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Creating a Great Developer Experience Through SDKs



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Creating a Great Developer Experience Through SDKs

  2. 2. Developer Evangelist at Keen IO @taylor_atx TAYLOR BARNETT
  3. 3. @taylor_atx
  4. 4. Collect & store data from users, websites, apps & smart devices. Query instantly to share results with teams & customers, anywhere. @taylor_atx
  5. 5. LET’S BE REAL ABOUT SDKS @taylor_atx
  6. 6. Most API providers aren’t updating their SDKs enough 😞 @taylor_atx
  7. 7. Get the most attention when they are 🔥broken🔥 @taylor_atx
  8. 8. Many of SDKs are now open source, which is great, but… @taylor_atx
  9. 9. There are a lot of great HTTP request libraries out there now 🎉 @taylor_atx
  10. 10. We could talk for a really long time about why using SDKs aren’t great @taylor_atx
  11. 11. WHY SHOULD YOU PROVIDE SDKS? @taylor_atx
  12. 12. Most of the time using an API is important, but peripheral to why the software is being written @taylor_atx
  13. 13. Your SDKs are your API @taylor_atx
  14. 14. SDKs give quick feedback on how your API works @taylor_atx
  15. 15. There’s a business case for putting resources into SDKs @taylor_atx
  16. 16. OTHER REASONS • When there’s no good built in HTTP request library • Error handling • Building clients with 100% API coverage • Helping users with authentication • Best practices with complex APIs @taylor_atx
  18. 18. PRODUCT VS COMMUNITY SDKS • Clearly define the two to set better expectations • If you don’t build them, Community SDKs will appear • Leads to a scattered developer experience • Community SDK bugs will appear in your Support channels @taylor_atx
  19. 19. DOCUMENTATION • Write the SDK documentation first • Consistency • Helps evaluate the experience @taylor_atx
  20. 20. DOCUMENTATION • Include sections for • Troubleshooting, with common errors and issues users run into —> Your Support team will love you for this • Changelog or release notes @taylor_atx
  21. 21. SCARY WORLD OF DEPENDENCIES • Help your users navigate it • Users need to know changes between SDK versions • Survey your options 😱 @taylor_atx
  22. 22. DANGERS OF NOT MAKING YOUR OWN SDKS • Not eating your own dog food is dangerous • Helps you understand the cost of building with your own API • It’s also encouragement to add new API features into your SDK when they released, not later @taylor_atx
  23. 23. NATIVE AS POSSIBLE • Please do not auto generate SDKs badly from your API • Example: Go find a Go developer to write your Go SDK • Start with the languages that are the most popular for your target audience and that your team is familiar with @taylor_atx
  24. 24. COMMON DATA STRUCTURES • Avoid inconsistency in your users’ code • Example: JSON is a great option for representing data • Want to map well to data structures in many different languages @taylor_atx
  25. 25. USAGE TRACKING • Great opportunity to learn about your users • Critical statistics for developing, maintaining, and improving your SDKs • Every popular API company today is tracking this: SendGrid, Twilio, Stripe, Dropbox, etc. @taylor_atx 📊
  26. 26. # Example from the Twilio Python module # user_agent = "twilio-python %s (python-%s)" % ( LIBRARY_VERSION, platform.python_version(), ) headers = { "User-Agent": user_agent, "Accept-Charset": "utf-8", } USAGE TRACKING @taylor_atx
  27. 27. EXAMPLES @taylor_atx
  28. 28. 💖 THANK YOU! @taylor_atx