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Teradata Social Media Guidelines


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Teradata Social Media Guidelines

  1. 1. 2011Social MediaGuidebook
  2. 2. Welcome to theTerada ta SocialM edia Gu idebookIn this book you’ll find:social Media and teradata ...................... 3guidelines and First steps ...................... 7the Five channels – a primer ................ 10resources . . . . ............................... ........ 22 Why Is socIal MedIa IMportant? soMe Facts and FIgures… > Nearly two billion people are currently online. (Internet World Stats) > 22% of their time is spent in social media. (Mashable) > Average American internet users watch 30 minutes of video online per day. (comScore) > Social media use among baby boomers 55-64 rose to 43% in December 2010. ( via David Erickson)2
  3. 3. social MediaChapsoeial 1:edia and teradata t rM c guidelines the BIg socIal MedIa pIcture For teradata. our goal: Create brand awareness in business and IT communities. our objective: Use relevant social media channels to increase dialogue, creating brand awareness the Five channels in the social media sphere. resources 3
  4. 4. social MediaWhat Is socIal MedIa? socIal MedIa categorIes and channelssocial media and networking is: Teradata has selected five social media categories> A way to communicate and connect with your family, and their primary channels to help us achieve our goals friends, colleagues, and others. and objectives:> A way of using the internet to instantly collaborate and social media category primary channel talk about ideas or causes. Business-oriented (professional) LinkedIn> A world where anyone can be a publisher, reporter, artist, guidelines filmmaker, or photographer. Business media-sharing SlideShare Microblogging TwitterWhat does socIal MedIa Social networking FacebookMean to teradata? Video-sharing YouTubesocial media allows us to:> Express our company’s human voice. the Five channels> Share knowledge and information.> Share ideas in progress, and let others join in.hoW you can helpSocial media is an effective, low-cost vehicle for achievingTeradata business objectives. You can use it to help Teradata by:> Networking with the right people.> Increasing traffic to resources> Monitoring the competition and Teradata’s reputation.> Helping create awareness about Teradata.4
  5. 5. social Media Business-oriented social media sites allow you to present social networking sites allow you to a business profile to: construct a profile to which you can: > Communicate with professionals you know and trust. > Post content and photos. > Meet and network with people in your industry and others. > Choose to connect to other users. > Identify and create sub-groups for discussing specific > View other users’ content and topics or challenges. connections. linkedIn is one of the most popular business-oriented Facebook is one of the most guidelines social media sites. popular social networking sites. Business media-sharing sites allow you to: youtube is one of the most popular video-sharing web sites. Video- > Share slideshows, video, and audio files. sharing sites allow you to: > Establish industry, thought, and product and services > Upload video clips to a web site. leadership. > Use the service (or host) to store the Five channels > Raise brand awareness and generate new relationships. videos on its server so others can slideshare is one of the most popular business media- view and comment. sharing sites. Microblogging sites offer a form of blogging, but with shorter content than in traditional blogs. twitter is one of the most popular microblogging services. > Entries might be simple short sentences or a single picture or link. resources > Subject matter might include “what I’m doing now” or “check out this story or site.” > Dialogue and conversation are easy and fast.5
  6. 6. social Mediateradata’s socIal MedIa strategy Increase and enhance our web presence andand What It Means to you blog conversationKeep these ideas in mind when engaging in social media: Teradata’s web presence is an important communication and lead generation tool.Monitor and engage > Discussing and promoting Teradata helps elevate awareness.Use social media to check out the word on the street about Teradata. > Generating new content about Teradata or mentioning> Read and listen to what people are saying and don’t be afraid to helps to enhance our image. participate. guidelines Integrate with planned marketing tactics> Take the opportunity to promote Teradata and debunk myths. Consider social media as a way to enhance our current marketing mix.create and leverage contentYou can help by being a good storyteller and generate content that puts > Social media opens the door to new options for collateralTeradata’s best face forward by telling the online world. and sales tools, podcasts, videos, web seminars, and> Share content, such as press releases, white papers, customer wins, awards, and and Teradata Magazine content. capitalize on Teradata Magazine the Five channels> Don’t be afraid to comment on what you read and correct misconceptions. > Teradata Magazine is a customer-focused publication that accurately reflects our corporate strategy. > Teradata Magazine explores hot topics and trends, and features third-party and industry expert input. > Visit, and share its content. Measure and report Teradata measures and monitors its social media strategy to help refine our marketing approach and tactics. resources > Monthly metrics show Teradata site visits and referrals and the number of followers of our efforts on the five social media channels we address.6
