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Integrated Learning: idea and projects


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It’s basically the idea to integrate all learning in the daily work routines.

There are four angles of integration:

integration technically:
that’s the basis, of course.
integration in our existing software architecture,
into the existing work routines.

This is to make it as easy as possible for our colleagues
to access every learning element
at any time on every device
at any place.

Currently we make use of
our own Intranet communities, also available on mobile devices
Microsoft OneNote (because it’s already installed on all computers at SRF),
on Evernote and
GoogleApps (because some teams already use these applications).

In the future we may add whatever we need and whatever our colleagues will use.
So we remain as flexible as possible and focus on learning content.

At this point I have to emphazise that every platform we’d select
must meet at least 3 criterias:
easy to use
easy to collaborate on
available on every mobile device

(2) integration means also to offer small but precise solution packages for on-demand-learning.

These eLearning-packages should work like a good Italian espresso: quickly produced, strong effect, great taste and enjoyable even if you don't have much time.

Thats our approach:

you have a problem, a question, a challenge - don’t google. Look into our library of micro-learning modules. We have the solution - a solution which fits into our quality standards and exactly adresses your work and your challenges.

Again: it’s extremely easy to find, to use and understand our learning deals.
Currently we’re building „learning cards“, which could be used as printed cards as well as on mobile devices.
You know these kind of mobile storytelling from various mobile apps in the news business.
We’re also going for short screenvideos, if necessary to explain something.

As „Learning cards“ we use these common idea of story cards,
the ones you know from publishing stories on mobile devices.

You swipe through the story.
Sometimes just scroll down or swipe to the left.
Or - like this example - do both, scroll and swipe.

Anyway. The story itself is reduced, clearly up to the point.
And that’s the same with our learning cards.

In this case it’s a little series to help our colleagues using GoogleApps.
And it’s printed as postcards as well. Delivering solutions on the flipside of each card.

(3) integration means also to fit into different levels of knowledge and different pace in learning. It’s necessary to take seriously, that our colleagues already have knowledge and experience. We must integrate this in our learning concepts. That’s why I use Project and Team Based Learning as much as possible.

We address this also by using more and more micro-modules instead of fixed courses.
And we offer co-creation projects where our colleagues collaborate on specific issues.

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