The 2007 Global Outsourcing 100


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List of top global outsouricing companies

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The 2007 Global Outsourcing 100

  1. 1. Special Advertising Feature THE 2007 GLOBAL OUTSOURCING INSIDE: Winning the Global Talent War . . . . . S2 A Look at the Ranking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S11 The 2007 Global Outsourcing 100 . . . S12 In partnership with:
  2. 2. Special Advertising Feature Winning the Global Talent War F ive years ago Tata Consultancy Services has a five-year, 200-million-Euro contract with TCS to was in a quandary. As its multinational maintain many of the software applications support- customers continued to diversify opera- ing operations in Europe and Brazil, and to create the tions around the world, the company next generation of enterprise software supporting the wondered if it, too, could grow and pros- bank’s global operations. The product development is per if it followed in their footsteps. So the IT services a collaborative effort among teams around the world; company in Mumbai, India, began scouring the globe TCS tapped its global delivery centers in Luxembourg, for untapped talent in many nooks and crannies of the Hungary, Brazil, as well as India. “In the end,” says developing world—from Budapest, Hungary, to Hang- Chandra, “it’s not about seeking incremental revenue zhou, China, to Montevideo, Uruguay. What it found opportunities. It’s about serving the needs of our cus- was an eye-opener: Not only did emerging tomers in all their markets with the best talent we market countries possess highly edu- can find.” cated and trained workers in a wide The Second Wave range of business and technical T fields, they also had strong uni- he TCS tale illustrates a new versity systems, sophisticated chapter in outsourcing that telecommunications infra- has an ironic twist. Indian structures, and government companies that have pioneered policies that catered to for- and dominated the IT industry for eign investors. two decades—by touting their So TCS began its off- ability to leverage domestic tal- shore exploits by opening ent at a low cost while delivering a software development competitvely-priced services— center in Budapest, and an are now going global themselves. engineering solutions center According to the 2006 study “Next in Hangzhou, both staffed with Generation Offshoring,” by Duke locals. That sparked a strategic University and Booz Allen Hamilton, shift in its business strategy. To- we are now seeing the market evolve day, 8.8% of its 83,500 employees into global centers of excellence, where are foreigners, and the company oper- companies outsource specific services in ates in 47 countries across six continents. countries or regions that have untapped tal- TCS, with more than $4 billion in annual rev- ent in those niches. (See chart, p. S4) Mexico and enues, created its Global Network Delivery Model Eastern Europe, for example, have joined India as (GNDM) as a result of its own offshoring initia- meccas for software engineering and IT ser- tives. The model provides a common frame- vices, while the Philippines and Canada work for managing projects and maintaining are becoming well-known call center quality across its worldwide operations destinations. Statistics tell the story: by ensuring that state-of-the-art pro- The International Association of cesses are followed and continuously Outsourcing Professionals esti- improved everywhere the company oper- mates that up to 10% of outsourc- ates. “It helps us locally serve our global ing spending is now being chan- customers, and at an affordable cost,” neled to emerging markets in says N. Chandrasekaran, TCS’s head of such functional areas as busi- global sales and operations. ness process outsourcing, IT TCS has benefited from this approach development, call centers, in a variety of ways. Sourcing global tal- and R&D. ent has allowed it to boost efficiency and According to experts Erik Mausser improve customer service. As a result, like Arie Lewin, a profes- clients like ABN AMRO now look to the sor of business administra- company to support their local needs any- tion and sociology at Duke where around the globe. The Dutch bank University’s Fuqua School of S2
  3. 3. Special Advertising Feature Where the Jobs are Going A survey of 537 companies based in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.S. and the U.K. reveals what geographic areas are popular outsourcing locations for specific corporate activities. Source: Duke University/Booz Allen Hamilton Offshoring Research Network 2006 Survey Business, and head of its Offshore Research Network, it’s not just a tactic being used by large corporations. this trend should continue unabated throughout the Smaller firms are following suit, going overseas to tap decade. He expects “double-digit growth” in this type talent to help in product development and back-office of offshoring as companies continue to look for ways functions, like payroll processing and accounting, for