  7. 7. social MediaChapgerelin: s and First steps t id 2e Keep these guidelines in mind: > setting up social media – If you need help, contact u > don’t tell secrets – Avoid publishing confidential company information, such as unpublished details about our software, teradata’s current projects, future product ship dates, financial socIal MedIa information, research, trade secrets, and advance earnings. guIdelInes > protect your own privacy – Don’t post information that guidelines The bottom line you don’t want the world to see. is to use your > Be honest – Don’t blog anonymously, or use pseudonyms common sense, or false screen names. Don’t say anything that’s dishonest and keep your or misleading. audience in mind. > respect your audience, teradata, and your coworkers – Don’t say anything Teradata’s employees and customers reflect a diverse set negative about of customs, values, and points of view. Be yourself, but be respectful. Teradata. If you the Five channels make a mistake, > protect teradata customers, business partners, and apologize, fix it, suppliers – Don’t reference customers without their approval, discuss confidential details of a customer and move on. engagement, or trash or embarrass anyone in the Teradata community. > controversial issues – If you see misrepresentations made about Teradata, point them out with respect and provide facts. > Be the first to respond to your own mistakes – If you make an error, admit it and correct it quickly. resources > don’t forget your day job – Make sure that your social media time doesn’t interfere with your job. 7
  8. 8. social Mediasocial media tips – a few more get startedideas that will contribute to a You may be inexperienced or uncomfortable with social media, or viewsuccessful experience: it as time-consuming. Here are some tips for familiarizing yourself with> For best results, write about what social media and becoming more comfortable with the technology: you know.> Use a spell-checker and take time to don’t be afraid to hover edit and reflect. Watch and listen for a while. Set up an account, and keep a low profile. Check out what’s being said and how people are saying it, and hang> If in doubt over a post, ask someone around until you’re comfortable joining in the discussion. guidelines else to review it first. Follow people you admire and who inspire you Start by connecting with friends and experts you know and respect. Watch what they say and how they work in the channel to learn online etiquette. Blogging tips and guidelines the Five channels Blogs start conversations and generate buzz, and can be a great addition to our marketing, public relations, and brand mix alongside resources8
  9. 9. social MediaBlogging: getting started> Here’s a good site to begin with:> Find Teradata blogs here:> Consider your blog as a chance to build a dos and don’ts community and not as a promotional or marketing tool. > Don’t promote yourself or Teradata at the expense of your readers’ attention.> Share your expertise and bring something new > Be short and to the point. Some of the best blog posts are only a couple of guidelines to the table. And write it yourself so it reflects paragraphs. your personality. > Don’t treat your blog as an extension of your press center.> Include photos and other visuals to generate > Get permission from your manager to speak on behalf of Teradata. interest. Also make sure to use tags, descriptions, and titles to enhance search engine > Don’t share Teradata information that is confidential and proprietary – such as optimization. trademarks, upcoming product releases, sales, finances, company strategy, or anything that hasn’t been publicly released by the company.> Ask readers to participate and always reply to the Five channels comments. > Don’t use the Teradata logo or trademarks on your blog without written permission.> Share your blog and other blogs you like via the social media channels. Blogging platforms > Know that Teradata can discipline you for commentary, content, or images typically have RSS built in, making sharing with that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libelous, or that can Facebook and Twitter effortless. Encourage the create a hostile work environment. Using copyrighted materials, unfounded or use of Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon so visitors derogatory statements, or misrepresentation can also result in disciplinary action. can add your blog to those sites. > Write knowledgeably, accurately, and professionally. Even if you make it clear> Blog regularly so your readers won’t lose you’re not officially speaking on behalf of Teradata, your posts will still create an interest. Statistics show that mornings (just opinion of Teradata in the minds of your readers. before noon) are the best time to post for > Don’t sell any product or service that would compete with Teradata. If in doubt, the highest readership – particularly Saturday resources talk with your manager. mornings. > If you’re contacted by the media about Teradata, refer them to the PR or HR> Read and comment on other blogs. departments.9
  10. 10. social MediaChaptFivr ch:annels – a primer the ee 3 Some of you are frequent users, some are casual, and guidelines some of you avoid social media altogether. In any case, linkedIn, slideshare, twitter, Facebook, and youtube represent the core of today’s social media channels. This section will give you the basics the Five channels you need to set up accounts and see how participating can benefit you and Teradata. For more comprehensive information, see helpful links in the Resources chapter. resources 10
