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San luis


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San luis

  2. 2. .• On my vacation I went to San Luis.• Swim and enjoy the beautiful scenery of theHuasteca.• Landscape by boat and beautiful blue waters.• I traveled by bicycle the most beautiful places,enjoy delicious typical meals of the region.
  3. 3. • My family way to discover the most beautifulin the Huasteca.• My father guided us for the ride. my motherprepared a delicious meal and a refreshingwater.• My brothers played with on ball, go out todance and enjoy the city at night.• Bought some souvenirs made by artisans fromthat region.
  4. 4. • This was one of the most interesting and funtrips of all the trips I have made ​​on myvacation.• One of my dreams is to travel back to theHuasteca because it was beautiful landscapesstroll.• Im happy to have found this place.