to remain competitive in the global marketplace. the same reasons as their larger brethren. His research of 537 European and North American The People Chase corporations also reveals demographic trends are at S work. The reality is the workforces of Europe, Japan, o how are outsourcers equipped to compete and the U.S. are aging and shrinking, forcing compa- in this planetary war for talent? Well, it turns nies to look beyond their borders for human resources. out these organizations are generally far bet- Forecasts are unsettling: About 75 million U.S. baby- ter able to attract, develop, and retain talent in their boomers are nearing retirement and there are only 30 area of specialization than their customers. “In fact,” million Gen-Xers that can replace them, according to says Joe Marciano, president and CEO of Océ Business the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In Europe the situation Services, the New York-based document process man- is also precarious: The working-age population will fall agement specialist, “clients today are rethinking out- by 48 million, or 16%, while the elderly population will sourcing as a means to accelerate transformation and rise 77% through 2050, according to forecasts from the gain competitive advantage, and that means using out- International Monetary Fund. sourcing to gain access to the best people to provide Despite that gloomy prognosis, some Western non-core competencies such as document services.” European nations, like Germany, are in an even worse In Océ Business Services’ case, that means having situation; in that country the workers in this key age its specialists work with public and private organiza- group are projected to decline by 20% during this pe- tions of all sizes to help them effectively manage their riod. So, unless U.S. companies begin to aggressively business processes through enhanced document man- figure out how to attract talent globally—on their own agement. The life cycle of a document begins with its and through outsourcing—they run a real risk of losing creation, then evolves through distribution, printing, their competitive edge. access, and archiving, and ends with its disposal. It’s Chris Campbell, a principal of Booz Allen Hamil- about technology—but even more importantly, it’s ton who advises corporate clients about globalization about people who can find innovative ways of using it. strategies, also notes that companies are finding this To make sure its staff is the best at what they do, Océ approach beneficial when servicing their customers has a consistent commitment to ongoing employee around the world. As he explains, it helps them be training and education at all levels of the organiza- more reactive and flexible, and boosts efficiency. And tion. Classroom instruction, on-the-job training, and S4
  4. 4. Special Advertising Feature translated into millions of dollars of savings for the bank in reduced production, distribution, and post- What Lies Ahead age costs. “Océ is not simply an outsourcing vendor, they’re another arm of the bank—constantly using its EMCOR’s Chairman even in the outsourcing talented people and process knowledge to find ways to and CEO Frank T. business eight years improve our operations.” MacInnis gives his ago. But today, it’s a “Most importantly,” notes Marciano, “our focus on perspective on the $1 billion business for document process management enables us to attract outsourcing market- us, representing 20% the best people, because we can offer them a career place and its future of our total opera- path not available in most corporations.” In fact, most prospects. tions, and it’s growing site managers—67%, to be exact—placed at client lo- at 22% annually. Half cations have been promoted from within. “This invest- How would you de- of EMCOR’s 2006 in- ment in our people, combined with operational excel- scribe the state of come was from its lence, providing innovative customer support tools, and outsourcing today? outsourcing business. constantly expanding our services to meet customer MacInnis: Outsourc- We will continue to in- needs, is core to how we create value,” says Marciano. ing continues to be a vest in that business British Airways’ relationship with EMCOR—which has growth industry, out- in a number of ways, managed everything from the airline’s energy systems, pacing most of the rest both domestically and to security, to its industrial buildings, corporate offices, of the economy. One internationally. call centers, and hangars for 14 years—is another ex- reason is that busi- ample of companies using outsourcing to gain access to Do you think U.S. nesses are having a the right talent and know-how. Overall, there has been companies are harder and harder time a significant annual savings. But savings is actually the winning the war employing specialized last thing BA considers when contemplating outsourcing. for talent? people for many parts “We consider EMCOR our strategic partner,” says Bryan MacInnis: Many com- of their operations. Mitchell, manager of BA’s global facilities