployee team had been actively involved with the client through out the websitedevelopment life cycle to ensure the desired output. Our technical experts, who are proficientin some of the best architectures in PHP, delivered work purely based on MVC & OOPS usingZend standards to ensure more secure and user friendly website.The user interface provided standard e-commerce website features like attractive homepagedisplaying category of photos, advance search panels, multiple website language options,registration for new users, log in for existing users, user account management facility alongwith secure shopping cart allowing users to buy online and download instantaneously.The Admin interface provided extensive website management features like screenmanagement, process management, Stock approval management, Commission management,Payment details and sales report generation.Amazon cloud (EC2/S3/SQS) was also used to upload images, process the same in cloudenvironment and update them in the database so user can feel the rich experience of stockdomain.Technology UsedPHP 5, MySQL, Apache 2, Linux, Zend Framework, Amazon Cloud Integration (EC2/S3/SQS),Imagemagick library (Image processing), Paypal – Payment gateway integration.
  3. 3. Functional architecture of Stock Media Website
  4. 4. Client Benefits:vEmployee team has successfully accomplished the project on promised time, within estimatedbudget and delivered customized commercial website with error free functioning.Some of the top benefits which the client has attained: • Customized and user friendly website with zero complexity. • Technically sound, error free web application with global connectivity. • Robust and scalable web portal architecture for faster upgradation. • Stable website with high volume traffic handling capabilities. • Convenience of order placing, tracking payment and reporting. • 24x7 Safe and secure online commercial transactions. • Rich website visualization with low maintenance cost.About vEmployee:vEmployee is a leading IT Service provider based out of India. With services spanning over thetechnology chain, vEmployee is a one stop shop for enterprise wide IT needs. With over adecade long experience in the industry, vEmployee has established itself as a trusted partner tovarious companies by providing timely project delivery coupled with high quality. Our parentorganization Clarion Technologies is a SEI CMMi 3 level assessed company whose singular focusis on client satisfaction.Start Today:For more information on partnering with vEmployee, contact us at orvisit our website at: