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Building 1000s of NextGen Leaders: Our Aspiration


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NextGen Leaders ( is a not for profit making organization. It mission is to build 1000s of young leaders, family leaders, business leaders and community leaders in India. This presentation provides details on our dreams/aspirations few of the activities what we focus now

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Building 1000s of NextGen Leaders: Our Aspiration

  1. 1. V. SRINIVASA RAO (VSR) 18th Nov 2013 Hyderabad 1 Non Profit Organization Committed to Contribute for Community
  2. 2. We have Come Together to build NextGen Leaders! • Mr. V.Srinivasa Rao (VSR), Senior Vice President, Tech Mahindra • Dr. Subhash. Rastogi, Former Professor NITIE, Executive Chairman, BT & BT Management Consultancy • • • • • Mr. Ramakrishna, CEO of Efftronics Mr. Suresh Chandra, Director & President, BT & BT Management Consultancy Mr. Sanjay Reddy, Managing Director, Dream Boat Entertainment Mr. Hirdesh Singhal, Global Head, Project Management Center of Excellence, Tech Mahindra Ms. Veena Yamini, Senior Analyst, Microsave 2
  3. 3. Our Dream for NextGen World 1 Total Employment 2 Enhanced Purchasing Power of People 3 Self reliance for fuel, Water and food 4 Flat World – Global Workforce & Businesses 5 Healthy & Delighted Global Citizens 6 Secured and Environment Friendly World 7 Gender Equal World 8 Thin divide between Rural and Urban Areas 9 Equal education opportunities 10 Corruption free Governments 3
  4. 4. Today’s Need • Building AWAKEN THE HIDDEN TALENT “NextGen World” need thousands of “NextGen Leaders” • NextGen Leaders are not only born, can also be developed when they have the Hidden Talent 4
  5. 5. Categories of NextGen Leaders 5
  6. 6. Seven Common Attributes of a NextGen Leader Young Leader Community Leader 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Visionary Motivator Communicator Team Player Execution Champion Continuous Learner Great Citizen Business Leader Family Leader 6
  7. 7. Our Mission We become catalyst in building thousands of qualified & competent young leaders, family leaders, business leaders and community leaders and contribute for improving socio economic status of our people and nation 7
  8. 8. Active Segments we focus now Academia • Teachers • Head of institutions • Parents • Students Business • Healthcare • Rural Entrepreneurs • Telecommunications • Information Technology Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises 8
  9. 9. What We Want to Do? • Conduct Advisory & Awareness sessions on leadership to individuals in Academia, Business & Community • Build ecosystem, environment and platform for nurturing leadership skills of individuals • Build Global leadership standards, tools, and techniques (Made in India) • Conduct research in leadership to improve the socio economic status of individuals • Influence the policy makers, industry, government to inculcate Leadership skills/culture
  10. 10. OUR ASPIRATION Establish 100 Self Sustainable Communities of Practice (COP) by 2020 10
  11. 11. Community of Practice Consortium of Academia, Business, Community, Government • • • • • • • • Collective Learning & Sharing Problem Solving Thought Leadership Global Networking & Relationships Experiences, Stories Tools & Techniques Mentoring / Coaching Virtual Collaboration Networks 11
  12. 12. The first 30 Communities of Practice NEXTGEN YOUNG LEADERS NEXTGEN ENTREPRENEURS COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE (COPs) COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE (COPs) COP 1: Starting your First Company COP 2: Getting your First Job COP 3: Multi Culture Integration COP 4: International Business, Global Economy COP 5 Digital Business Leadership COP 6: Business Story Telling COP 7: Reflective Conversations COP 8: Collaborative Leadership COP 9: Taste of Failure COP 10: Systematic Execution & Results Focus COP 1: Innovative Business Models/ Business Strategies for Start-up COP 2: Need/ Problem bank and unique concepts/Idea Generation COP 3: New Product/ Solution Life Cycle Management (Master in Concept to Cash) COP 4. Talent acquisition & retention for Start-ups COP 5: Develop Customers and generate Quality LEADS COP 6: Start-ups and win-win alliances & Partnerships to grow COP 7: Branding & Positioning of Start-ups/ Products/solutions COP 8: Winning first few deals in Start-ups COP 9: Getting Investments & Cash Flow Management COP 10: Health for Entrepreneurs NEXTGEN TECHNOLOGY LEADERS COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE (COPs) COP 1: Social Media Technologies COP 2: Mobile Technologies COP 3: Analytics Technologies COP 4: Cloud Technologies COP 5: Internet of Things (IOT) COP 6: Security Technologies COP 7: Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure COP 8: Gamification Technologies COP 9: 3D Printing COP 10: Software Defined Technologies 12
  13. 13. What Support We could Offer at Academic Institution? TALKS COP Maximum 2 Communities of Practice 90 min Session for every 45 Days using any of the following Channels • Physical Event • Webinar • Google Hangout • TweetChat 3 Hours of Expert Support for every 90 days to establish one Community of Practice (COP) • Access to Experts for mentoring • Facilitate right partnerships • Joint White Papers • Industry Connect 13
  14. 14. THANK YOU VSR Blog : Twitter : Slide Share : LinkedIn : Facebook : Talks : Channel : Invited Blogger by PMI Global : 14