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Parent information packet


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Published in: Education
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Parent information packet

  1. 1. Welcome to Fifth Grade!Welcome back to another exciting school year! Fifth grade is an importantyear for students as it is the bridge between elementary and middle school grades. To help students cross the bridge with confidence and success, they must feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment, bewilling to take risks, follow rules, and display positive attitudes. It is our expectation that our complex will be conducive to meeting these needs. Furthermore, parent/teacher communication is essential. We welcome email messages, written messages, phone calls, and conferences to
  2. 2. communicate concerns, praises, and other important information. It is likely we will contact you by any of the said methods. To Contact Us: Phone: 381-3116 Email:
  3. 3. General Information About Our ComplexDaily Schedule: Coyle/Grigsby Schedule Bishop/Williams Schedule 7:25-7:45 Breakfast/Homeroom 7:25-7:45 Breakfast/Homeroom 7:45-8:15 Morning Work/Handwriting 7:45-8:15 Morning Work/Handwriting 8:15-9:45 Math 8:15-9:45 Math 9:45-10:05 Recess 9:45-10:05 Social Studies/Science 10:05-11:10 Social Studies/Science 10:05-10:20 Recess 11:10-11:35 Lunch 10:20-11:15 Social Studies/Science 11:35-11:45 Social Studies/Science 11:15-11:40 Lunch 11:45-12:40 Specials 11:45-12:40 Specials 12:40-2:35 Literacy 12:40-2:35 Literacy 2:35 Dismissal 2:35 DismissalSpecials Classes: Bishop’s Specials Schedule Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6PE/HEALTH/CH ART LIB-GUID/CH MUSIC PE/HEALTH/CH TECHNOLOGY
  4. 4. Coyle’s Specials Schedule Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 MUSIC LIB-GUID/CH TECHNOLOGY CH/PE/HEALTH ART CH/PE/HEALTH Grigsby’s Specials Schedule Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6CH/PE/HEALTH MUISC LIB-GUID/CH TECHNOLOGY CH/PE/HEALTH ART Williams’ Specials Schedule Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 ART LIB-GUID/CH MUSIC PE/HEALTH/CH TECHNOLOGY PE/HEALTH/CH
  5. 5. *Wear tennis shoes on P.E. days.Daily Planners:Students will be provided with a daily planner that must be brought to and from school each day.They will be required to record their homework assignments in their planners daily. Please besure to check your child’s planner nightly to make sure homework assignments are completed.The cost for the planners is $3.
  6. 6. Homework:Students should expect to receive a daily homework assignment in one of the following contentareas: Math, Social Studies, Science, Reading, or Writing. In addition, students will also berequired to keep a reading log, which will be collected weekly. Students will be required to read100 minutes per week, which is 20 minutes per night. In total, students should expect to receivearound 4.5 hours of homework each week.
  7. 7. If the student does not have an assignment ready to turn in on the due date, he/she will pull asticker from the behavior chart, and be expected to make up the missing work. Late assignmentswill receive a 10% deduction for each day that it is late.Social Studies Weekly:As part of the students’ Morning Work assignments, they will be reading weekly news articlesrelated to American history events. They will complete assignments and reflect on the topicsmentioned in these articles, as they will directly relate to what is being learned throughout the
  8. 8. Social Studies curriculum. The cost of Social Studies Weekly is $5. Please turn this in to yourhomeroom teacher as soon as possible. Thank you!Parent Portal-Infinite CampusParents and guardians have the ability to access their child’s grades via the internet and theprogram Infinite Campus. Parents will receive a log-in and pass code that will allow them to viewonly their child’s assignments and progress. Updated student grades will be entered in weekly. Ifyou have any questions regarding the Parent Portal, or if you need to obtain a username and passcode, you may contact the program’s technicians at
  9. 9. Conferences:It is critical that we work as a team in order to ensure the success of your child! Therefore, wewill be having a minimum of two conferences with parents. Please be on the lookout! By the endof September we will send home a sheet of available dates for conferences. Follow the directionsto schedule a conference to discuss your child’s progress. We will be contacting you again inFeb/March for Spring conferences. Any other conferences can be scheduled upon the parent’s orteacher’s request.Attendance:
  10. 10. • It is critical your child be present every day possible. Daily activities will include many hands-on, partner/group activities, and demonstrations. Due to all of the content that needs to be taught to the students, we do not want them to get behind.• Please read the attendance policy included in the informational folder to find out what constitutes an appropriate absence from school.• If your child must miss school, please send a note explaining the absence(s) within three days of the absence or the absence will be considered unexcused.
