Air Force Association - F-22 Versus F-35 Comparison


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Air Force Association compares the F-22 Raptor versus the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter

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Air Force Association - F-22 Versus F-35 Comparison

  1. 1. Complementary 5th Generation Air Force F-22A Raptor F-35A Lightning II Lockheed-Martin (Marietta, GA) Lockheed-Martin (Ft Worth, TX) Stealth + Supercruise + Maneuverability Stealth + Sensors + Integrated Avionics = + Integrated Avionics = Lethal & Survivable Strike Air DominanceAircraft, Sensors & Aircraft, Sensors &Weapons Optimized to Weapons Optimized forSeize and Maintain Total Air to Ground LethalityAir Dominance Unrefueled 540 NM Combat 600 NMAir Superiority, Destruction of Radius Interdiction, Strike, Destruction of EnemyEnemy Air Defenses, Intelligence Air Defenses, Close Air Support, Time 1.5 Mach Employ 0.95 Mach Speed Sensitive Targets, IntelligenceSurveillance, Reconnaissance (2.0 Dash) (1.6 Dash) Surveillance, Reconnaissance Employ381 F-22A required for 50,000’+ 25,000’+ Altitude 1763 (USAF) and 680 (USN) F-35National Military Strategy 78,000 lbs Thrust 48,000 lbs required for National Military183 Programmed~105 produced to date Strategy 18,300 lbs Fuel 18,840 lbs Initial production A/A + A/G Weapons A/G + A/A Planned Mix of Enabling & Complementary Capabilities To Support the National Military Strategy
  2. 2. Internal Payloads F-22A Internal Weapons F-35 Internal Weapons(More A-A Wpns Same # of A-G Wpns as F-35) Gun: Gun: GAU-12 Cannon (25mm) M61 Cannon (20mm) 180 rounds 480 rounds 2 x AIM-9M + 4 x AIM-120 6 x AIM-120 or or 2 x AIM-120/ 2 x AIM-9M + 2 x 2000# Class 2 x AIM-120/ (JDAM, JSOW) 2 x 1000# JDAM or or 8 x Small Diameter Bomb (SDB)8 x Small Diameter Bomb (SDB)
  3. 3. F-22 / F-35 Flight Envelope Military PowerF-22A: 6 AIM-120, 2 AIM-9, 50% FuelF-35: 2 AIM-120, 48% Fuel 60k’Internal Carriage 50k’ 40k’ F-22A 30k’ Altitude F-35 20k’ 10k’ SL .4 .8 1.2 1.6 2.0 Mach
  4. 4. Additional PointsF-22A carries twice as many air-to-air missiles as the F-35AF-22A tactically employs at nearly twice the altitude and at 50%greater airspeed than the F-35A Gives air-to-air missiles a 40% greater employment range and increased lethality Increases air-to-ground weapons employment rangeF-22A can control more than twice the battle space of the F-35AF-22A AESA radar has more T/R elements than F-35 radarF-22A in production...F-35A initial operational capability date is2013…key in considering F-15Cs need to be replaced nowOnly the F-22 features vectored thrust, giving it twice themaneuverability of an F-35The F-22 can turn at twice the rate of an F-35 NOTE: Complete detailed comparison requires clearance to special access programs
  5. 5. Cost ComparisonAverage cost of a currently produced F-22A $142.7M per A/C After substantial reduction to total program of record and currently produced at a rate below minimum economic order quantity of 24/year Based on average flyaway cost of Lots 7-9, currently produced at 20 A/C per yearThe F-35A is estimated to cost $78M per aircraft if All 1,763 USAF/680 Navy variants/foreign partner sales are purchasedF-22 program is at most mature point of production compared to the earlystages of development of the F-35, which has high non-recurring costsIf the F-35A program is accelerated to replace the F-15C, the cost of theseearly F-35s would be higher than the current cost of the F-22A‘Apples to Apples or normalized comparison on unit cost would have toconsider equal production quantities. Unit costs based a F-35 buy of 183and an F-22 buy of 1763 would result in significantly greater F-35 unit costthan current estimates
  6. 6. Unrefueled Combat RadiusF-35A F-22A
  7. 7. F-22A and F-35A Eliminate Threat Sanctuary Unique Capability Against Time-Sensitive TargetsTabriz Tabriz Neka Neka Qazvin Damghan Qazvin DamghanF-22 Attack Ops F-22 Attack Ops Orbit Tehran Orbit Tehran F-22 Attack Ops Dezful Esfahan Dezful Esfahan Orbit F-35 Attack Ops Orbit F-35 Attack Shiraz Shiraz Orbit F-35 Attack Ops Ops Orbit Bushehr Bushehr Bandar-e F-22 10-minute Bandar-e Abbas Cha Bahar Abbas Cha Bahar attack coverage Legacy aircraft/stand-off weapon F-35 10-minute 10-minute attack coverage attack coverageNon-stealth aircraft and/or external carriage Full- Aspect Stealth with internalweapons carriage weapons enables attackRequires stand-off munitions to penetrate throughout hostile territoryadvanced threats--increases response time Supercruise expands potential killand vulnerable to GPS jamming zones; half as many F-22s needed as F-Limited range to meet 10 minute timeline for 35 to cover same areasuccessful attack of time-sensitive targets Mitigates impact of “unknown” threatsCreates large sanctuary for hostile mobile Eliminates sanctuary for enemy mobilethreats threats
  8. 8. Value of F-22A & F-35A vice Legacy Fighters Value of F-22A & F-35A vice Legacy Fighters Against Time-Sensitive Targets--Mobile SAMs, TBMs, CMs*: Against Time-Sensitive Targets--Mobile SAMs, TBMs, CMs*: Potential target coverage within 10 minutes of initial detection Potential target coverage within 10 minutes of initial detection Potential target coverage within 70,000 10 minutes of initial detection square miles 70,000 150 nm square miles F-22A with JDAM 31,000 Stealth + Hi Alt + Mach 1.5+ square miles 150 nm Advanced Sensors 31,000 100 nm F-22 with JDAM square miles F-35A with JDAM Stealth + Hi Alt + Mach 1.5+ 100 nm Stealth + Mach 1.0+ Advanced Sensors Adv Sen JSF with JDAM Stealth + Mach 1.0+ Adv Sen Adva nced SAM Advanced SAM Coverage: SA-10, SA-20 Cove rage: SA-10 , SA-2 Legacy Fighters 0*SAM—Surface to Air Missile F-15, F-16, F-18: TBM—Theater Ballistic Cruise Missile Not survivable CM—Cruise Missile