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  1. 1. Giớitừđivớidanhtừ• At/on/in (chỉthờigian) + nounAt : (for the time of day)At 5 o’clock, at midnight, at lunch time, at sunset, at night, at the weekend, at weekends, at the moment,at present, at the same time, at Christmas…On (for days and dates)On Friday(s), on 29 June 1987, on Christmas day, on my birthday…In (for longer periods)In October, in 1986, in the 19th century, in winter, in the past, in the 1970s, in future…Chú ý: Chúng ta nói “in the morning(s), in the afternoon(s), in the evening(s)” nhưngchúng ta nói “onFriday morning(s), on Sunday afternoon(s)…”• At/on/in (chỉđịađiểm) + noun+ in: ở trong. Vídụ: in a room, in a building, in a garden, in a country, in a line, in a picture, in the sky, inthe world, in a book/newspaper, in bed…+ on: ở trên. Vídụ: on the floor, on the chair, on the beach, on the wall, on the ceiling, on a farm, on a map,on the menu, on the way to……+ at: ở. Vídụ: at the bus stop, at the window, at home, at university, at a party,at the station, at the airport…Vídụ: There’s no one in the room.When I go to the cinema, I prefer to sit in the front row.Who is that man standing at the bus stop?Write your name at the top of the page.I sat on the beach.There is a label on the bottle.So sánhcáctrườnghợpsau:- In the corner of the room… - At the corner of the streetVídụ: The television is in the Vídụ: There is a publiccorner of the room telephone at the corner of the street.- In the front/in the back of - At the front/at the back of - On the front/on the backa car a building/cinema/group of of a letter/piece of paper…Vídụ: people Write your name on theI was sitting in the back (of The garden is at the back of back of this envelope.a car) when we crashed. the house I was standing at the back, so I couldn’t see very well.- At the end (of something): - In the end = finallythờigiankhicáigìkếtthúc Jim couldn’t decide where toI’m going away at the end go for his holidays. In theof June end, he didn’t go anywhere.At the end of the concert,there was great applause.- On a bus/on a train/on a - In a car/ in a taxi - By bus/by car/by bicycleplane/on a ship/ on a (chúng ta dùng “in” cho (bằngphươngtiệngì)bicycle/on a horse/on a “car” và “taxi”) I go to school by busmotorbike George arrived in a taxi.The bus was very full. Therewere too many people on it.• On/at/in + noun (other uses)On holiday/on business/on a trip/on a tour/on a cruise…- Tom’s away at the moment. He’s on holiday in France.- Did you go to Germany on business or on holiday?Bạncũngcóthểnói “go to a place for a holiday”On television/on the radio:- I didn’t watch the news on television, but I heard it on the radio.On the phone/ telephone:- I’ve never met her but I’ve spoken to her on the phone.On fire: đangcháy- Look! That car is on fire.
  2. 2. On purpose: cố ý- I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.On the whole: nhìnchung- Sometimes I have problems at work but on the whole I enjoy my job.On strike: đìnhcông- There are no trains today. The railway workers are on strike.In the rain/in the shade/ in the sun/ in the dark/ in bad weather..- We sat in the shade. It was too hot to sit in the sun.In ink/in pencil: (but “with the pencil”)- When you do the exam, you’re not allowed to write in pencil- I write the letter with a pencil.In cash (but “by cheque/by credit card”)- I paid the bill in cash.In (my) opinion: theo ý tôi..- In my opinion,the film wasn’t very good.At risk: bịđedọa, bịnguyhiểm- Birds are at risk of being injured or orphaned.Bàitập: Điềngiớitừthíchhợpvàomỗichỗtrốngsau.1. It’s difficult to contact Sarah because she is not………..the phone.2. I feel lazy this evening. Is there anything worth watching………..TV?3. Can you turn the light, please? I don’t want to sit………the dark.4. I wouldn’t like to go…………a cruise. I think I’d get bored.5. I mustn’t eat too much. I’m supposed to be ………….a diet.6. Ann thought the restaurant was OK, but ……….my opinion, it wasn’t very good.7. I won’t be here next week. I’ll be……… I didn’t see you ………..the party on Saturday. Where were you?9. Shall we travel ………….your car or mine?10. We stayed ………….a very nice hotel when we were ………….Amsterdam.Xemđápán