  11. 11. social Media lInKedInsuggested uses: communicate andnetwork to each other internally andto very specific groups.LinkedIn is a professional networking site for makingbusiness contacts, exchanging advice, sharingbusiness opportunities, and manifesting thoughtleadership and expertise. Creating a LinkedIn group guidelinesallows you to send very specific messages and offersto a highly targeted group.> 81% of business-to-business marketers use LinkedIn (BtoB Magazine and the Association of National Advertisers).> Teradata has more than 8,600 LinkedIn followers and 3,000 group members. the Five channels getting started and using linkedIn is easy…> LinkedIn has 90+ million members in more than 200 countries.* create your account – Go to, and create a Profile. This is your online resume, and adding personal interests, hobbies, and activities will give personality> A new member joins approximately every second.* to your profile.> Executives from all Fortune 500 companies adjust your settings – This includes everything from your home page set up to are members.* privacy and email notification choices – and there are many options.* Figures provided by LinkedIn. answer the “What are you working on?” question – You can update this whenever you visit, or leave blank if you wish. After five days, LinkedIn will remove your status. Build your network – Begin searching for and connecting with people you know. You resources can also upload your contacts, and then request a connection. Make it work for you! Use LinkedIn to ask and answer questions, introduce colleagues, and learn from your professional network. Once you get familiar with connecting with people, you can build groups based on anything from common interests to project participation.11
  12. 12. social Media engagement tips > Build a solid professional profile.Benefits for teradata > Showcase who you are through talents, background, experience, and interests.> Enhance internal and external communication > Upload a professional image. and image among employees, third parties, and customers. > Personalize your message when asking for a connection or recommendation.> Share and find business opportunities. > Add your profile link to your email signature. guidelines> Present Teradata industry leadership. > Include your Twitter link on your profile. > Get active in LinkedIn Answers.Benefits for you > Become a follower of both the Teradata group and Teradata corporate LinkedIn> Get to know current and potential clients, service profile (two separate LinkedIn groups). providers, and subject matter experts.> Collaborate on tasks and projects.dos and don’ts the Five channels> Complete your profile.> Make your interactions personal.> List your current position and past two positions.> Give recommendations first, then request at least three from others.> Don’t become an invitation spammer and confuse quantity with quality. resources12
  13. 13. social Media slIdeshare getting started on slideshare is easy… Visit and view – Go to and search forsuggested use: distribute presentations externally; a topic, company, or individual name you’re interestedestablish industry, thought, and product leadership. in. Type Teradata into the search box and view anySlideShare lets you share presentations, documents, and PDFs with a public presentations posted.professional community. Content examples are solution, product and service, create an account and follow teradata – To createcustomer, and strategy presentations. Registered users can share their own an account, click on register, and enter the basicwork, and comment on, download, and disseminate other users’ material. information for username, password, email, andContent that goes viral through other blogs and social networks can drive location. You’ll be asked what kind of account you guidelinestraffic to, generate leads, and establish brand presence and want to set up; as an individual user, just leave theindustry leadership. default setting in place. As a registered user, you can follow other users (like Teradata), upload files, embed into blogs and web sites, create webinars or audio presentations, and even send out conference invites. share teradata presentations – Send your material to to share with other SlideShare followers. It’ll be checked to make sure the Five channels it’s right for an external audience, aligned with our branding efforts, assigned appropriate tags to help the right people find it via search, and posted. Please do not post Teradata material directly to SlideShare via your personal account. resources13
  14. 14. social Media engagement tips > Sign up to become a Teradata follower; ask others to follow the Teradata SlideShare channel.Benefits for teradata > Expand your network of contacts by joining groups.> Establish industry, thought, and product leadership. > Embed slideshows into your own blog or LinkedIn.> Presentations go viral as followers pass on material. > Post on your topic regularly and do timely updates.> Drive traffic to using embedded links. > Synch audio to your slides. guidelinesBenefits for you > Create a slide that links viewers to other assets on> Access the latest industry material, including competitors’ presentations. > Include a call-to-action.> Get the word out on your professional activities and ideas. > Use Facebook and Twitter to link to presentations on SlideShare. > Contact to get yourdos and don’ts presentation added to the Teradata corporate SlideShare> Limit presentations to 10-25 slides. channel. the Five channels> Don’t use animation or customer content.> Close with a single slide linking to> Include notes when you can to add to user’s understanding and knowledge retention. resources14
