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Robust Analytics for Health Plans in an Era of Reform


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A preview of the upcoming webcast, "Robust Analytics for Health Plans in an era of reform"

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Robust Analytics for Health Plans in an Era of Reform

  1. 1. ROBUST ANALYTICS FORHEALTH PLANS IN AN ERA OFREFORMA CFO WebcastSponsored by Teradata CorporationWednesday, December 5th, 201212:00 PM ESTRegister today:
  2. 2. ROBUST ANALYTICS FOR HEALTHPLANSThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act introduces a confounding numberof new fiscal responsibilities to the finance departments of health plans. Solvingthis compliance conundrum in ways that also provide valuable insight into datafor strategic decision-making purposes has become a key goal of health planCFOs.Three key compliance issues dominate Finance and Performance Managementobjectives for health plans:• Medical loss ratio analyses, which affect planning, budgeting and operational reporting;• Health Insurance Exchanges, in terms of tracking the cost of sale and profitability in this new segment; and• Reinsurance, risk corridors and risk adjustment, the transitional risk sharing model creating plan profitability uncertainty due to adverse selection.
  3. 3. ROBUST ANALYTICS FOR HEALTHPLANSThe analytics to attend to these issues requires the integration of generalledger, internal cost accounting data and claims data -- the healthcaretransaction itself.From a CFO standpoint, the goal is to do more with less -- reduceenterprise cost by consolidating, simplifying and standardizing Finance ITarchitecture, and optimize cash flow through working capitalimprovements. The best decisions come from having greater visibility intodata -- a key aim to reduce earnings volatility and enhanced flexibility toadapt to market changes.During this Webcast, a distinguished panel of experts will explore thechallenges before health plan CFOs in this era of pronounced reform andregulatory change. Panelists will present the current compliancelandscape, position ways to acquire and improve high-level analytics, andintroduce world-class Finance and Performance Management practices forhealth plans.
  4. 4. PANELISTSArthur Tacchino is an Assistant Professor of Health Insurance at TheAmerican College. He is a recent graduate from Widener University Schoolof Law where he received his JD. He received his BS in Economics fromSusquehanna University. At The American College, Arthur is responsiblefor several Huebner School courses as well as course development anddesign. Aside from The American College, Arthur has taught Business Lawand Ethics at Widener Undergraduate in Chester, PA. Mr. Tacchino iscurrently assisting with the responsibilities of several health insurancecourses offered by the American College and extensively researchingHealth Care Reform.
  5. 5. PANELISTS (CONT’D)David Wiggin is the Program Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences, forTeradata Corporation. His responsibilities include industry strategy,marketing, offer development and field enablement and support. Prior tojoining Teradata, David was with the healthcare business of ThomsonReuters, now Truven Health Analytics, for 25 years, supporting employer,health plan, provider and government markets. He has worked in avariety of roles including product management, product development,project management, data warehousing, operations management, andsystems architecture. David has experience with both the business and ITdimensions of the healthcare industry. David received a BS degree fromIthaca College and earned his MBA from the State University of New Yorkat Albany.
  6. 6. PANELISTS (CONT’D)As group vice president, Scott Lundstrom is responsible for managing IDCHealth Insights research-based advisory and consulting offerings, whichprovide full coverage of the health care industry value chain, including thepayer, provider and life science segments. Mr. Lundstroms experience hasgiven him a thorough understanding of market dynamics, business strategiesand processes, and technology solutions. Prior to joining IDC, Mr. Lundstromwas a Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at AMR Research,where he was responsible for AMRs business process and technologiesresearch teams, including ERP, supply chain, CRM, compliance and enablingtechnologies. He is a regular speaker and a source for the media on healthcareand life science issues by major publications such as USA Today, Investor’sBusiness Daily, The Boston Globe and BusinessWeek.
  7. 7. Register Today!Robust Analytics for HealthPlans in an Era of ReformBrought to you by CFOSponsored by Teradata CorporationWednesday, December 5th, 201212:00 PM EST 11/26/2012 Teradata Confidential