Which Codec for WebRTC?


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There is an ongoing debate as to which codecs should WebRTC mandate: VP8 or H.264, G.7xx series or Opus.
Where does this debate come from? What lies behind the different sides in this debate, and why we all should strive for a simple solution?

You can find my impressions and more details about the conference here: http://bloggeek.me/webrtc-conference-wrapup/

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Which Codec for WebRTC?

  1. 1. Which Codec for WebRTC? Tsahi Levent-Levi Director of Business Solutions, PBG - PSM October 2012 Information Security Level 2 – Sensitive1 © 2012 – Proprietary and Confidential Information of Amdocs
  2. 2. “Audio and Video Codecs Will Never Converge”
  3. 3. Looks familiar?3
  4. 4. There are a few more… http://www.wordle.net/4
  5. 5. Skipping to video: Which codec is best? Bit rate Complexity H.261 H.263 H.264 H.265 H.261 H.263 H.264 H.265 Compression isn’t the only measurement5
  6. 6. Technology vs Business
  7. 7. Technology Quality Bitrate Complexity Latency Resilience7
  8. 8. Business (and politics…) Interoperability Hardware availability Ecosystem Intellectual property8
  9. 9. “Given the ability to deliver a royalty-free platform with no compromises on quality, we see no reason to include mandatory royalty- bearing codecs.” Justin Uberti, Google9
  10. 10. “H.264 support is a requirement in some regulatory frameworks, such as emergency services […] AMR narrow-band is playing a key role in mobile telephony and has a huge footprint.” Bo Burman, Ericsson10
  11. 11. “We would […] like to recommend […] AMR- WB and EVS, since we expect them to be available in mobile chipsets.” Bo Burman, Ericsson11
  12. 12. “G.711 is universal, unencumbered, and widely implemented. […] A mandate for Opus will limit initial RTCWeb clients to use software-based codecs […]” Mandyam Giridhar, Qualcomm12
  13. 13. WebRTC Mandatory Codecs is NOT about Technology13
  14. 14. The End Game G.711 VP8 and or Opus H.26414
  15. 15. Browsers will differ in the optional codecs they will support Information Security Level 2 – Sensitive15 © 2012 – Proprietary and Confidential Information of Amdocs
  16. 16. Should WebRTC ignore “legacy” systems?16
  17. 17. “Legacy” Systems and Codecs
  18. 18. Transcoding Will be Needed…18
  19. 19. Transcoding Will be Needed… Adds Reduces Trusted Packet loss Expensive latency quality third party resiliency19
  20. 20. There Are No Easy Answers Information Security Level 2 – Sensitive20 © 2012 – Proprietary and Confidential Information of Amdocs
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