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Subtle Energy Retreat Presentation with Dr Thornton Streeter from the Centre of Biofield Sciences 2015


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For the first time we present our theory that each chakra is a dimensional lens so that the lower 4 chakras allow us to to navigate the space time continuum

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Subtle Energy Retreat Presentation with Dr Thornton Streeter from the Centre of Biofield Sciences 2015

  1. 1. Mapping the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Biofield Quantum Consciousness 2015 Thornton Streeter DSc. Centre for Biofield Sciences
  2. 2. Hats
  3. 3. Our research facility at the UNESCO Chair World Peace Centre since 1998 MIT - Pune
  4. 4. The Earth’s Atmosphere and the atmosphere of the human body –the Biofield
  5. 5. My esoteric training: Avesta layers of the human being • Tanu - the bony skeleton • Gaitha - the soft parts of the physical body • Azde - the etheric body • Kehrp - the aura • Teveshi - the psyche or emotional body • Ushstan - the life thread • Uruwan - the soul • Baodhang - soul experiences • Fravashi - higher self or guardian
  6. 6. Body Biofield
  7. 7. J Altern Complement Med. 2002 Dec;8(6):703-17. The biofield hypothesis: its biophysical basis and role in medicine. Rubik B. This paper provides a scientific foundation for the biofield: the complex, extremely weak electromagnetic field of the organism hypothesized to involve electromagnetic bioinformation for regulating homeodynamics. The biofield is a useful construct consistent with bioelectromagnetics and the physics of nonlinear, dynamical, nonequilibrium living systems. It offers a unifying hypothesis to explain the interaction of objects or fields with the organism, and is especially useful toward understanding the scientific basis of energy medicine, including acupuncture, biofield therapies, bioelectromagnetic therapies, and homeopathy. The rapid signal propagation of electromagnetic fields comprising the biofield as well as its holistic properties may account for the rapid, holistic effects of certain alternative and complementary medical interventions.
  8. 8. Nuclear Medicine
  9. 9. Living systems emit bio-photons BIOPHOTONS “we are light beings” Einstein Gurvich, Fritz Albert Popp Ultra weak photon emissions emitted by all living systems Biophotonic emissions from the hand Choi et al 2004
  10. 10. Kirlian Apple, fresh and microwaved
  11. 11. 3D Biofield Viewer Imaging
  12. 12. Chakras – Valerie Hunt • Telemetric surface sensors were placed over chakras • Baseline data filtered to remove brain, heart, and muscle frequencies (0 to 250Hz), then void, then smaller amplitude but higher frequency 500 to 20,000Hz (8 to 10x faster than other biological activity) Reference: Hunt, Valerie. Infinite Mind. Malibu Publishing Co. Malibu, CA. 1996.
  13. 13. Valerie Hunt UCLA 1970’s
  14. 14. Monitoring of State
  15. 15. The Assemblage Point
  16. 16. The Dan Tians
  17. 17. 1st Dimension • Element Earth • Geometry Point • Chakra Base • Anger/fear • Flight or Fight • Unconscious • The Potential world
  18. 18. 2nd Dimension • Element Water • Geometry the line • Chakra Naval, Hara • Pleasure, sexual energy • Relationships • Subconscious • The Emerging world
  19. 19. 3rd dimension • Element Fire • Space • Solar Plexus • Willpower • Self awareness • Pre-conscious • The Material World
  20. 20. 4th dimension • Air • Time • Heart • Love • Sharing • Conscious • The Magical World
  21. 21. 5th Dimension • Aether • Space/Time • Throat • Truth • Tendency communication • Super Conscious • The Miraculous World
  22. 22. 6th Dimension • Element Chi/Prana • Geometry Space/Time • Chakra Brow • Insight • Intuition • Hyper Conscious • The Psychic World
  23. 23. 7th Dimension • Element Vacuum/Void • Geometry Cosmic • Chakra Crown • Ecstacy • Atonement • Christ Conscious • The Divine World
  24. 24. Chakras – Energy Centres • Spinning vortices • Transformers of energy • Detection • Motoyama, Changes in field in space around the body V Hunt P, Mawson, Electrodes attached to skin - GSR Streeter, Catchpole, Chakra Viewer live 3D imaging
  25. 25. Chakras of pranic healing system
  26. 26. The Meridians- ‘Energy Channels’ or physical structures
  27. 27. light sonopuncture 250 msec 7  sec 0.250 sec 0.000007 sec Vision points bladder meridian Professor Joie Jones University of California Irvine Sonopuncture is indistinguishable from needling. Two orders of magnitude faster than any known biological process.
  28. 28. Acuvision-04
