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The Chakra System: Thornton Streeter, Centre for Biofield Sciences


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New devices are creating opportunities for researching the Chakra System like never before, here is an introduction to the Chakras, these devices and the research arena

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The Chakra System: Thornton Streeter, Centre for Biofield Sciences

  1. 1. The Chakra System Thornton Streeter DSc. The Centre for Biofield Sciences
  2. 2. Chakras of Pranic healing system
  3. 3. The Earth’s Atmosphere and the atmosphere of the human body –the Biofield
  4. 4. Skeletal, Lymphatic, Nervous and Cardiovascular Images by Alex Grey
  5. 5. The Chakra System
  6. 6. Chakras in Ayurvedic medicine and modern holistic traditions
  7. 7. The Dan Tians: an oriental perspective
  8. 8. Universal concurrence on the chakras • Anatomy and Physiology of the human body is uniform wherever a health professional is from. • In the same way all TCM and CAM practitioners work with the same meridian channels. • Diverse gnostic and yogic traditions recognize the 7 major plexii or chakras.
  9. 9. Measuring the Chakras clairvoyantly
  10. 10. Chakra assessment and balancing with a healer
  11. 11. Measuring the Chakras in the 60’s, Kirlian Photography
  12. 12. Valerie Hunt UCLA 1970’s
  13. 13. Chakras – Valerie Hunt • Telemetric surface sensors were placed over chakras • Baseline data filtered to remove brain, heart, and muscle frequencies (0 to 250Hz), then void, then smaller amplitude but higher frequency 500 to 20,000Hz (8 to 10x faster than other biological activity) Reference: Hunt, Valerie. Infinite Mind. Malibu Publishing Co. Malibu, CA. 1996.
  14. 14. Measuring the Chakras in the 1980’s Harry Oldfield using a PEMF electro crystal generator and a sound level meter
  15. 15. Measuring Chakras in the 2010’s
  16. 16. Konstantin Korotkov’s new Bio-Well The Chakras before and after energy medicine intervention
  17. 17. Biofield Meter 2016
  18. 18. Chakra data collection
  19. 19. Kundalini activated
  20. 20. Biofield Meter Data
  21. 21. The Future of measuring the Chakras, today
  22. 22. Chakra Viewer Image analysis
  23. 23. Biofield viewer images matched to show anterior and posterior montage in Chakra Viewer mode. Notice the pooling of sluggish energy seen in dark pink and reds Chakra Viewer
  24. 24. Chakras – energy centres • Spinning vortices • Transformers of energy • Detection Motoyama – Changes in field in space around the body Valerie Hunt – Electrodes attached to skin – GSR Streeter TWJA Catchpole J – Biofield Viewer
  25. 25. Kundalini Research Project: before and after brow chakra activation
  26. 26. Brow Chakra contrasts with Biofield Viewer
  27. 27. Chakras are fractal?
  28. 28. Sills, page 59 Image from JL Oschman
  29. 29. Torsion: the neutrino the biomagnetic field, the Long Tide, the spiral forces of creation, and the spin network. Image JL Oschman
  30. 30. Torsion creates Chakras
  31. 31. Vortex Rings Moving through each other
  32. 32. In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy. •Albert Szent-Györgyi
  33. 33. Thank you