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The Black Hawk War


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The Black Hawk War

  1. 1. General -White Settlers wanted to move into Indian territoryOverview - Black Hawk led a Indian rebellion against the US in the early 1830’sBlack Hawk
  2. 2. War was inWisconsin andIllinois
  3. 3.  Sauk and Meskwaki Indian tribes US expansion Controversial treaty Settlers began moving
  4. 4.  Keokuk chose to move Black Hawk stays
  5. 5.  Black Hawk returned from winter hunt Found white men in Saukenuk (Sauk Village) Clashed for months
  6. 6.  Began calling themselves the British Band Did this to gain British support
  7. 7.  Came back with more men at his service US mobilized troops to hunt him down Black Hawk tried to get as much support as he could No British help
  8. 8.  Afraid of an intertribal war Acted as mediators to Native American disputes
  9. 9.  Black Hawk moved North 40 beat 275, as Black Hawk won Only 3 fatalities for British Band
  10. 10.  British Band moved north to Wisconsin Low on food and supplies Militia was closing in Reached Mississippi River Many were killed from cannon fire from the steamboat Warrior
  11. 11.  Black Hawk goes upriver US forces caught up with Sauk tribe the next morning Killed men, women, and children 260 members of British Band killed
  12. 12.  Black Hawk was captured soon after Peace treaty was signed Black Hawk died in 1838
  13. 13.  Abe Lincoln served as a volunteer in the Black Hawk war Never saw any combat, but was elected as captain of his company