Recovering from a Mental Illness


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Heather Masson, Manager of Patient Care Services at The Royal spoke about the path to recovering from a mental illness and the recovery program at The Royal.

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Recovering from a Mental Illness

  1. 1. Recovery
  2. 2. Recovery
  3. 3. Quality of Life
  4. 4. Hope
  5. 5. Wellness From the December 2012 issue of the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement’s Mythbusters : “…a growing body of evidence is showing that recovery of a meaningful life despite limitations imposed by illness is possible and likely. People with lived experience have known for some time that, with hope, empowerment and support from others, recovery is possible. Promoting a mental health system that views both personal and clinical recovery as the objective can reduce the healthcare costs, enhance quality of life, promote social inclusion, and help those living with mental illness lead full and productive lives.”
  6. 6. Questions?
  7. 7. Questions?