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Masters tracy 2.4_industry_terms.doc

  1. 1. 2.4 Industry Terms Tracy Masters Section 03
  2. 2. Graphic Design Media Design and Technology Industries Design is something planned or drawn for the making of an object, a building, or a garment. "Oxford Dictionaries" Copyright 2014 Designing to me, is
  3. 3. Typography The arrangement and style of type. Webfonts by H&FJ Copyright 1989-2014
  4. 4. I hope to better understand hierarchy so that I will be masterful Layout Designer. A Layout is an arrangement of of objects or space or information Hierarchy -the order in Merriam Webster Encyclopedia Copyright 2014 which one views elements in a layout Statelman, Lise Achieving Visual Hierarchy Copyright 2014
  5. 5. Portfolio A portable collection of personal artwork, photographs, designs, or investments Creative Bloq 35 Brilliant Design Portfolios to Inspire You Oct. 23, 2013
  6. 6. Critique An overview, analysis or evaluation of a designs layout, content, aesthetics, typography, etc In school most designers give and receive critiques. They learn to discuss positive & negative criticism in order to come up with a solution. However, clients are not usually trained in this and they are often the ones giving the criticism. Biederbeck, Tom The 4 Essentials of a Design Critic April 13, 2011
  7. 7. Format An arrangement or design of something, or the way type of a file that information is stored in a computer such as jpeg, ppt, or pdf. Merriam Webster Dictionaries Copyright 2014
  8. 8. Creative Brief Instructions from the client or business to be used by a creative individual or team to produce various designs and/or advertisements specific to the instructions Neulichedl, Frank 5 Myths About the Creative Brief Jan 11, 2011
  9. 9. Mood Book / Mood Board a type of collage with samples of images, texts & objects, made by designers to convey their ideas and present them to stakeholders. Creative Bloq How to Create Mood Boards: 40 Expert Tips Aug 12 2013
  10. 10. Target Market A group of customers that have been researched that a business will design their marketing campaign for. Entrepreneur Target Market Copyright 2014
  11. 11. Mobile Development Media Design and Technology Industries
  12. 12. A Designer simililar to a developer, it is someone who makes a plan to develop software for Mobile devices. Fling, Brian Mobile Designs and Development August 2009 applications.http://shop.oreilly.c om/product/ Developers help applications to grow by designing, programming and writing codes. Stackpole, Beth Your Next Career: Mobile App Developer? June 27, 2011 /article/9217885/Your_next_job_ Mobile_app_developer_
  13. 13. Front End or client-side refers to clear, easy, fast pages and interfaces that help people care about and understand information Inside the Guardian Blog "What is Front-end Development?" Copyright 2014 A front end developer does not just make things pretty.
  14. 14. Back End A program or processor that is not directly accessed by the user, performing certain functions via a main processor or software system X-Cube Labs Backend Development Copyright 2013
  15. 15. Programming Tells computer devices to perform tasks. Introduction to Mobile Programming Copyright 2014
  16. 16. Thank You Kingsoft Office published by @Kingsoft_Office Kingsoft Office