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Saab Gripen Update Farnborough July 15


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Gripen update presentation from Executive Vice President and Deputy CEO. Watch on demand here:
(Also available on-demand afterwards).

For more information on Saab's Schedule of events and media at the show please visit:

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Saab Gripen Update Farnborough July 15

  2. 2. Gripen E Programme Update Gripen On The Future Battlefield Gripen Beyond 2025 Saab’s Strategic Airpower Roadmap Conclusions AGENDA Page 2
  3. 3. TODAY’S GRIPEN IS ALREADY TOMORROW’S FIGHTER We continue to upgrade and enhance the current Gripen generation. It is already the world’s most flexible and adaptable fighter design. Addition of operational Meteor capability in 2014/2015 makes Gripen the most formidable counter air platform in service, anywhere. MS20 will further expand its range of operational capabilities, not only Meteor but also SDB, enhanced EW, enhanced radar modes… All development experience feeds into Gripen E and vice versa – the generations evolve around each other. Page 3
  4. 4. 2019 2020 2021 2022201820172016201520142013 Training, support and maintenance systems Aircraft deliveries 39-7 39-8 39-9 39-10 Test aircraft Version 21 Version 22 Development and verification GRIPEN E PROGRAMME Certification Tactical rigs Page 4
  5. 5. GRIPEN DEMO/TEST AIRCRAFT 39-7 Technical summary Gripen 39-7 • First flight on May 27 2008 • 281 sorties performed, 274 hours flown • Flight envelope (highlights) • Supercruise • Leh airbase India, altitude 3,300 m Current operations Gripen 39-7 • IRST initial flight test concluded further trials ongoing • AESA production-standard radar initial flight test concluded and further trials ongoing Page 5
  6. 6. Rigs and simulators Main purpose: Open architecture avionics, general vehicle systems Status: Ongoing test 39-7 Main purpose: Avionics, AESA, IRST Status: Ongoing flight test 39-8 Main purpose: Airframe, vehicle systems and FCS development and verification Status: • Systems and airframe at CDR-level • Manufacturing of parts ongoing • Assembly initiated 39-9 Main purpose: Tactical systems development and verification Status: • All systems defined • Parts manufacturing ongoing 39-10 Main purpose: Final verification of 39E airframe (weight reduction + full life) and systems Status: • Systems design initiated • Airframe GRIPEN E TEST ASSETS Page 6
  7. 7. SurvivabilityNew sensors IRST, AESA-radar General System Upgrade Increased payload Communication Performance New engine F414G Increased Range Increased internal fuel New Avionic system New architecture New Displays New Computers HMI/Sensor fusion GRIPEN E STRENGTHENED CAPABILITIES Page 7
  8. 8. ’FIFTH GENERATION’ VERSUS THE GRIPEN Narrow-band stealth through fixed, unadaptable airframe design. Weapons load severely compromised by design. Providers rigidly controlled. Airframe design compromises guarantee sub- optimal flight performance. Minimal EW provision. Connectivity with any other forces unknown. System control conceded to foreign government/corporation. Massive, complicated, expensive and unreliable logistical footprint at large facilities, probably not under your control. Unbelievable acquisition and operational costs. Balanced signature with multi-role, adaptable airframe. Total freedom in weapons choice, supplier, integration and configuration. No engine/airframe design compromises, performance drove the design. Maximum EW provision. Connectivity with all other forces, air, land and sea: guaranteed. National sovereignty guaranteed with handover of full software ownership. Tiny operational and support footprint from warbase/roadbase if required, with full ownership and oversight. Unbelievable acquisition and operational costs. Page 8
  9. 9. A WORD ON… COUNTER-STEALTH Stealthy fighters are not invisible. - just more difficult to detect at certain RF frequencies. Low signatures at VHF/UHF frequencies are very difficult to achieve. The limitations of ‘stealthy’ design, particularly when it comes to rigid, airframe shaping, are now well understood. It’s not a secret and technology (different radars, better processing, sensor fusion) will defeat stealth… it may already have. We can see that advanced IR sensors fused with AESA radars will be very useful for counter-stealth detection and targeting, over significant ranges. Nebo SVU VHF Digital AESA Tikhomirov NIIP L-Band AESA IR image (@ Farnborough Air Show) Page 9
  10. 10. GRIPEN ON THE FUTURE BATTLEFIELD SCENARIO 1 – SILENT BATTLEFIELD Combat and survival in the hostile RF arena SCENARIO 2 – MULTI-ROLE 2.0 Deploy new weapons to maximum effect SCENARIO 3 – DECENTRALISATION Dispersed basing Page 10
  11. 11. SCENARIO 1 – THE SILENT BATTLEFIELD Hide and fight in a hostile, intense RF environment. High-speed, flexible, secure and effectively unjammable datalinks allow a few aircraft to provide the eyes for the many. In datalinked, loose formations can provide co-operative targeting of weapons and co-operative jamming over wide areas. Gripen can rely on accurate target data from passive sensors • IRST, passive radar, ESM • Enablers • Improved angular accuracy • Enhanced sensitivity – detection range, LPI-modes • Improved computational capacity – low FAR, LPI-modes, predictions Aircraft connectivity provides protection from hostile passive sensors • Operate in cloud, but maintain complete SA • Silent behaviour • Electronic emission control Page 11
  12. 12. THE SILENT BATTLEFIELD THE CHALLENGE: STAY QUIET AND COVERT UNTIL YOU’RE READY TO STRIKE You will need: Active tactics with passive sensors – not simple stealth New or enhanced sensors and datalinks You will need: Smart communication between air land and sea, remaining always undetected and unjammed Page 12
  13. 13. THE SILENT BATTLEFIELD THE GRIPEN SOLUTION: COVERT OPERATIONS AND ADVANCED SENSOR INTEGRATION Gripen features: State-of-the-art sensor suite with aircraft operating ‘nose cold’ Multi-sensor fusion and control, from multiple sources, shared on ‘fighter link’ Open, flexible platform and balanced design Ground-based and airborne surveillance provides situational awareness and target location Smart, directional communication between fighters and surveillance Page 13
  14. 14. SCENARIO 2 – MULTI-ROLE 2.0 Multi-role aircraft with multi-functions weapons, supported by an advanced onboard targeting sensor suite. The future is… modular weapons • Different seekers, fuzes, warheads -- swapped before each mission • Development demands low-cost testing integration and manufacturing The future is… multi-target weapons • Same missile for DEAD and air-to-air • Same missile for air-to-ground and anti-ship missions The future is… intelligent weapons • Communication between weapons • Weapons with ESM and ECM, i.e. ’MALD with warhead’ • Weapons with sub-weapons– loitering cruise missile with multiple payloads • ISR capability in the weapon In a future where weapons capability will need to constantly evolve to meet new threats, only Gripen provides an affordable path to rapid (and successful) integration of new airborne weapons Page 14
  15. 15. MULTI-ROLE 2.0 THE CHALLENGE: BE PREPARED TO CARRY NEW PAYLOADS… THAT HAVEN’T BEEN INVENTED YET You will need: The ability to quickly and safely integrate new payloads Maximum envelope clearance at minimum cost A multirole platform that can fully support evolving weapons and tactics Airframe flexability to carry new and challenging loads Onboard sensors and systems that can support new modes of operation Page 15
  16. 16. MULTI-ROLE 2.0 THE GRIPEN SOLUTION: FAST, EFFICIENT AND SAFE FUTURE PAYLOAD INTEGRATION The flexible Gripen platform provides: Proven speedy integration of new payloads from multiple sources Sovereign control of weapons options and applications Unrivalled multi-role and multi-sensor fusion capabilities, properly adapted to operators needs A cost-efficient way to increase combat power and survivability Page 16
  17. 17. SCENARIO 3 – DECENTRALISATION Flexible basing is the key to survivability. In a conflict, air bases are little more than large, expensive targets. Against a serious opponent, forces need to deploy to survive, but don’t want to admit this. Increasingly, air forces also need to deploy air power to areas where there is little or no infrastructure. Dispersed basing provides protection from attack and a highly flexible and unpredictable response to aggressors. Dispersed basing allows small air forces to cover wide areas and/or diverse terrain. It gives commanders freedom of movement and the ability to act within a short decision cycle. Dispersed basing demands a mastery of secure comms and close datalink integration. Page 17
  18. 18. DECENTRALISATION THE CHALLENGE: SECURE YOUR AIRPOWER, AND YOUR NATION, AGAINST DETIRMINED ATTACK Requirement: Maximise effectiveness of available aircraft Easily redeploy to alternate bases Sustain operations from austere locations Rapidly reconfigure existing aircraft Retain command and control authority over all forces Page 18
  19. 19. DECENTRALISATION THE GRIPEN SOLUTION: HIGHLY AVAILABLE, FAST-MOVING UNITS, ALTERNATE DEPLOYABILITY Gripen features: A high sortie rate over extended periods of operation Very small logistic footprint True multi-role capacity combined with very short turnaround times Reliable connectivity with other dispersed forces and command authority Page 19
  20. 20. IN BRIEF… SCENARIO 1 – SILENT BATTLEFIELD THE GRIPEN SOLUTION: Covert operations and advanced sensor integration. Smart use of emitting and non-emitting sensors with datalinked tactics over a very wide battlefront. SCENARIO 2 – MULTI-ROLE 2.0 THE GRIPEN SOLUTION: Fast, efficient and safe future payload integration. Without weapons fighters are worthless. Gripen keeps air forces future-proof by adapting swiftly to new requirements. SCENARIO 3 – DECENTRALISATION THE GRIPEN SOLUTION: Highly available, fast-moving units, alternate deployability. Stay on the move, stay alive and always be flexible for contingency ops. Page 20
  21. 21. GRIPEN E+/F+ SEA GRIPEN UNMANNED PAST EXPERIENCE FOR FUTURE SUCCESS GRIPEN A/B GRIPEN C/D DEMONSTRATOR 2040+ Gripen facilitates continuous stepwise upgrades to meet capability requirements GRIPEN E/F GRIPEN C/D+ Page 21
  23. 23. CONCLUSIONS Saab is now the guarantor of Sweden’s defence technology and a unique provider of complete, fully integrated, strategic and tactical systems in the air, on land, at sea … and soon, under the sea. Gripen is at the heart of that strategic technology offering. Gripen has a clearly defined and properly funded development path for decades. It continues to be the world’s only fighter programme to move forward on time and on budget. Gripen is the Smart Fighter, remaining totally operationally relevent throughout the 21st century. Saab will continue to provide a truly effective, affordable and sovereign choice – with a product that actually works. For a smart customer, Gripen is the only viable way to sustain your effective air power over the coming decades. Page 23
  24. 24. Page 24