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United Paycheck - Multi E-Wallet System

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United Paycheck - Multi E-Wallet System

  1. 1. ‘Multiple E-Wallet’ systemTransforming Dreams Into Reality
  2. 2. Yesterday Single E-Wallet’ system Funding Direct referral income Fund Withdrawal One E-walletBinary income Ad Port purchase Ad income
  3. 3. Tomorrow Multiple E-Wallet’ system
  4. 4. Functionality Overview If an Affiliate adds $10 funds using Payza, the Payza E- Wallet will be credited with $10 and other Wallets remain unchanged.When an affiliate is buying ad ports, the ad port purchase willhappen using a particular E-Wallet of his choice and withminimum $20 balanceIf a user has bought 2 ad ports using LR, 1 ad port usingPayza, his LR E-Wallet will be credited 2X30 cents and PayzaE-Wallet will be credited 1X30 cents daily.
  5. 5. Functionality OverviewIf my direct referral purchases 5 ad ports using Payza andanother 3 ad ports using PM, my Payza E-Wallet will becredited with $5 and PM E-Wallet with $3Takes multiple data into consideration to decide the E-wallet inwhich your Main ad-port and Sub Ad port binary income is paid inthe new "Multi E-Wallet" system. The main ad port and sub adport binary income payment are calculated separately, so theymight be paid in one or different E-Wallets.Different buttons for different currencies. The user can useone button at a time only. For next currency withdrawal, theaffiliate needs to go through the verification code processagain.
  6. 6. BenefitsGets return proportionate to theirdeposits in the e-currencyEnsure transparency and fairnessEnsures proper distribution of e-currency fundsEfficient distribution of profitsSustainable and effective program
  7. 7. By the end of it, you never know how its going to turn out. Hopefully if we pick the right program and put the right leaders on & all the collaboration works out. It’s a Win-Win Situation

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