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Discover the seven (7) parts of Chakras meditation. Get Chakra meditation resources @

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  1. 1. The Seven Parts of Chakra Meditation
  2. 2. You have probably always thought of meditation as someone sitting with their legs crossed and humming to themselves for hours on end, but that is not what meditation is all about.
  3. 3. There are many different types of meditation and they all help you to relax and reduce your own stress.
  4. 4. Chakra meditation is a specific branch that originated from Hindu beliefs and its style has been spread to all corners of the globe.
  5. 5. Chakra meditation is centered on seven major parts of the self and each one is identified with its own color, element, and area of the body.
  6. 6. When one part of the chakra is imbalanced it affects them all, and ruins your overall sense of self.
  7. 7. Each chakra can be linked to different problems and there are techniques for solving them.
  8. 8. Red/ Earth: Muladhara
  9. 9. This chakra is centered at the base of the spine and is considered to be the first and most basic chakra.
  10. 10. It is related to survival instincts and your physical identity.
  11. 11. When you use chakra meditation you can use this chakra to bring you security, health, and security.
  12. 12. Orange/ Water: Svadhisthana
  13. 13. This is the center of emotion and sexual desire.
  14. 14. This chakra is represented in the abdomen and lower back and brings us closer to others.
  15. 15. When you focus on this part with chakra meditation you will improve the depth of your emotions, sexual fulfillment, and your ability to change.
  16. 16. Yellow/ Fire: Manipura
  17. 17. Your third chakra relates to your ego identity, which corresponds to your will power.
  18. 18. It is also responsible for your metabolism, so this chakra will bring you power and energy when meditated on.
  19. 19. Green/ Air: Anahata
  20. 20. Anahata will bring you deeper love and peace with chakra meditation.
  21. 21. It is related to your heart and opposites like male and female, and mind and body.
  22. 22. It will bring you into a state of self acceptance.
  23. 23. Blue/ Sound: Vishuddha
  24. 24. Chakra five is the center of creativity and expressing yourself, especially verbally.
  25. 25. It represents the throat and is therefore related to vibration, sound, and language.
  26. 26. Purple/ Light: Ajna
  27. 27. If you want to be able to think or see more clearly, chakra meditation on the Ajna is perfect.
  28. 28. It is also called “the third eye” and represents self reflection and light.
  29. 29. It will help you see better physically and mentally.
  30. 30. Violet/ Thought: Sahasrara
  31. 31. Although Sahasrara is not considered to be more important than the other chakras, it is the one that is in the most connection with a world beyond.
  32. 32. Chakra meditation in this area brings you wisdom, spirituality, and happiness.
  33. 33. It is the crown of the body and is related to thought and complete awareness.
  34. 34. The key to chakra meditation is being able to understand all of the chakras.
  35. 35. Once you have balanced your chakras you will be able to reach the point of Sahasrara and have a greater understanding of your life, which brings peace and happiness.
  36. 36. Once you have learned the seven parts of chakra meditation you can precede in learning different techniques in mastering each of them.
  37. 37. Resource Box: When you study chakra meditation you must understand how each of the seven parts relates to your situation.
  38. 38. You can then focus in on that branch until you feel that you have corrected the imbalance.
  39. 39. A continued study in chakra meditation is needed to help maintain peace and happiness.
  40. 40. The Seven Parts of Chakra Meditation
  41. 41. Get your FREE meditation tips available @