operations at They really need these panies are just getting its Heathrow Airport headquarters. That is why in March specialists, but for op- into the battle, so it’s it extended its contract for three years to include over 8.6 timum budgeting pur- probably too early to million square feet of facilities at the airport (including poses, only want to pay say. At EMCOR, we try the new Terminal 5), and at its headquarters in London. for them for the spe- hard to identify new As he explains, “We describe ourselves as an intelligent cific number of hours sources of talent—such client. We manage the contract and EMCOR adds real required. as women and minori- value. EMCOR is with us for the long haul.” ties. We are also looking Leveraging the Workforce EMCOR is in a num- for ways to retain tal- A ber of businesses. ented, seasoned work- s the outsourcing industry matures, companies Just how important ers. There is no doubt are realizing that service providers are strategic is outsourcing to the industry has partners that aim not to replace an organiza- the company? a tremendous talent tion’s in-house staff, but augment it. This allows corpo- MacInnis: We weren’t challenge ahead of us. rations to focus their attention on the most valuable ac- tivities and not burden Grade-A players with back-office tasks. Gary Rappeport, CEO of Northbrook, Ill.-based Donlen Corp., clearly sees this trend in his industry, more than 1,500 online courses are woven together vehicle fleet management. There was a time when cus- into a comprehensive staff education program—rang- tomers only saw companies like his as providers of leas- ing from specialized print technologies to how to apply ing or financing for the cars, trucks, and other vehicles quality improvement methodologies like Six Sigma. used in their operations. “Today companies use us for PNC Financial Services Group can attest to the ef- all aspects of fleet administration—everything from ac- ficiency of Océ’s approach. The nation’s twelfth-largest quiring and maintaining their vehicles to being the first bank has been an Océ Business Services client for nine point of contact for their drivers,” he says. This frees years, relying on its print and mail expertise to help it their internal fleet departments to become business handle 65 million pieces of customer correspondence managers, linking their fleet operations to company per year. According to Doug Lippert, vice president for strategy and goals. operations, PNC’s relationship with Océ has directly In addition, outsourcing partners can provide access S6
  5. 5. Special Advertising Feature to proprietary know-how. Donlen, for example, offers forms, mortgage applications, bills, and statements, clients access to its unique online fleet management that are tied right to a company’s bottom line. software, FleetWeb. The business intelligence applica- At the same time, the convergence of technology tion lets users stay in control of their fleet’s operationsand globalization is leading companies like PBMS and analyze cost-effectiveness by monitoring many in- to search the world for solutions and talent to meet dustry variables including fuel and maintenance costs. changing customer needs. Even with “physical” mail, According to Rappeport, the technology has helped much of the work is now done using digital technol- many customers make more-informed decisions about ogy, Six Sigma processes, and an on-site/off-site man- their fleets and reduce costs. Often they are surprised agement strategy. A case in point: Through its global to learn that replacing a fleet of vehicles makes sense partner network, PBMS now handles imaging and re- earlier in the vehicles’ life than expected. cords-management operations for many of its clients at locations all around the world, offering them lower Champions of Innovation costs and 24-hour-a-day processing capabilities. S ometimes outsourcing partners can help speed “The real payoff for companies,” says Joe Hogan, up innovation. Their expertise can help corporate vice president of Global Outsourcing Solutions for Uni- clients redesign business functions so they be- sys based in Blue Bell, Pa., “is when great technology, come more efficient and leapfrog competitors. talent, and know-how come together to create That was the experience of a major auto- tremendous expertise in an industry seg- mobile manufacturer who began out- ment.” As an example, he cites the ver- sourcing about two years ago with tical process knowledge that Unisys Pitney Bowes Management Ser- has gained by processing, on be- We are now vices (PBMS), a wholly-owned half of its customers, more than seeing the market subsidiary of Pitney Bowes Inc., $10 billion of residential mort- that designs and manages cus- gage loans in Australia and 70% evolve into global tomized print, mail, and docu- of the paper checks in Britain. centers of excellence, ment management solutions. “It gives our people a level Within the first few weeks, of understanding—not only where companies PBMS helped streamline the about the process itself, but outsource services