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Biofield Sciences 2012


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Biofield Sciences has been developing a premedical, non invasive assessment protocol. This preventative approach has led us to imaging the human biofield, where the early warning signs of disease develop. Please visit our website and have a look at our new Biofield Viewer,

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Biofield Sciences 2012

  1. 1. Thornton Streeter D.Sc.Science of the human biofield..The Centre for Biofield Sciences.
  2. 2. The CBS HQ UNESCO Chair World Peace Centre, MIT Pune and Panjim, India and Colorado, USA.MIT - Pune
  3. 3. Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS).• CBS is creating a tool box of non-invasive assessment technologies to help assist the integrated therapy team in evaluating or triangulating an individuals health trajectory• This process is aided by comparison of scans to CBS’s Atlas of Disease State images. and data that details the stage of onset of each disease state.• We are now moving away from problem and system based medicine to solution based medicine.
  4. 4. CBS Has Identified 7 Stages of Each Disease StatePrimary pre-symptomaticSecondary pre-symptomatic Pre-medicalPrimary SymptomaticSymptomatic with painAcute An example of theChronic primary pre-symptomatic Medical stage where earlyTerminal or remission detection can prevent Post-medical disease
  5. 5. Nuclear MedicineElectro Magnetic Spectrum • Typical Technological Uses
  6. 6. Echogenicity (Speed of Sound) Ultrasound
  7. 7. •Bone DensityX-Ray
  8. 8. Thermography • Temperature
  9. 9. Asymmetries
  10. 10. Upper X
  11. 11. ES Complex – Electro Interstitial Scanning
  12. 12. Follow up of thyroid treatment 1 TSH 9 before treatment dose 80µg
  13. 13. REGISTRATION FDA & CE Registration Data File Product Code: HCC Regulation Number: 882.5050 Manufacturer, Specification developer: L.D Technology Biofeedback Class 2 93/42 CEE Class 1 Active, non invasive medical device for diagnostic and monitoring
  14. 14. Skeletal, Lymphatic, Nervous andCardiovascular. Pictures from Alex Grey
  15. 15. Viscera Human Energy Fields
  16. 16. biofield: scientifically investigated.
  17. 17. Living systems emit bio-photonsBIOPHOTONS“we are light beings” EinsteinGurvich, Fritz Albert PoppUltra weak photonemissions emitted by allliving systemsExtent of emission reflectsfunctional healthBiophotonic emissionsfrom the hand 300 bpper cm² sec up to10,000 bp per cm² sec
  18. 18. Processed and organic bread
  19. 19. Fresh food as opposed to stored
  20. 20. Microwaves and the apple’s biofield.
  21. 21. On the left rat fed on processed cornflakes for 6 weeks the right on organic muesli
  22. 22. Taking a set of PIP Biofield ScansImaging the etheric interference In focus
  23. 23. The chakras and the auric fieldImaging the psychological fieldOut of focus
  24. 24. CBS’s Biofield Viewer tool shows the effects of CAM modalities.
  25. 25. Phantom Limb
  26. 26. 3D full colour biofield viewer imaging
  27. 27. Biofield Viewer• Live biophotonic emission imaging• Chakra Analysis• Research lab. Upgradation• Patient progress monitoring
  28. 28. Monitoring of State
  29. 29. Fine health vs. loss of balance
  30. 30. Each image reveal different issues, in the standard lighting conditions.
  31. 31. See how the healers biofield influences the mannequin
  32. 32. Biofields: notice the spiders field
  33. 33. rudraksh
  34. 34. The layers of the atmosphere and the human biofield
  35. 35. Joie Jones light sonopuncture 250 msec. 7 sec. Sonopuncture is indistinguishable from needling. Two orders of magnitude faster Vision points than any known biological process.bladder meridian
  36. 36. f MRI Assessment of Acupuncture
  37. 37. Acuvision-04
  38. 38. Stomach meridianafter moxibustion near left shoulder blade.
  39. 39. Bonghan Duct is a Nadi• Nadis not confined to skin, but ubiquitous.• Nadi is a concrete duct system through which the liquid containing the granules (Sanal :living granule in Korean) flows.• Sanals aggregate to form cells and cells disintegrated into Sanal.• Sanals function as totipotent stem cells.
  40. 40. Intravascular Bonghan ductAcridine orange stain
  41. 41. Electron Microscope SEM
  42. 42. Bonghan duct
  43. 43. Langevin HM, Yandow JA, 2002. Relationship of acupuncture pointsand meridians to connective tissue planes. Anatomical Record
  44. 44. Stimulation of point 67 causesproximal points to rotate insequence, with a few seconds delay between each point.
  45. 45. Observation of Sanals
  46. 46. Sanals by Acridine OrangeCentrifugal separation method, acridine orangeAnemia induced method, PHD inj. for 3 days.Rabbit, female, 2.5kg, 10weeksX1000, scale bar=10um
  47. 47. AFM image of Bonghan microcell A B CD A Topography, B Error, C Magnified of B, D line profile 1.4 um x 1um x 350nm sized oval Bonghan microcell. It shows clearly unique surface structure of layers and portions (B & C) whose size is from 0.2um to 0.6 um in diameter. The line profile analysis shows that the common patterns on the surface are steps of about 20nm height. This pattern is thought to be revealing the stereotype of its 20nm membrane structure.
  48. 48. Two Sanals stacked?
  49. 49. Case Study
  50. 50. Spirits and entities
  51. 51. Thank