  15. 15. social Media tWItter some twit ter stats* > 175 millio n registere d users ansuggested uses: create dialogue about relevant > Average d 300,000 of 140 milli new users on tweets per day.topics. push out information about what’s new on per week. per day an d 1 billion tw, in Teradata Magazine, and in the news. > Users wit h a biograsupport teradata events and web seminars. phy on Tw from Dece itter increa mber 200 sed from 3 9 to Decem 1 to 69%Twitter is an online microblogging site where you can share your > Friday a ber 2010. (P t 4 p.m. ES ew) T is the moideas and thoughts about subjects you’re passionate about, or (Dan Zare st retweeta lla and Hu ble day/tim bSpot) e of the wsimply to offer up a snapshot of what you’re doing at any given * Figures eek. guidelines provided by Twittermoment. Tweeting via computer or smartphone is like sending an IMto all of your followers at once. It’s great for building relationships,making contacts with other industry professionals, and gettinginformation on topics that interest you. getting started and using twitter is easy…The annual growth in the number of visitors to Twitter’s site is an create your account – Go to, and click the getastounding 1,105% (comScore). Teradata’s Twitter account now has started button. Enter your name, username, email address, andmore than 4,000 followers. then complete your profile and account information, and add a profile picture. Include a link to your own web site or blog, or to the Five channels Use the Devices tab to connect to your mobile phone to receive or send messages via text. look for friends – Click on Find People, and search for friends, relatives, colleagues, and groups. Then click on the Follow button to see what they’re tweeting. (They may have to accept you as a Follower before this can happen, as you will when people want to follow you.) You can see who your connections are following and connect with those people. Find your interests – Use the Search box and look for people who have tweeted about topics you’re interested in, including Teradata. resources start tweeting – Just start posting. On the home page, type your message in the box on top, and click Update. Say what you’re doing, post a link, or ask a question. Keep it short. Tweets must under 140 characters.15
  16. 16. social Media > Report spammers. > Use URL shorteners to share links with others and help them retweet you.Benefits for teradata> Debunk misinformation about Teradata. > Don’t use all 140 characters: use the 120 character rule to encourage others to retweet you.> Push out information about what’s new and happening on, in Teradata Magazine, and in the news. > Include a complete name, photo, and bio.> Support Teradata events and web seminars. engagement tips guidelines > Retweet posts that you find interesting.Benefits for you> Build relationships with industry professionals and old and > Follow people who have followed you. new friends. > Share music, videos, and photos with your followers.> Get information about topics that interest you. > If you want someone to retweet, ask!dos and don’ts > Use #followfriday or #ff to suggest Twitter accounts that others should follow. the Five channels> Learn Twitter lingo (RT, @, DM, and #) before you start. > Follow hashtags (#) for events you are attending or interested in.> Use direct messages only for private messages. You can find new followers or new inspiration for tweeting through> Don’t expect to get followers right away. You need to create posts these streams. the community finds valuable. Hint: use links to relevant assets. resources16
  17. 17. social Media some Fac FaceBooK ebook sta ts* > 600 milli on+ active usesuggested uses: put a face and a personality to teradata rs. > 50% of a ctive users log inwith lighter content, including photos and videos, > People s daily. pend moregames, informal polls, and employee recognition. Facebook than 500 b illion minu . tes per moFacebook is one of the most personal social networking sites nth on > 250 milli on+ peopleavailable, and it’s making great strides in creating a business-friendly use Faceb > During a ook Conne n average ct every menvironment. 20-minute onth. 1,587,000 period in 2 wall posts 010, there 10,208,00 , 2,716,000 were: guidelinesFacebook had the reputation of being a social site for kids only. 0 commen photos up ts posted. loaded, anBut today, the fastest growing Facebook demographic is users 35 * Figures (AllFacebo d provided by Face bo ok . and older, with a huge surge from the 55-and-over user base.Teradata’s Facebook page currently has more than 3,100 fans. getting started and using Facebook is easy… create your account – Go to, and choose Sign Up Now. Enter your name, email, password, and other basic information. You’ll get an email asking you to follow a link to confirm your account. the Five channels Be careful not to choose to add everyone on your contact list. set up your profile – Enter as much information as you wish in categories called Basic, Personal, Contact, Education, and Work. It’s a good idea to add a profile picture. adjust your settings – Click on Settings to control who sees your profile and posts. get going! – Find your associates, friends, and relatives using the search tool and by uploading your personal contact lists. Those you invite to be a friend will have to okay you, and vice versa. Share pictures, videos, web links, and more. Check your “News Feed” to see what’s up with your connections, and manage your Profile page so that it reflects who you are. Use the search box to find friends, interests, and business pages, like Teradata’s.17