in automaker’s entire process for about the tools and technolo- countries that have producing marketing packages gies needed to make it work— distributed directly to consum- that few others possess.” untapped talent in ers. Where once it was a matter For Unisys, all of these forces those niches . of pulling together and mailing converged when it launched its a folder of preprinted brochures 3D Visible Enterprise in 2003, a pro- stored in a warehouse, prospects now prietary approach to align IT to busi- receive totally personalized packages— ness goals with a comprehensive set of right down to the model and color of the au- modeling tools and methods. The resulting tomobile they expressed interest in—printed in real “blueprints” can be used to identify business pro- time using the latest digital variable print technology. cess and IT infrastructure that can be effectively out- The result: More prospects are becoming customers. sourced. Hogan says clients are amazed at what they According to Vincent De Palma, executive vice uncover, and the model helps them work with Unisys president and president, PBMS, “It really takes a com- to tailor an outsourcing program. bination of new technologies, new management tech- So how will the outsourcing industry shake out in niques, and talented people to produce results like the months and years ahead? It will likely continue to this.” Pitney Bowes, the mail and document manage- morph into a transnational business spread across ment-industry giant based in Stamford, Conn., is prob- continents, transcending cultural and political barri- ably less well-known for its ability to manage a client’s ers. For companies, the challenge will be managing entire “mailstream.” This includes all aspects of in- their extended far-flung operations and workforce. bound and outbound document design, production, Hogan sums it up best: “In this environment only the processing, and distribution.“ There’s actually been a best-of-breed will flourish.” Brainpower will be the dramatic shift over the past decade in the very nature great equalizer. of corporate mail,” points out De Palma. The focus has About the Author: Michael F. Corbett is chairman of the gone from correspondence mail to inbound transac- tional and direct mail, including items such as claim International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. S8
  6. 6. Special Advertising Feature 100THE 2007 GLOBAL OUTSOURCING W hen the International Association of and the depth of its expertise. Capgemini follows its Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) lead: It is up three notches from last year, due to its unveiled the first ranking of the exceptional ability to find innovation solutions for cus- world’s top outsourcing companies tomers. Hot on its heels are Hewlett-Packard, France’s last year, the listing was an over- Sodexho Alliance, and Accenture. night sensation. In just a few weeks it became one of Another interesting twist is the fact that a trio of In- the most talked-about outsourcing topics on the web, dian companies are among the top ten Leaders: Wipro, generating thousands of page views on Google alone. Infosys, and Tech Mahindra. Just as impressive is the That’s not surprising: The Global Outsourcing 100 is an fact that, for the first time ever, a Chinese company, important benchmark that helps executives gauge the Neusoft, cracked the top 25. Established in 1991, the strengths of industry providers. Shenyang-based software services company Companies are ranked according to now has 10,000 employees and 40 loca- 18 criteria, including revenue, growth, tions worldwide. Leading number of employees, the skills and Newcomers on the Global Out- outsource training of their workforce, number sourcing 100 are companies target- of technical and business certifica- ing various niches—from human companies tions they have secured (such as resource management to engi- have a high level ISO 9001), the track record of the neering and design services—re- of productivity . management team, and quality of flecting the fact that the industry Average revenue customer service. has evolved into areas far beyond Since the industry is composed contract manufacturing, informa- per employee is of two types of players—larger, tion technology, and back-office a staggering well-established organizations operations. Examples include Océ $83,000 . (Leaders), and smaller, fast-growing Business Services and Pitney Bowes, companies (Rising Stars) that have an- which specialize in document manage- nual revenues of less than $60 million— ment, and Infotech Enterprises, an Indian the IAOP created two separate lists. engineering design company. A snapshot of the industry, the list reveals As you might expect, six of last year’s Ris- underlying trends in the marketplace. Revenue among ing Stars—ExlService, HiSoft, KPIT Cummins, Concur this elite group grew by 19% in 2006, topping over $170 Technologies, EPAM Systems, and MindTree Con- billion. On average, companies on the list had $1 bil- sulting—all made the leap to this year’s Leaders list. lion in annual sales, and a very high level of productiv- Other up-and-comers that didn’t quite make this year’s ity: revenue per employee was a staggering $83,000. list but are experiencing a business surge are: Mera Employment growth was up, as well, rising 13% over Networks, Itransition, Vsource Asia, Apollo Health the prior year to an average workforce of 13,688. Street, TechTeam Akela, Ci&T Software, Hundsun, IBM topped this year’s Leaders list for the second OB10, Frontline Outsourcing, and SlashSupport. All year in a row. The $96 billion technology giant leads proof that the outsourcing industry’s unbridled growth this illustrious group because of its continued growth shows no sign of slowing down. S11
