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Design thinking slideshare


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This presentation highlights a number of leading firms utilizing Design Thinking as a means for business development and innovation. For more information on guest lectures and workshops contact me through LinkedIn.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Design thinking slideshare

  1. 1. Design Thinking: A process for innovation and leadership A presentation by Alan Murdock
  2. 2. Design Thinking is A process Often organized in three stags, to be discussed Iterative Teams or individuals make and remake ideas to explore many possible outcomes Nonlinear The process can branch in multiple directions or circle back to earlier stages Coordinated A timeframe or steps are organized and tracked by a leader/coordinator/motivator Directed The leader/coordinator may point toward areas or ideas to explore Solution Oriented The objective of design thinking is more than critical thinking. The goal is to develop applicable innovations that solve problems for people
  3. 3. Cheskin Consulting
  4. 4. Cross functional teams use team planning, ideating, and prototyping
  5. 5. Ives Behar Known for iteration and collaboration of designers and engineers from the outset of each project.
  6. 6. Ives Behar Fuseproject has worked on projects for top industry from the outset.
  7. 7. Ives Behar And on engaging service projects like the “One Laptop Per Child” initiative.
  8. 8. James Dyson Known for pulling things apart, identifying problems and extreme iteration and prototyping, Dyson is a top seller in the US vacuum market.
  9. 9. Proctor & Gamble Known for its Knowledge Management, Proctor & Gamble has emphasized iteration and revision from the outset. David Altschul (right) of Character has consulted on P&G brands using Design Thinking.
  10. 10. Lego Serious Play By examining its core strengths, Lego branched into design thinking and innovation consulting.
  11. 11. XPlane By combining process innovation and illustration competencies, Xplane uses design thinking to help businesses refine internal processes.
  12. 12. XPlane
  13. 13. Horizon 2 video game demonstrates variety in autos Auto industry adopted customer focused design initiatives as production capacity outstripped demand.
  14. 14. Historically, design has been treated as a downstream step in the development process – the point where designers, who have played no earlier role in the substantive work of innovation come along and put a beautiful wrapper around the idea.” Tim Brown Tim Brown, founder of IDEO “Design Thinking” in Harvard Business Review, June, 2008
  15. 15. Design thinking defined: “a methodology that imbues the full spectrum of innovation activities with a human centered design ethos.” Tim Brown, founder of IDEO “Design Thinking” in Harvard Business Review, June, 2008
  16. 16. “Innovation is powered by a thorough understanding, through direct observation, of what people want and need in their lives and what they like or dislike about the way particular products are made, packaged, marketed, sold, and supported.” Tim Brown, founder of IDEO “Design Thinking” in Harvard Business Review, June, 2008
  17. 17. Design thinking defined: “Design Thinking is a process of creating and developing new and innovative ideas in order to solve problems.” Chong S. K. Lee and Ron Benza “Teaching Innovation Skills: Application of Design Thinking in a Graduate Marketing Course”
  18. 18. Design thinking defined: “[It] is a discipline that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business can convert into customer value and market opportunity.” Chong S. K. Lee and Ron Benza “Teaching Innovation Skills: Application of Design Thinking in a Graduate Marketing Course”
  19. 19. Design Thinking Process Inspiration Ideation Implementatio n Empathy for context of problem Generation of insights Creativity Collaboration Rational analysis and solution design fitting the problem context Production requirements Cost Distribution Installation Service
  20. 20. IDEATE DEFINE MEASURE ANALYZE IMPLEMENT CONTROL Cost Risk Standard business innovation funnel Business’s idea of the Design process Is in ‘implementation’ Design Publish, print install
  21. 21. Stanford crash course in Design Thinking
  22. 22. My interpretation of the design thinking process ✘Listen/play ✘Iterate/play/listen ✘Refine/listen/define
  23. 23. Divergence before convergence
  24. 24. Design Problem: There are so many digital resources in the online library, students don’t know where to start. Desired outcome: Without redesigning the online website, design a process that will result in students joyfully seeking out, engaging with, and promoting to their peers existing resources in the library collection.
  25. 25. Jonny Ive, senior VP of design, Apple
  26. 26. Edison Laboratory A complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly.
  27. 27. Design Thinking Thank you!
  28. 28. Design Challenge Create The assignment