  29. 29. Acupuncture Meridians Bonghan Ducts Primo Vascular System
  30. 30. Primo Vascular System In 2009, K.-S. Soh applied for a research grant from the Korean Government. During the application process, he met many scientists and South Korean government officers. At that time, many of them strongly suggested that, instead of using the name given by North Korean researcher, he rename the Bonghan system to a more scientifically relevant one. Another reason for the change was that the use of the term “Bonghan system” would give the research proposal evaluators an impression of reviving an old defamed theory rather than a cutting-edge frontier science on an important organ. K.-S. Soh and his team thought that this might become a serious hindrance in obtaining research grants in the highly competitive grant selection process. The team finally decided to give a new name to the Bonghan system. According to B.H. Kim, during the embryonic developmental and evolutionary processes, the Bonghan system develops earlier than the blood or the nerve systems. Following this notion and with extensive consultation with many of his Korean colleagues, in 2010, K.-S. Soh and his colleagues finalized the new name for the Bonghan system as the primo vascular system (PVS). The organelles of the system were also renamed accordingly. This entire process of renaming took almost a year Blake Gurfein, PhD Chief Science Officer, Rio Grande Neurosciences Assistant Professor, UCSF
  31. 31. Primo Vascular – Surface of Organs • Lee BC, Park ES, Nam TJ, Johng HM, Baik KY, Sung B, Yoon YS, Soh KS. 2004b. Bonghan ducts on the surface of rat internal organs. J Int Soc Life Info Sci. 22:455-459. • Lee KJ, Kim S, Jung TE, Jin D, Kim DH, Kim HW. 2004. Unique duct system and the sorpuscle-like structures found on the surface of the liver. J Int Soc Life Info Sci. 22:460-462. • Shin HS, Johng HM, Lee BC, Cho S Soh KS, Baik KY, Yoo JS, Soh KS. 2005. Feulgen reaction study of novel thread-like structures (Bonghan ducts) on the surface of mammalian organs. Anat Rec. 284B:35-40.
  32. 32. Primo Vascular - Intravascular Lee BC, Baik KY, Johng HM, Nam T J, Lee J, Sung B, Choi C, Park WH, Park ES, Park DH, Yoon YS, Soh KS. 2004a. Acridine orange staining method to reveal the characteristic features of an intravascular threadlike structure. Anat Rec 278B:27-30
  33. 33. Primo Vascular Intravascular
  34. 34. Primo Vascular - Lymphatic Using slow profusion methods, they have been discovered… Lee BC, Yoo JS, Baik KY, Kim KW, Soh KS. Novel Threadlike Structures (Bonghan Ducts) Inside Lymphatic Vessels of Rabbits Visualized With a Janus Green B Staining Method. The Anat Rec 286B:1-7, 2005.
  35. 35. The stereo-microscopic image of a threadlike structure stained by Acian blue (arrow heads).The solution of Alcian blue was injected into the acupoint of ST36(arrow) on the rat skin. An Alcian-blue-stanined threadlike structure (arrow heads) was visualized and proceeded from ST36 point to hypodermis.
  36. 36. Primo Vascular Scanning Electron Microscope SEM
  37. 37. -60- Nanobiotechnology Flowing Channel of Nanoparticles
  38. 38. Is the biofield measureable?
  39. 39. Biofield Viewer 3.0 Image Processing with Image J
  40. 40. Biofield Viewer
  41. 41. Biofield viewer images matched to show anterior and posterior montage in Chakra Viewer mode. Notice the pooling of sluggish energy seen in dark pink and reds Chakra Viewer
  42. 42. Chakra Viewer
  43. 43. Chakra Viewer
  44. 44. Chakra Viewer
  45. 45. Approved accessories LOGITECH c920 HUSKY 5ft 2500 Lumen LED Work Light
  46. 46. Biofield Viewer scanning environment • Full spectrum lit. • Shadow free. • Light metre balanced. • Underwear only. • White walls, floor and ceiling. • All other light sources cancelled. • Quality DV Camera and PC, printer and CD writer.
  47. 47. Phantom Limb
  48. 48. A day we will never forget, we were amazed to see this portal open as a mother says goodbye to her loving and caring son. Keen to see her biofield, this was one of the last things she ever did and in so doing, left us hope.
  49. 49. 3D Biofield
  50. 50. Image enhancement with Image J
  51. 51. Image J Subtract Background
  52. 52. Image analysis with Image J
  53. 53. Repeatability: 3 separate scans on 3 days a week apart
  54. 54. Biofield Viewer 3rd Party Video Capture Case Study: Camtasia
  55. 55. Kundalini Research Project
  56. 56. Data collection
  57. 57. Chakra data collection
  58. 58. Kundalini activated
  59. 59. Biofield Meter Data
  60. 60. Biofield Viewer showing healing live
  61. 61. 3D Biofield
  62. 62. Spirits and entities
  63. 63. Thank you