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KDE For Automotive? Really? Tell me more about it


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Introduction of KDE targetting automotive software developers at the Automotive Linux Summit 2018, that took place in Tokyo, JP. Description of the current gap between what AGL might need and what KDE can offer.

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KDE For Automotive? Really? Tell me more about it

  1. 1. KDE for Automotive? Really? Tell Me More. Agustin Benito Bethencourt. @toscalix CC BY-SA Introduction to KDE Automotive Linux Summit 2018 Tokyo, JP. 20th June 2018
  2. 2. About the speaker: @toscalix ● KDE user since 2003. ● KDE contributor since 2005. ● KDE eV Member since 2010. ● KDE eV Board of Directors 2012-2014. ○ Treasurer. ● KDE España founder member. ● Principal Consultant at Codethink Ltd.
  3. 3. Why is KDE at ALS 2018? ● Community driven FLOSS project. ● 20+ years of experience developing interfaces and applications for multiple devices and platforms. ● Application developers ecosystem. ● Key stakeholder in the Qt ecosystem. ● Increasing scope: towards embedded.
  4. 4. The KDE community ● Founded in Oct 1996 as FLOSS project. ● Values: The KDE Manifesto. ● KDE Goals for 2018 and beyond: ○ Top-notch usability and productivity for basic software ○ Privacy Software. ○ Streamlined onboarding of new contributors. ● Main Qt learning ecosystem.
  5. 5. KDE project: governance ● KDE e.V.: supports KDE community (no technical decisions). ○ KDE e.V. Membership ■ General Assembly. ■ Working Groups. ○ Board of Directors (BoD). ○ KDE Supporting Members: supports KDE e.V. BoD.. ● Free Qt Foundation.
  6. 6. KDE project: The Free Qt Foundation ● Defines, approves, protects and enforce Qt license schema over a variety of platforms: Linux, Android, Windows, iOS... ● Members: Digia (The Qt Company) and KDE e.V. (50% each). ○ Trolltech founders as advisors. ● Founded in 1998 to ensure Qt availability as FLOSS.
  7. 7. KDE project: key activities ● Software development. ● Events: Akademy, Lakademy, conf.KDE India, Akademy-es, Sprints... ● Training/mentoring: GSoC, SoK. ● Promotion of KDE soft. and FLOSS values: FSFe, The Document Foundation, Qt, etc. ● Check the KDE e.V. reports.
  8. 8. The evolution of KDE through software releases ● KDE 1.0: July 1998 ● KDE 2.0: Oct 2000 ● KDE 3.0: Apr 2002 ● KDE Software Compilation 4.0: Jan 2008 ○ KDE Platform,Workspaces and applications ● KDE current release: ○ KDE Frameworks 5: July 2014 ○ KDE Plasma 5: July 2014 ○ KDE Applications 5: Dec. 2014
  9. 9. KDE software ● Elegant and fully functional. ● Integration as a feature. ● Portable: ○ Multi-platform: Linux, Windows, Android, OSX... ○ Internationalised,multi-language, etc. ● Extremely configurable and customizable. ● Modular. ● Many applications.
  10. 10. Ongoing work ● KDE Plasma mobile. ● Kirigami and applications for Plasma Mobile. ● KDE frameworks 5 port to YOCTO. ● Akademy 2018 and ELCE/OSS EU 2018.
  11. 11. Ongoing work: KDE Plasma mobile ● Plasma Mobile vision: Plasma Mobile aims to become a complete and open software system for mobile devices. ● Status: it is already working.Another proof. ● Main technologies: ○ Qt. ○ KWin and Wayland ○ VoiceCall, Ofono, Telepathy, Pulseaudio, LXC, etc.
  12. 12. Ongoing work: Kirigami ● Kirigami the application SDK for Plasma Mobile. ● Kirigami HowTo: develop apps for Plasma Mobile. ● It is in active development, released as part of KF5. ● Kirigami Gallery on Google Play as part of the demo apps. ● Kirigami is a set of QtQuick components.
  13. 13. Ongoing work: KDE applications on Plasma Mobile ● Discover: app discovery and installer. ● Koko: image gallery. ● Vvave: music player. ● KAlgebra Mobile: graph calculator. ● Marble Maps: virtual globe and world atlas. ● Kaidan: Jabber/XMPP Instant Messenger. ● In development: Index (file manager), Konversation 2.0 (IRC client), KDE Connect ...
  14. 14. Ongoing work: KDE applications on Android Yes, there are KDE Applications available on Android: ● KDE Connect: connect all your devices. ● GCompris: edu games for kids. ● KAlgebra: graph calculator. ● Marble Maps: maps (OSM) and routing. ○ Behaim Globe: first globe. ● Okular (experimental): universal document viewer.
  15. 15. Ongoing work: KDE Frameworks on YOCTO ● Aiming to showcase KF5 working on YOCTO at ELCE EU or next AGL AMM. ● Enables bringing KDE Plasma and some apps to embedded. ● Work in progress.Updating to Plasma 5.12 ● Already testable. ● Current effort lead by Volker Krause.
  16. 16. Ongoing work: Akademy 2018 ● Akademy is the annual KDE developers conference. ● Akademy 2018 will take place in Vienna, Austria. ● From August 11th to 17th. ○ 2 days of presentations. ○ 5 days of hacking. ○ 7 days of fun!
  17. 17. Takeaways ● KDE community is a well established, innovative ecosystem, used to team up with other projects. ● 20+ years of expertise in solid and well integrated user experiences for a variety of devices and form factors.
  18. 18. Takeaways ● Mature ecosystem of application developers. ● It is viable to adapt KDE software to automotive environments.
  19. 19. Takeaways The gap to use KDE software in automotive is decreasing fast.
  20. 20. Takeaways Let’s make it happen in 2019.
  21. 21. Acknowledgements ● ALS content committee for this opportunity to promote KDE with the automotive industry. ● KDE Promo group for helping me to prepare the slides. ● Thanks Codethink Ltd for sponsoring my presence at ALS.
  22. 22. Questions?