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Customer Success Summit: Customer Lifecycle Marketing


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Presented by Atri Chatterjee from Act-On Software at Totango's Customer Success Summit.

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Customer Success Summit: Customer Lifecycle Marketing

  1. 1. Customer Lifecycle MarketingAtri ChatterjeeCMO, Act-On Software | @ActOnSoftware
  2. 2. About Act-On• Our Company • Founded in 2008 • 140+ employees today in Oregon & California• Our Technology • Marketing Automation designed from the ground up for small marketing teams • 3rd generation SaaS platform built to scale• Our Customers • 1,400+ and growing across all major vertical industries • From Progressive Insurance and Motorola to many companies you don’t recognize | @ActOnSoftware
  3. 3. Why Customer Lifecycle Marketing? • We’re a subscription software business • We sell to the mid-market • We allow month-to-month contracts • We see the value of leverage | @ActOnSoftware
  4. 4. The Typical Funnel• Driving customers from awareness to purchase Marketing• In a linear progression Sales• With the final goal being initial purchase {} | @ActOnSoftware
  5. 5. Redrawing the Funnel for the LifecycleAcquisition RetentionExpansion LEADS SQL & CUSTOMERS ENGAGED ADVOCATE MQL OPPORTUNITIES CUSTOMERS & FAN Marketing throughout the customer lifecycle Campaigns, Content, Programs, SLAs, Pipeline Onboarding, Training, measurement Communication, Loyalty, Advocacy, Upsell | @ActOnSoftware
  6. 6. Retention Starts with Activation & Usage• Get customers started • Early success is key LEADS SQL & CUSTOMERS ENGAGED ADVOCATE MQL OPPORTUNITIES CUSTOMERS & FAN• Ensure regular usage • More important if usage drives ROI• Help remove obstacles • Training, processes, expertise Activation Usage Proficiency Customer Experience | @ActOnSoftware
  7. 7. Communication Starts Upon Signing• Engagement starts with a welcome message on Day 1• Personal contact with each and every new customer within Week 1• Dedicated customer success manager for each account | @ActOnSoftware
  8. 8. Communication Continues in the Product | @ActOnSoftware
  9. 9. With Metrics to Gauge Activity• Setup and Training• Product and online assistance usage• Interaction with customer service• Interactions with sales | @ActOnSoftware
  10. 10. From Customer to Advocate & Fan• Satisfied customers are a prerequisite LEADS SQL & CUSTOMERS ENGAGED ADVOCATE MQL OPPORTUNITIES CUSTOMERS & FAN• Customer loyalty is NOT just a {marketing} program• It must be “always on” | @ActOnSoftware
  11. 11. Our Approach – Community & Advocacy• Focus is on building the community • Success with Act-On • Sharing of ideas amongst each other• Multiple form factors • In the product • Social media • Physical events• Advocacy program provides framework | @ActOnSoftware
  12. 12. Some Results• Community activity • Referrals • Active participation; biggest • 15 – 20 deals/qtr source of new ideas • Upsells• Reviews • 20-30% of bookings/qtr • Positive & constructive criticism | @ActOnSoftware
  13. 13. Questions…• Contact me:; @atrichatt• Call: 1 (877) 530-1555 or email us:• Twitter: @actonsoftware | @ActOnSoftware