  18. 18. social Media dos and don’ts > Fill out your profile completely.Benefits for teradata > Adjust your privacy settings to your preferences.> Push out information. > Don’t overpost your status updates. Post only as frequently as you would want to read others’ posts.> Create campaigns, content, and awareness devices. > Don’t create more than one account (more than one is a violation> Promote products. of the terms of service).> Build new relationships and nurture existing ones. guidelines engagement tipsBenefits for you > Share photos, videos, and links with your contacts.> Connect with old friends and new associates. > Like and comment on your friends’ updates.> Share updates and information about yourself. > Tag a friend in your status updates by using the @ symbol> Post content you find interesting and participate in before their name. This adds your status update to their profile interesting discussions. and increases your engagement. the Five channels resources18
  19. 19. social Media youtuBe suggested use: Viral video dissemination YouTube is a video-sharing web site where individuals and organizations can upload videos, ranging from amateur productions on video and webcams to highly produced corporate, news media, and music presentations. Subject matter can include customer testimonials, product/service introductions, product guidelines demos, events promotion, thought leadership productions, video blogs, and more. Non-registered viewers have access to videos, but you must create an account to upload. tats*youtube s ily on YouT ube, getting started and using youtube is easy… atched da the Five channels w videos are ed every m inute.> 2 billion o is upload urs of vide create your account – Go to, and click on Sign In if you already haveand 24 ho an was 60 days th eo is uplo aded every orks in a Google/Gmail account (you can use the same login and password since YouTube> More vid ision netw ajo r U.S. telev is a Google service). If you don’t have a Google account, click on Create Account, all three mcreated by sign up, provide an email address, password, user name, and some other basic60 years. the site e the U.S.; information. Then check the email address you provided, and follow the instructions s from outsid affic come> 70% of tr ntries. to complete the registration. in 25 cou localized y on YouT s 15 m inutes a da Watch videos – Your YouTube account gives you a home page, search box, and user spend> Average of all traffi c on options to see popular videos and videos that are being watched now. There’s also ile predic ts that 60% Tube> Bytemob ideo – You a Recommended for You section that’s based on your past viewing history. You can 11 w ill be for v web in 20the mobile e of that. also subscribe to channels that interest you. percentag resourcesreprese nts a large e. upload videos – From your home page, click Upload. Videos can be in high by YouTub provided* Figures definition, up to 2GB in size, 10 minutes long, and in a wide variety of formats (.mpeg4, .avi, .mov, .wmv, .flv). There’s even a paid option to promote your content. 19
  20. 20. social Media engagement tips > Share links to videos from other social media channels.Benefits for teradata > Ask people to subscribe to the Teradata channels.> Economical and creative way to share messages > Ask people to share your video and like it on YouTube; about products and services. ask for comments.> Videos go viral as people pass on interesting > Provide a link to other Teradata assets on the web. content. > Include a call-to-action in the description or in the video. guidelinesBenefits for you > Create content specifically for YouTube.> Share videos for free and store videos without using > Practice rich metadata techniques – use tags, your own bandwidth. descriptions, and titles, for example.> Access huge amounts of informational and > Include video in viral campaigns. entertaining content.dos and don’ts the Five channels> Shorter is better. We lose viewers after one minute 15 seconds.> Visuals capture more viewers and hold attention longer than talking heads.> Tell viewers something they’ve never heard before.> Be daring, entertaining, and compelling. Use a spokesperson who has energy and personality.> When filming a person, get close so both audio and picture are clear. resources> Contact to submit ideas or YouTube videos.20
  21. 21. social MediapushIng Buttons at teradata.coMFinally, a few words about those little social media icons you see at thebottom of stories all over the web, including These includeFacebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and other social news sites, like digg,reddit, and StumbleUpon.A large part of social media is sharing your web experiences with others.You can easily share stories you see and like with your social mediacommunities by clicking on these icons and following instructions to post, guidelinestweet, or share. This is a great way to spread the word when you seesomething new on the Five channels resources21
  22. 22. social MediaC : hapterr4ources es guidelines helpFul lInKs and glossary The following pages provide some helpful links/URLs and a glossary of terms for you to use as a quick reference guide. See the help sections of the social media channels for more detailed the Five channels information. resources 22