  7. 7. Special Advertising Feature IAOP GLOBAL OUTSOURCING LEADERS Scoring was based on reviewed applications with some additional fact-checking. Leaders and Rising Stars were judged separately. Final ranking was based on a weighted average of all four distinguishing characteristics: size and growth rate; customer references; documented competencies; and management capabilities. COMPANY WEBSITE STRENGTH SERVICES IBM 1 Size & Growth CRM; HR Mgmt.; IT & Comm. Mgmt. Capgemini 2 Customer Testimonials CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt. Hewlett-Packard 3 Executive Leadership IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Printing Svcs. Sodexho Alliance 4 No. of Locations/Centers Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; Facility Svcs.; Service Vouchers & Cards Accenture 5 Balanced Performance HR Mgmt.; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt. Wipro Technologies 6 Balanced Performance Product Engineering Solutions; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Infosys 7 Customer Testimonials IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; IT & Strategic Consulting Genpact 8 Executive Leadership IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Tech Mahindra 9 Employee Management CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Security & Digital Rights Mgmt. Cambridge 10 Executive Leadership IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Mastek 11 Methodology/Innovation IT & Comm. Mgmt.; BPO CGI Group 12 No. of Locations/Centers HR Mgmt.; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Xchanging 13 Size & Growth HR Mgmt.; Corporate Svcs.; Transaction Proc. EDS 14 Methodology/Innovation CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. HCL Technologies 15 Methodology/Innovation CRM; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. ARAMARK 16 No. of Locations/Centers Facility Svcs.; Food & Facilities Mgmt. Svcs. ACS 17 No. of Locations/Centers IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs.; Transaction Proc. TeleTech 18 Balanced Performance Sales; CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt. Colliers International 19 Global Presence Real Estate & Asset Mgmt. Cognizant Technology Solutions 20 Size & Growth IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Unisys 21 Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Corporate Svcs.; Transaction Proc. EMCOR 22 No. of Locations/Centers Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; Facility Svcs.; IT & Comm. Mgmt. ClientLogic 23 No. of Locations/Centers Sales; CRM; Transaction Proc. LASON 24 Balanced Performance Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; Document Mgmt. Neusoft 25 Employee Management IT & Comm. Mgmt. Tata Consultancy Svcs. 26 Size & Growth IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. ExcellerateHRO 27 Employee Management HR Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs.; Transaction Proc. Advanced Technology Svcs. 28 Balanced Performance Production Equip. Maintenance; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Facility Svcs. Zensar Technologies 29 Balanced Performance HR Mgmt.; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Amdocs 30 Global Presence CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt. ExlService 31 Employee Management CRM; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. SPi 32 Size & Growth CRM; Document Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs. Patni 33 Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; IT Svcs. & Solutions HiSoft 34 Size & Growth IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Cushman & Wakefield 35 Global Presence Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; Facility Svcs.; Financial Mgmt. Sutherland Global Svcs. 36 Employee Management CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Convergys 37 Customer Testimonials CRM; HR Mgmt. KPIT Cummins 38 Customer Testimonials IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt. WNS 39 Size & Growth CRM; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Johnson Controls 40 No. of Locations/Centers CRM; Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; Facility Svcs. NCS 41 Executive Leadership IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Corporate Svcs. 24/7 CUSTOMER 42 Employee Management Sales; CRM; Transaction Proc. Perot Systems 43 Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Cartus 44 Methodology/Innovation HR Mgmt. Stream 45 Methodology/Innovation CRM Concur Technologies 46 Size & Growth Financial Mgmt. MphasiS 47 Executive Leadership CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Vertex 48 Balanced Performance Sales; CRM; HR Mgmt. Hexaware 49 Methodology/Innovation HR Mgmt.; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Headstrong 50 Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. S12
