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United Paycheck - Adport, Adbank Concept

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United Paycheck - Adport, Adbank Concept

  1. 1. Transform Dreams Into Reality
  2. 2. Internet Advertising Amidst fierce global competition total revenue from advertising business in 2011 was approximately $400 billion. This is expected to grow up to $600 billion by 2016. Internet advertising has significantly big share in the entire advertisement industry. In 2011 it touched approximately $70 billion and expected to grow fast up to $117 billion in 2016. As part of this huge advertising industry, United Paycheck is an online advertising network that acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs around the world. With an extensive online network consisting of hundreds of thousands of publishers and advertisers from across the world we allow unique business opportunity for following three types of entities:
  3. 3. Publishers: We allow website publishers to more easily find and participate in affiliate programs which are suitable for their website (and thus generate income from those programs).Merchants: We allow merchants to reach a larger audience by promoting their affiliate programs to all of the publishers participating in our affiliate network.Entrepreneurs: We allow entrepreneurs or common users to participate in our business plan as an advertiser cum publisher. They can earn advertisement revenue (as publishers) from this network at the same time use the advertisement credit points to upload their advertisements (as advertisers).
  4. 4. The Concept AdPort: : An AdPort is a traffic generator which is worth $20, which pays out an Ad revenue of 30 cents per day. The life time of an Adport is 100 days after which it expires. Further on each AdPort, 10 Ad Impression Points (IPs) is awarded per day. Crediting processes, the 30 cents income per day and 10 IPs per day, is an automated process. The 30 cents income per day on every AdPort will be credited to user’s E-Wallet which he/she can withdraw/use it for repurchase, on his/her own will. The 10 IPs per day will be credited to users IP Bank which he/she can use to upload his/her own Ad banners on certain websites for a specified period. E-Wallet income as well as earned Impression Points (IPs) cannot be transferred from one associate to another. Example - If an associate purchases $240 worth, he will be assigned 12 Adports. These Adports will expire after 100 days. Crediting total $360 (12 AdPorts * 100 Days * 30 Cents per day) in associate´s E-Vallet and total 12,000 IPs (12 AdPorts * 10 IPs * 100 Days) in users IP Bank
  5. 5.  Maximum Purchase Allowed: A user can purchase any number of AdPort(s) in one go, subject to a maximum of 500 AdPorts on one single ID. The same limit on number of AdPort(s) purchase, applies in case of repurchase also. Precisely, any member can have maximum of 500 AdPorts alive at any given point of time. Example - Suppose a member purchased 200 AdPorts on 1st day, 200 Adports on 2nd day and again 100 AdPorts on 3rd day. So his/her limit of 500 live AdPorts is over. He/She will not be allowed to purchase any more AdPorts till his/her limit goes down below 500 Live AdPorts. Now, after 100 days, his/her 1st set of 200 AdPorts will expire. On that particular day his total live AdPorts remains 300 only. So to reach the limit of 500 live AdPorts again, he/she will be allowed to purchase another up to 200 AdPorts only. And the cycle goes on. "
  6. 6.  AdBank: When 4 AdPorts expires (i.e. after 100 days), associate gets 1 AdBank. There are 6 blocks in one AdBank each worth of $20. It pays user $120 when it matures. The following diagrams illustrate how an AdBank is created. Creation of AdBank after the expiry of 4 AdPorts is an automated process.
  7. 7.  The AdBank is a buffer of 6 blocks, in which 4 Adports comes in a group after they expires. Suppose an AdBank is already filled with a group of 4 AdPorts and the next group of 4 AdPorts comes into it, 2 AdPorts will be inserted into it so that it is full, and rest 2 spills over to next AdBank. Each block of AdBank is worth $20. The owner of the AdBank will receive $120 in earnings, once it matures. Time taken for maturity of the AdBank depends upon Companys advertising revenue earnings; generally it takes 3 to 5 months for an AdBank to get matured from the date of creation. However if a user is in hurry to get his AdBank matured, 1st Step - he can buy a SPOT in the recommended first two blocks in any new AdBank (paying $10 each), 2nd Step - upgrade that SPOT to PRIORITY (again paying $10 each) to speed up the filling process (ultimately helping his AdBank mature faster to pay him $120). In short, to get AdBank matured faster a associate has to pays $40 extra.
  8. 8.  Repurchase: When a associate gets his/her 40 Cents daily advertisement earning, he/she can either withdraw it or utilize it to repurchase new AdPorts to increase his/her Ad revenue. He/She can buy AdPorts of $20 from his daily earnings through his/her E- Wallet. Example - Let us assume that an associate purchases $2000 worth and buy 100 Adports. He/She will start earning $30 Ad revenue every day. However, after 100 days his/her daily earnings will stop, because his/her AdPorts will expire. But he/she might withdraw $10 per day and utilize the rest of his/her Ad earnings every day for repurchase. He/She keeps his/her withdrawal amount at $10 per day, while the amount he/she repurchases, gradually increases. This will enable him/her to build up Adports to replace those that "expire" after 100 days. This way his/her Ad earnings will never stop.
  9. 9. Working IncentiveThere are working incentives for the sales that an entrepreneur creates for advertiser and publisher. Qualification: To qualify for the incentive every associate requires forming two teams (Left Team: Right Team) by directly referring one associate in each of the team. Teams: teams are known as first team: Left Team and second team: Right Team. Direct Referral Incentive: An associate can refer any number of direct referrals, after A and B (first two referrals in Left Team and Right Team respectively) his/her third direct will be called as spill over. For every AdPort (worth $20) purchased by his/her direct referral an associate will get a referral incentive of $1. Repurchase Incentive: The direct referral incentive will be applicable for first purchase as well as all repurchases of AdPort(s). Binary Incentive: Binary incentive calculation is based on an associate working with both the teams. There are two tables for the purpose of calculation namely Main AdPort Table and Sub AdPort Table.
  10. 10. Main AdPort TableMain AdPort (Up to 10 AdPorts purchased onSingle ID) Table - When a downline/referralpurchases up to 10 AdPorts in single ID(either first purchase or repurchase), thoseAdPorts goes to the Main AdPort Table forincentive calculation of his/her upline/referrer.The Main AdPort table calculation looks likefollowing table:
  11. 11. Sub AdPort TableSub AdPort (More than 10 AdPorts purchased onSingle ID) Table - When a downline/referral crossesthe purchase of more than 10 AdPorts in single ID(either first purchase or repurchase), those AdPortsgoes to the Sub AdPort Table for incentive calculationof his/her upline/referrer. The Sub AdPort tablecalculation looks like following table :Income is credited daily. Power team is carry forwardedand weaker team flushes out daily.
  12. 12. Sub Ad Port binary Calculation :Main Ad Port binary balancing, for that day, is at least 10% of the highest eligible levelof any 6 levels of Sub Ad Port binary. Till Sub Ad Port binary is not paid, both theteams in Sub Ad Port table are carry forwarded.Example 1: If an Affiliate is at 40 : 40 level, the binary will be paid only if, in MainAdPort table he/she has a balancing of at least 4 : 4; Same applies on all 6 levels ofBinary.Example 2: Continuing the above example, in case an Affiliate is at 40: 40 level, andthe Main AdPort table table balancing is less than 4 : 4, the SubAdPort binary getscarry forwarded to next day.Example 3: In case an Affiliate is at 80 : 80 level, and the Main AdPort table balancingis 4 : 4, the binary is paid for highest eligible level i.e. 40 : 40 and the weaker teamgets flushed out. Same applies for all levels of Binary.

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