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  1. 1. Renovation
  2. 2. A house is very important for every person. It can be use as protection from bad weather. Having some damage in your house is inevitable especially if your house is getting old. People also do some renovations on their house because their family becomes big. There are home owners that do renovation because of low quality materials that they use when they build their house. If you have enough money for building or renovating your house, you can hire a small construction company to make sure that the renovation or construction will be successful. You should
  3. 3. Here are some Tips on How to Choose a Good Home
  4. 4. Ask someone The first thing you need to do is ask someone if they can recommend a good home renovator. You can ask your friends if they already did a renovation on their house. If so, then ask them if the home renovator works fine. A professional home renovator will ask what you want on your house before it gives some advice. You should also ask your friend if he is contented with the work of the contractor that he hires.
  5. 5. Do a research about the contractor You should also do some research on the contractor if there are some complaints about him. Don’t depend on how many houses the contractor has already build. You should also ask the contractors previous clients. If there are some negative comments about him, the best thing to do is to search for another contractor. There are possibilities that he won’t give the kind of renovation that you need. It is also to avoid wasting money.
  6. 6. Search in the internet Nowadays, home renovators or Construction Company has their own website. You can perform a research in the internet. A professional construction company or home renovator has the image of their previous jobs on their website. In that way, you can tell if they work good or not. You can also check some comments on their website to gain more information about their company. You should also need to know if the contractor that you will hire has a license.
  7. 7. Payment You also need to know how much the contractor charges their clients. There are some contractors that charge their clients so much but their work is not satisfying. You should check first their previous work, if you think that the payment for their work is worth it, you should hire them.
  8. 8. Kid friendly You also need to know if the contractor that you will hire is a kid friendly. In that way, even if your kids are at home, they will surely be safe. A kid friendly contractor puts all his tools into a place wherein children will not be able to reach it. Kids love to pick up scrap woods or metals during a renovation. If the contractor don’t clean and don’t put his tools into the right place, there are possibilities that your kids will get hurt.
  9. 9. When you already choose your home renovator, you need to know all your need before renovating your house. Some people are not ready for the renovations that’s the renovation cannot be finished immediately. You need to ready all the things that you need in order to finish the renovation quickly.
  10. 10. Here are the Things You Need to Prepare Before Renovation
  11. 11. Budget The first thing you need to prepare when you plan to renovate your house is your budget. You need to know how much will cost you for the materials and the payment for the contractor. You need to check the price of all the materials that you need. Don’t buy cheap materials because they will surely have a low quality and they won’t last for a long time.
  12. 12. Materials You need to check some stores for the materials that you need. Make sure that the materials that you need are available. If you just buy materials on the start of renovation, the renovation will not be finished quickly. You need to be ready, make sure to get the contact number of each store. Remember to buy good quality materials to make sure that it will last for many years. Check every price of the materials of every store. There are some stores that sell cheap materials that have a good quality. For example, you are searching for wood. The
  13. 13. Schedule You should also set the schedule of the renovation. You should choose a day wherein there will be family members in your house. If you have a job on weekdays, you can start the renovation on weekends. In that way, you can watch or observe everything that your contractors do. You can also start the renovation when your kids are out of the house to avoid accident; contractor can also focus on the renovation.
  14. 14. Which part of the house? If you don’t have enough money for a whole house renovation, you should renovate the part of the house that you use every day. For example, your family becomes big and they only share on one or two rooms, you can renovate their bedroom and expand it. In that way your family members will feel comfortable and can move freely. Some house owners want to renovate their whole house even if they don’t have enough money for the expenses. That’s why their house cannot be finished because of lack of materials.
  15. 15. You need to be wise on choosing the right home renovator to make the project successful. You also need to be ready all the things that you need to run the renovation smoothly. If you are searching for a friendly contractor or construction company, I recommend Macro Building Solutions because they provide a high quality service and they will surely give the renovation that you desire.