  23. 23. social MediahelpFul lInKs twitter – blog about social media and > – search engine that enables you to search the bios oftechnology. Tweeple (Twitter users) by entering keywords. Make sure to use specific keywords in your – blog resource for social media. > – web tool that allows you to schedule tweets in – utility that allows users to shorten, share,and track links (URLs) to make sharing easier > – web tool that allows mass follow of all Tweeple followingand leave valuable space for messaging and a particular hashtag.conversation. > twitter guidebook – – web site that searches all socialmedia channels for your username of choice. linkedIn resource: > how to use linked in for business – corporate social media accounts bid/5641/Free-eBook-How-to-Use-LinkedIn-for-Business.aspxYou can follow Teradata on these channels: youtube > getting started – the Five channels > community guidelines – > help articles – social media marketing > Facebook resource: > Privacy guide – social news sites: resources > > > stumbleupon.com23
  24. 24. social Mediaglossary group – Individuals who are connected through their activities and/or interests. retweet (rt) – Sharing someone else’s tweet with all of your Twitter followers.Blog – Short for web log. Web site with regular hashtag – Designate keywords/topics on Twitter search engine Marketing (seM) – Type of internetposts (usually in reverse chronological order) self- by putting a hash mark before a word or phrase marketing that promotes web sites by increasingpublished by individuals, also known as bloggers. (for example, #teradata for Teradata). Hashtags their visibility on search engines. This is achievedchannel – YouTube or SlideShare user’s home help people find related tweets. via search engine optimization, paid placement,page that shows user name and info, user’s posted and other methods. Invitation – Offering an individual access to yourpublic videos, PowerPoint decks, and documents. content. search engine optimization (seo) – The processcomment – Response to a post. of improving the volume and quality of traffic to like – A link next to an entry you see on Facebook a web site from search engines.connections – People who have accepted invita- allows you to let others know you appreciate thattions to share information with each other through content. share – Offering other people the use of youra social media site (i.e., a friend on Facebook or a text, images, video, or other content. guidelines linkedIn – Professional online community used tofollower on Twitter). network with fellow professionals. Teradata uses slideshare – Online community where users cancontent – Text, pictures, video, audio, and any LinkedIn to create groups that have like interests upload and share PowerPoint presentations,other material posted on the internet. and address captive audiences. PDFs, and other message – Communicating with someone Microblogging – Web service that allows you to social media – Tools and platforms to produce,one-to-one privately. Most social media sites broadcast short messages to other subscribers. publish, and share online content and interactallow this. with others. Social media tools include blogs, page – As opposed to a profile, a Facebook podcasts, videos, and microblogs.discussion – String of comments between page is intended for and created by artists,individuals or among groups about a particular celebrities, businesses, brands, and similar entities social networking sites – Online places wherepost or topic. (not individuals). users can create a profile, and then interact with others using a range of social media tools.entry – Individual post or article. private – Content that can only be seen by the Five channels chosen individuals. social news sites – Web sites that featureFacebook – Online community for people to user-submitted stories that are ranked based onconnect with others to share videos, photos, and profile – Information you have posted about your- Businesses can also have pages and connect self on a social media site, which others can viewwith interested fans. and search. tags – Keywords attached to content items, allowing them to be found easily through searches.Fan – Person who has joined a Facebook page. post – Item on a blog or social networking site. Posts may have keyword tags associated with them tweet – Post made on Twitter.Flickr – Online site to store, share, and comment and often allow commenting.on photos. twitter – Microblogging community where posts privacy settings – Limitations you can set on what and links are 140 characters or less.Follow/Follower – A Twitter or SlideShare information and content you share with others.connection. Following someone means you can Wall – Space on every user’s Facebook profilesee their tweets. Someone who follows you can public – Content that can be seen by anyone, that allows friends and users to post messagessee yours. without restrictions. and content.Friend – Person with whom you have a mutually rss (rich site summary) – A format for delivering youtube – Online site to upload, share, andagreed connection on Facebook. To friend some- regularly changing web content. Many news-related comment about videos. Videos that are sharedone is the act of making that connection. sites, weblogs, and other online publishers syndicate with other viewers who, in turn, share them, are resources their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. said to have become viral.Teradata and the Teradata logo are registered trademarks of Teradata Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. or worldwide. Teradata continually improves products as newtechnologies and components become available. Teradata, therefore, reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. All features, functions, and operationsdescribed herein may not be marketed in all parts of the world. Consult your Teradata representative or for more information.Copyright © 2011 by Teradata Corporation    All Rights Reserved.    Produced in U.S.A.EB-6225  >  081124