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EEP301: linear system simulator


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Control Lab experiment EEP301, 5th sem electrical engineering @ IIT Delhi

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EEP301: linear system simulator

  1. 1. Experiment LINEAR SYSTEM SIMULATOR Aim:To analyse the effect step input on a linear system (of various order) due to various controls. Introduction: Observations and remarks: OPEN LOOP RESPONSE Error detection cum variable gain: With an input of 100mv, we get 1.52V i.e. gain is 15.2. Fig. 1 Uncommitted Amplifier: For a square wave of 1V pk-pk an output of 4.4V is obtained with gain 1 and for gain of 10 an output of 15.6V is obtained, with inverted signal.
  2. 2. Fig 2 For gain=1 Integrator: The output for voltage is 1.08V with an input of .1 V (note that the fig is with 10x probe). Fig 3 Time constant: Time constant, ∆T=1.2ms (time to rise to 63.2%)
  3. 3. Fig 4 CLOSED LOOP RESPONSE First order system (type 1) : Second order system:
  4. 4. Third Order system: