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The Missing WebRTC Infrastructure


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WebRTC provides a simple and elegant solution for real-time communication. At the same time, it leaves all signaling and architectural questions open.
What can companies do to close this gap in WebRTC infrastructure and how will it assist the ecosystem to grow and flourish?

You can find my impressions and more details about the conference here:

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The Missing WebRTC Infrastructure

  1. 1. The Missing WebRTC Infrastructure Tsahi Levent-Levi Director of Business Solutions, PBG - PSM October 20121
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. WebRTC is a part of a whole solution3
  4. 4. P2P technology 2 1 3 4 54
  5. 5. But needs a server ● NAT traversal ● Signaling5
  6. 6. PSTN and SIP anyone?6
  7. 7. Thank You! Well… Not Really…7
  8. 8. WebRTC NeedsInfrastructure Building Blocks
  9. 9. Leave the web page ● Dial tone ● Numbering plan ● Identity system9
  10. 10. Gatewaying WebRTC Other Transport SRTP RTP, SRTP, Circuit Switched Codecs VP8 H.264 G.711, G.7xx, Opus AMR-NB/WB, … Signaling ? SS7, SIP, H.323, …10
  11. 11. Gatewaying: Client Included GW SIP / IMS HTML5 Client JS SIP / Other WebSocket WebRTC SRTP PSTN ● Gateway vendor offers the client side (SDK, Widget or other)11
  12. 12. Gatewaying: ProgrammableMy-service GW SIP / IMS HTML5 Client ? WebRTC SRTP PSTN ● Gateway vendor offers control APIs ● Customer build the client as he sees fit, interacting with the gateway’s APIs from his own web server12
  13. 13. Telephony: Voice as we know it ● Conferencing ● IVR ● Recording ● Follow me ●…13
  14. 14. How do we Add Telephony Services?1. Gateway to PSTN2. Gateway to SIP (VoIP)3. Natively in new WebRTC media servers
  15. 15. Analytics ● Video ● Object tracking ● Face recognition ● Voice ● Text to speech ● Speech to text ● Sentiment from voice
  16. 16. QoE: Closing WebRTC Gaps QoS Assurance Mobile App Support16
  17. 17. Value is created from meshing up bits and pieces together17
  18. 18. Image credits burgerfeet1 Seattle Municipal Archives Phil Aaronson woodleywonderworks _Nezemnaya_ mikebaird Elsie esq18
  19. 19. Thank You! Tsahi Levent-Levi Director of Business Solutions, PBG – PSM http://bloggeek.me19