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United Paycheck - Business Plan


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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United Paycheck - Business Plan

  1. 1. Community Entrepreneur Advertiser Publisher We allow entrepreneurs or common users to participate in our business plan as an advertiser cum publisher.We allow merchants to reach a larger Publishers participate in affiliateaudience by promoting their affiliate programs which are suitable for theirprograms to all of the publishers website (and thus generate incomeparticipating in our affiliate network. from those programs).
  2. 2. The Concept: AdPort  Each AdPort is worth $20.  Each AdPort earn an Ad revenue of 30 cents per day for you.  The life time of an AdPort is 100 days.  At the 100th Day your total earning will be 1.5 times of your investment  There is potential that you can earn even more then 1.5 time if you opt compounding for your daily earning, refer Financial Roadmap Sheet to calculate your earning  In general you can double you investment in every 48 daysExample – If an associate purchases $80 worth, he will be assigned 4AdPorts. These AdPorts will expire after 100 days. Crediting total $120(4 AdPorts * 100 Days * 30 Cents per day) in associate’s E-Vallet .
  3. 3. Business Plan Invest $80 Buy 4 AdPorts You Next 100Day’sEarn 0.30CentX4=$1.20 Per day Your Total Earning after 100 Days $ 120
  4. 4. Impression Points(IPs) Impression Point (IPs) Impression Points (IPs) Impression Point is traffic cannot be transferred from exchange program one associate to another 10 IPs per day will be credited to On each AdPort, 10 Ad users IPBank ,you can use it to Impression Points (IPs) is upload your own Ad banners for a awarded per day till 100th day specifiedperiod.Example – If an associate purchases $80 worth, he will be assigned 4 AdPorts. Atotal 4000 IPs (4 Ad Ports * 10 IPs * 100 Days) will be credited in your IP Bank
  5. 5. The Concept: AdBank100th • On 100th Day Your AdPorts will expire Day • A group of expired 4 AdPort will generate an AdBank • Collection of 6 AdPort Ad • Out of 6 AdPort, 4 Ad ports comes in a group after they expiresBank • Once mature (A collection of 6 AdPort) gives you $ 120
  6. 6. Ad Bank Maturity Step-2Upgrade Step-1Buy 5th Pay off Preferred 5th and 6th and 6th position Option position@ $10 $120 @ $10 each each Ad BankAd Port Alternate Automatic Take 3-5 Pay off Option Months $120
  7. 7. The Concept: Maximum Purchase Allowed  A user can purchase any number of AdPort(s) in one go, subject to a maximum of 500 AdPorts on one single ID.  The same limit on number of AdPort(s) purchase, applies in case of repurchase also. Precisely, any member can have maximum of 500 AdPorts alive at any given point of time.Example: Suppose a member purchased 200 AdPorts on 1st day, 200 Adportson 2nd day and again 100 AdPorts on 3rd day. So his/her limit of 500 liveAdPorts is over. He/She will not be allowed to purchase any more AdPorts tillhis/her limit goes down below 500 Live AdPorts. Now, after 100 days, his/her1st set of 200 AdPorts will expire. On that particular day his total live AdPortsremains 300 only. So to reach the limit of 500 live AdPorts again, he/she will beallowed to purchase another up to 200 AdPorts only.
  8. 8. P o i n t t o R e m e m b e rEach AdPort cost $20Ea c h A d Po r t e a r n 3 0 C / D ayEa c h A d Po r t e a r n fo r 1 0 0 D ays10 Ad Impression Points (IPs) is awarded /day/AdPortAt any point of time you can hold max 500 AdPortOn 100Th day you will get Ad Bank for each 4 AdPortsenables you earn $120
  9. 9. Every associate requires to form two teams (LTeam: R Team) by directly referring one associate in each of the team Qualification Teams are known as first team: Left Team andsecond team: Right Team. Team Every AdPort (worth$20) purchased byyour direct referral anassociate will get Direct Referralreferral incentive $1 Incentive The direct referral incentive will be applicable for first purchase as well as all the repurchases of the AdPort(s) made by a Incentive member in the network. Repurchase Binary incentive calculation is based on an associate Binary working with both Working Incentives Incentive the teams.
  10. 10. Binary Incentives: Ad TableThere are two tables for the purpose of calculation namely Main AdPort Table & Sub AdPort Table A purchases up to 10 AdPorts in single ID (First When a downline/referral purchase more than 10 purchase or repurchase), those AdPorts goes to AdPorts in single ID (first purchase or repurchase), the Main AdPort Table for incentive calculation of those AdPorts goes to the Sub AdPort Table for your upline /referrer incentive calculation of your upline /referrer
  11. 11. Binary Incentives: Ad Table example 01Say Mr. X has two referrals Mr. Y in Left Team and Ms. Z in Right Team; and Mr. Y purchased 13 AdPorts whereas Mr. Z purchased 7 AdPorts. In this scenario Mr. X’s incentive calculation is as follows
  12. 12. Binary Incentives: Ad Table example 02Continuing the same above scenario, Say Mr. X has two referrals Mr. Y in Left Team and Ms. Z in Right Team; and Mr. Y repurchased 50 AdPorts whereas Mr. Z repurchased 45 AdPorts. Mr. X’s incentive calculation is as follows