  11. 11. • According to FCPS policy, a student who has been absent has the same number of days he/she missed to complete and return the homework and classwork to school. • Upon arriving back to school from an absence, students are required to check with the Homework/Classwork Calendar in each class to record the assignments they missed as well as pick up any papers correlating with assignments from the bins below the calendars.Transportation:
  12. 12. According to FCPS policy: • Each student must have a current year “transportation form” filed in the office. • Include anyone who may help transport your child from school. Students will NOT be allowed to leave school grounds with individuals not listed on the form. • Students will receive an I.D. tag, which will be kept on his/her backpack that will allow us to know how they are getting home each day. The tags MUST remain on the child’s backpack for the duration of the school year.
  13. 13. • For car riders: The tag must match the tag on the car that is picking the student up from school. The corresponding car window tag must ALWAYS be visible in the car when picking up your child.• Visit the table in the cafeteria tonight to pick up your child’s car tag (You can request more than one if there are multiple people who may be picking up your child).• If there is any day that your child is going home a different way than usual, we MUST have a written note to verify the transportation change. Per FCPS policy, we absolutely CANNOT allow your child to leave the school without this information in writing.
  14. 14. Volunteer Certification: • To volunteer in the classroom, chaperone field trips, or volunteer with our Rewards Store, you must be Volunteer Certified. You must get recertified every 4 years. • Please contact the front office for details regarding trainings and other volunteer opportunities. The P.T.A. would be glad to hear from you!Behavior Management System:
  15. 15. CHAMPsAt Dixie we have high expectations for our students, including in the areas of character andbehavior. We use the school-wide behavior system known as CHAMPs. With this effectivesystem, students are set up to succeed because they know exactly what is expected of them fromeach activity throughout the day. During the first few days we will explicitly teach CHAMPs foreach and every activity throughout the day.
  16. 16. C- Conversation (Am I allowed to talk and at what voice level?) H-Help (How do I get help if I need it?) A-Activity (What am I expected to do?) M-Movement (How can I move? Can I get out of my seat?) P-Participation (What behaviors show I am participating appropriately?)Rules at Dixie D Dixie students come prepared.
  17. 17. R Respect people and property. U Use appropriate voice level. L Listen and follow directions. E Exercise self and stay in bounds. S Stay on task.StickersWe use a sticker system as one way to reinforce behavior. Each teacher has a sticker chart on abulletin board. Each student starts each month with 20 stickers (Each sticker is worth $1.00.)
  18. 18. These stickers will be taken down when a student chooses to break a rule. (Please see list belowfor more clarification.)If they choose to misbehave, stickers are pulled down from the chart, resulting in money, whichcould have been spent at the store, lost: 1 sticker pulled warning, 2 sticker pulledthink time form, 3 sticker pulledin complex st nd rd removal from classroom, 4 sticker pulled out complex removal from classroom, 5 sticker th th pulled office referral
  19. 19. Students can also earn stickers throughout the day for various monetary values whenappropriate behavior is displayed! A page will be kept in each student’s binder to keep thesestickers. The amount earned will be added to the amount of stickers retained on the sticker chartto be spent at the Sticker Store!Rewards Store
  20. 20. At the end of each month, students will be able to spend money at our complex store. Studentshave earned money by earning stickers, or by not pulling stickers from the chart. This is also anexcellent monthly lesson in the area of economics because students’ money is deposited inhis/her account. They have a check register to keep track of the money they spend. They alsohave to write checks when purchasing an item.Help the Store
  21. 21. We need your help! Please consider donating items to our complex store. Games, toys, oranything else that would be appropriate for a fifth grader to “buy” would be GREATLYappreciated! Rewarding students for their excellence is very important, and we cannot do itwithout your help! Thank you in advance!We also welcome parents who are volunteer certified and interested in helping us work thecomplex store. Please notify your child’s homeroom teacher if you would be interested inhelping.
  22. 22. Informational Folder:Tonight you will receive a folder with pertinent forms to fill out for your child’s year at Dixie.Please turn these forms back to your child’s homeroom teacher tonight. If this is not possible,please return them by the first day of school. We MUST have your child’s learningcompact and transportation forms TONIGHT! Thanks for your help!Birthdays:
  23. 23. Since birthdays are special, you are more than welcome to send in a birthday treat for yourchild’s class. However, per FCPS policy, any treats that you send in MUST be store-bought andcontain a nutrition label. We have to take extra precautions for students with food allergies.Also, please refrain from bringing any birthday party invitations to school, unless an invitation isbeing given to all students in the class. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you so muchfor your understanding and your cooperation.
  24. 24. We are looking forward to a great year!! Thank you for collaborating with us to help your childreach their fullest potential! Be sure to contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any questions.