Matthew Tukaki, UNGCNA - Presentation - Australia at Rio+20 Seminar


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Matthew Tukaki , Australian Network Representative, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

Presented at the United Nations Association of Australia (Vic) Australia at Rio+20 Seminar in Melbourne, Thursday 17 May, 2012.

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Matthew Tukaki, UNGCNA - Presentation - Australia at Rio+20 Seminar

  1. 1. The business and industry responseto the sustainability challenge:impacts and opportunities / our rolein RioThe United Nations Global Compact Network Australia / MatthewTukaki, Australian Representative and CEO of the Sustain GroupUnited Nations Association of Australia – Australia @Rio+20 Seminar, Thursday 17th of May 2012
  2. 2. Our presence atRio+20 will bediverse…
  3. 3. What role will the UNGC and UNGCNA be playing @ Rio+20Identifiable opportunities for  Oceansinput and engagement…  Women’s empowerment / gender“The Australian Government equalityThe following themes haveemerged as key priority  Miningareas for Australia and, as a  Indigenous peoplesbusiness and industrycommunity, a number of  Sustainable development goalsthese key priority areas alignwith our own focus and  Disaster risk reductionperspective….”  Food security
  4. 4. Supporting our Australian Government Narrative Women’s empowerment / gender equality Mining Indigenous peoples Sustainable development goals1. What additional role can business and industry play when it comes to women’s empowerment and gender equality2. What additional role can our mining and extractive resources sector play?3. How can we improve further the development of Indigenous people at home and abroad? (The LEED program / Westpac, Rio Tinto and KPMG)4. What can we do when working more closely with Government in terms of mapping social investment opportunities
  5. 5. Two key sessions being led by Australian business…Session One: the business response to the Session two: how local networks are inspiringsustainability challenge business to advance human rights• Led by Australian UNGC Representative • Led by UNGCNA Expert Human Rights Advisor, Matthew Tukaki Vanessa Zimmerman and UNGCNA Secretariat• Convening a panel of business leaders from Head, Sarah Davidson Australia and Asia • Collaboration with networks from the UK,• Presentations by Oil Search Australia, Pacific Germany, Indonesia, and Malaysia Hydro, APP Indonesia and Griffith University • 1. What have you found to be the most helpful• A focus on what business and industry is doing strategies, activities, tools and resources to to address the sustainability challenge advance the human rights principles of the• A focus on sustainable development Global Compact?• What gaps exist and what more can be done • 2. Who are the main actors you are working with and what are their reasons for being involved? • 3. How has business engaged with local networks to advance human rights and how can we encourage greater national and international business leadership on human rights?
  6. 6. We want to make sure we involve everyone…so we will be running daily video blogs from Rio outlining some of the key themes, discussions and outcomes…. Daily Video Blogs from RIO!
  7. 7. that’s ALL VERY GOOD but whathappens after Rio+20?
  8. 8. THE UNGC / NA and our forwardposition1. The creation of sustainable local networks to support engagement, develop further best practice, put further integrity around signatory status2. Further engagement across the region with other and in support of other local networks – case study: supporting the opening of a GC office in Burma3. Support the AusAid’s business engagement strategy around sustainable development4. Increase the number of Leadership Groups operating across Australia
  9. 9. Get in touch…