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Kranky Geek SF 2018: AI in RTC


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The welcome presentation from Kranky Geek 2018, where we focused this time on AI and ML and its connection to WebRTC.

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Kranky Geek SF 2018: AI in RTC

  1. 1. Online schedule @ AI in RTC
  2. 2. Who are we? Chad Hart webrtcHacks / @chadwallacehart Chris Koehncke @ckoehncke Tsahi Levent-Levi @tsahil
  3. 3. #krankygeek Online schedule @
  4. 4. Schedule Time Session 10:00 AM Welcome, Discord, Facebook 10:50 AM Break 11:10 AM Intel, VoiceBase, Voicera 12:10 PM Lunch 1:20 PM IBM, Dialpad, Nexmo 2:20 PM Break 2:40 PM Callstats, RingCentral, Google 3:50 PM Break 4:10 PM, Houseparty, Microsoft 5:10 PM Networking Reception Online @
  5. 5. Online schedule @
  6. 6. Online schedule @ Your ticket benefits Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development.
  7. 7. Sponsors Kranky Geek San Francisco, Nov 16 2018 Speakers Event Host Exhibitors Supporters
  8. 8. Say hi to the platform vendors
  9. 9. WebRTC @ Kranky Geek Open source tools for cloud-based video and vision processing Multiparty Voice and Video for Gamers WebRTC 1.0 and Audio in Chrome
  10. 10. AI in RTC use case categories speech analytics voicebots RTC optimization computer vision
  11. 11. • Call center agent monitoring • Transcription • Translation • Agent coaching • Customer engagement Speech Analytics
  12. 12. Speech Analytics goes mainstream Better quality More use More vendors Better algorithms $
  13. 13. Speech Analytics @ Kranky Geek Speech Recognition for Meetings: Technical Challenges Making sense of jargon with custom language models More than speech: leveraging paralinguistics for improved analytics
  14. 14. Voicebots – Smart Speakers & Assistants • IVR replacement • Starting meetings • In-call assistance
  15. 15. 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Apple introduces Siri Google launches Google Now Microsoft Cortana on Windows 10 Amazon releases Alexa & Echo Google Acquires API.AI IBM Launches Watson Virtual Agent Google Home Contact Center AI Apple Homepod Amazon Echo Connect source: Voicebots: Consumer ⇨ Business
  16. 16. Voicebots @ Kranky Geek Voicebot Architectures for Contact Center Transformation Connecting a real time voice to cloud speech to text engines
  17. 17. Computer Vision • Funny hats • Face detection • Gestures • Object detection • Emotion analysis
  18. 18. Computer Vision is coming to WebRTC specs* This is from a W3C document examining use cases for the next version of WebRTC
  19. 19. Computer Vision @ Kranky Geek Mixed Reality meets WebRTC for Remote Assistance (HoloLens) Adding smarts to a video chat camera Exploring On-Device Machine Learning for RTC applications Deep Learning for Mobile Platforms: Performance and Complexity Analysis Open source tools for cloud-based video and vision processing
  20. 20. RTC Optimization • Noise suppression • Echo cancellation • Error correction • Route optimization
  21. 21. Quality Optimization Can machine learning replace/improve current media processing algorithms?
  22. 22. RTC Optimizations @ Kranky Geek Applying Machine Learning to optimize end-to-end RTC Networks Stream quality measurement with Machine Learning
  23. 23. Special discount for Kranky Geek Use code KGSF2018 until November 30 for $1000.00 off or email us purchase at
  24. 24. Online schedule @ AI in RTC