  8. 8. Special Advertising Feature COMPANY WEBSITE STRENGTH SERVICES CBRE 51 Global Presence Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; Facility Svcs. Satyam 52 Recognition/Certification IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Logistics Comprehensive Health Services 53 Balanced Performance HR Mgmt. Ceridian 54 No. of Locations/Centers HR Mgmt. EPAM Systems 55 Size & Growth IT & Comm. Mgmt. Source 1 HTMT 56 Size & Growth CRM; Transaction Proc. Océ Business Services 57 Employee Management Document Mgmt.; Facility Svcs.; Administrative Svcs. SITEL Corporation 58 No. of Locations/Centers Sales; CRM; Transaction Proc. CSC 59 Recognition/Certification CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Inspur 60 Size & Growth IT & Comm. Mgmt. Polaris Software Lab 61 Recognition/Certification Product R&D, Manufacturing; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Syntel 62 Methodology/Innovation IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Donlen 63 Size & Growth Fleet Mgmt.; CRM; Financial Mgmt. Diebold 64 Global Presence CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. ADP 65 Balanced Performance HR Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Eclipsys 66 Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt. Jones Lang LaSalle 67 Global Presence Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; Facility Svcs.; Corporate Svcs. MindTree Consulting 68 Size & Growth Product R&D, Manufacturing; IT & Comm. Mgmt. Equinox 69 Recognition/Certification CRM; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. Pitney Bowes 70 Balanced Performance Document Mgmt.; Facility Svcs.; Logistics SEI Investments 71 Employee Management Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc.; Investment Mgmt. SNC-Lavalin ProFac 72 No. of Locations/Centers Real Estate & Asset Mgmt.; Facility Svcs. OfficeTiger 73 Size & Growth Document Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. ITC Infotech 74 Recognition/Certification CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt. Integrated Process Technologies 75 Balanced Performance Financial Mgmt.; Facility Svcs.; Transaction Proc. IAOP GLOBAL OUTSOURCING RISING STARS COMPANY WEBSITE STRENGTH SERVICES 76 Summit HR Worldwide, Inc. Methodology/Innovation HR Mgmt. 77 Ajuba International Size & Growth Financial Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs.; Transaction Proc. 78 ReSource Pro Balanced Performance Financial Mgmt.; Administrative Svcs.; Transaction Proc. 79 Cross-Tab Marketing Svcs. Balanced Performance Market Research & Analytics 80 Luxoft Customer Testimonials Product Engineering; IT & Comm. Mgmt. 81 Outsource Partners International Customer Testimonials Document Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Business Valuation, Intelligence 82 IST Management Svcs. Executive Leadership Document Mgmt.; Facility Svcs.; Administrative Svcs. 83 vCustomer Employee Management CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 84 Emerio No. of Locations/Centers HR Mgmt.; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 85 Bleum Recognition/Certification IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Information Security Mgmt. Systems 86 I.T. UNITED Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Marketing 87 Datrose Methodology/Innovation HR Mgmt.; Document Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt. 88 Indecomm Global Svcs. Executive Leadership IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Document Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 89 Objectiva Software Solutions Methodology/Innovation IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Document Mgmt. 90 Intetics Co. Methodology/Innovation IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Offshore HR 91 Maxil Technology Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Financial Mgmt.; Knowledge Process Mgmt. 92 DataArt Employee Management IT & Comm. Mgmt. 93 Infotech Customer Testimonials Design Engineering; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; GIS & Engineering 94 QuEST Executive Leadership Product R&D, Manufacturing; Engineering Svcs.; Outsourcing 95 StarSoft Development Labs Employee Management IT & Comm. Mgmt. 96 Worksoft Balanced Performance IT & Comm. Mgmt. 97 Cybage Employee Management IT & Comm. Mgmt. 98 Smart Sourcing Methodology/Innovation Product R&D, Manufacturing; Logistics; CRM 99 Sento Methodology/Innovation CRM; IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Transaction Proc. 100 Achievo Corporation Employee Management IT & Comm. Mgmt.; Billing & CRM S13