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IoT and Serverless - AWS - Serverless Summit - Madhusudan Shekar


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This is a presentation from Serverless Summit.

In this session you will learn about how to build your IoT solution with the various components of AWS Serverless backend. We will visit the AWS IoT stack, Kinesis, DynamoDB and AWS Lambda to build an IoT solution.

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IoT and Serverless - AWS - Serverless Summit - Madhusudan Shekar

  1. 1. © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Twitter: @madhushekar23 Linkedin: /in/madhusudanshekar IoT  Serverless Madhusudan Shekar
  2. 2. Business of IoT
  3. 3. SONOS Trueplay: Smart Speaker Tuning Trueplay measures the acoustics in any room and fine- tunes your speaker Launched in 2015 yet available to devices purchased over 5 years ago Data-driven evaluation and testing
  4. 4. Cloud-connected devices are constantly smarter « A 10 year old product can do things that hadn't been invented 10 years ago. Most importantly, going forward, people will expect your product to improve, and if it isn't being updated and getting better, you're literally being left behind. »
  5. 5. Philips HealthSuite stores 15PB of patient data Data gathered from 390 million imaging studies, medical records and patient device inputs Provide doctors overview of long- term patient behavior and symptoms instead of momentary snapshots Philips HealthSuite – Improving patient relationship
  6. 6. Improve operational efficiency and patient safety in hospital pharmacies RFID tags attached to medical vials to check contents and age of medications in kits Uses AWS to manage information on more than 6 million tagged drugs Kitcheck - Improving patient safety
  7. 7. Stream, analyze, store and share data collected by 200,000 telematically-enabled machines Provide growers timely and accurate data for optimal growing conditions Help farmers plant more efficiently and improve crop yields John Deere – Plant and grow more efficiently
  8. 8. BMW – Make the car the sensor! Connected-car application collects sensor data from BMW 7-series Built Car-as-a-sensor (CARASSO) in only 6 months Provide dynamically updated map information
  9. 9. TATA Motors – Intelligent Fleet management Collects sensor information and monitors truck fleets via AWS Data allows to route fleets more effectively Predict engine failures or mechanical problems and pre- emptively send trucks to repair centers
  10. 10. “Securely connect billions of devices to AWS and interact with applications, other devices and the AWS platform” AWS IoT
  11. 11. Serverless
  12. 12. Going Serverless… Code is all you need Event driven scaling Never pay for idle Availability and fault tolerance built in
  13. 13. AWS Serverless offerings And more !! Lambda DynamoDB S3 Kinesis
  14. 14. How Lambda works S3 event notifications DynamoDB Streams Kinesis events Cognito events SNS events Custom events CloudTrail events LambdaDynamoDB Kinesis S3 Any custom Redshift SNS CloudWatch events
  15. 15. How does a Lambda function looks like? def hello(event, context): return { "message": ”Hello World!", "event": event } 'use strict'; handlermodule.exports.hello = (event, context, cb) => cb(null, { message: ’Hello World!', event } );
  16. 16. AWS IoT
  17. 17. Registry Establishes an identity for devices and manages metadata such as the devices’ attributes and capabilities Rules and Actions Match patterns and take actions to send data to other AWS services or republish Shadows Apps and devices can access “RESTful” Shadow (Thing’s State) that is in sync with the device {Thing Name, Sensor Temp, , GetTemp(), Output LED} Rules Engine Shadow Registry Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Kinesis DynamoDB SNS Elasticsearch Machine Learning Mobile App AWS IoT: Key features
  18. 18. Secure by Default Connect securely via X509 Certs and TLS v1.2 Client Mutual Auth Multi-protocol Message Gateway Millions of devices and apps can connect over MQTT or HTTP or WebSockets. Elastic Pub Sub Broker Go from 1 to 1-billion long-lived connections with zero provisioning Subscribers Publishers AWS IoT: Key features
  19. 19. DEVICE SDK Set of client libraries to connect, authenticate and exchange messages DEVICE GATEWAY Communicate with devices via MQTT and HTTP AUTHENTICATION Secure with mutual authentication and encryption RULES ENGINE Transform messages based on rules and route to AWS Services AWS Services - - - - - 3P Services SHADOW Persistent thing state during intermittent connections APPLICATIONS AWS IoT API REGISTRY Identity and Management of your things AWS IoT Platform
  20. 20. Demo Time Lets Sync a Light Bulb
  21. 21. Light bulb explained Amazon Cognito AWS IoTIoT shadow MQTT
  22. 22. IoT with AWS
  23. 23. IoT with AWS IoT Endpoints IoT Edge IoT Cloud Enterprise Applications Thing s Thing s Thing s Deviceshadow Deviceshadow Greengrass Lambda Functions Deviceshadow Local Comms Edge Users Long-range Comms Device shadow Rules Engine AWS IoT service IoT Users AWS Lambda Amazon Kinesis Amazon DynamoDB AWS Amazon Machine Learning Amazon Redshift IoT Analytics Big Data, Machine Learning, & Integration Real-time viewCorrelationAnalysisArchive Enterprise Users Corp Apps Corp Data Center MQT T MQT T MQT T MQT T MQT T MQT T IoT Partners Operating systems Consulting Wireless operator OEM ISVsSilicon
  24. 24. Cloud Moving to the Edge Devices
  25. 25. Local actions Local Lambda Functions Security AWS-grade security Local triggers Local Message Broker Data and state sync Local Device Shadows Features AWS Greengrass
  26. 26. Respond quickly to local events Operate offline Simplified device programming Reduce the cost of IoT applications AWS-grade security Benefits AWS Greengrass
  27. 27. Greengrass components Greengrass is software, not hardware (you bring your own) 2 components that work together: • Greengrass Core • IoT Device SDK
  28. 28. AWS Greengrass Core (GGC) The runtime responsible for Lambda execution, messaging, device shadows, security, and for interacting directly with the cloud
  29. 29. AWS Greengrass Core (GGC) • Min single-core 1 GHz • Min 128 MB RAM • x86 and ARM • Linux (Ubuntu orAmazon) • The sky is the limit
  30. 30. IoT device SDK Any device that uses the IoT device SDK can be configured to interact with AWS Greengrass core via the local network Devices can be small or big Starts with the IoT device SDK forC++, more coming soon
  31. 31. Devices work together locally An AWS Greengrass group is a set of cores and other devices configured to communicate with one another
  32. 32. Devices work together with the cloud AWS Greengrass works with AWS IoT to maintain long-lived connections and process data via the rules engine Your Lambda functions can also interact directly with other AWS services
  33. 33. How about a Connected Car
  34. 34. Connected Car Each Car with a GreenGrass Core with sensors sending data to it
  35. 35. What features - Connected Car Platform Connected Vehicle Cloud • Secure data consumption • Vehicle health reports • Anomaly detection • Diagnostics alerts • Map Integration • Mobile Companion Application Infotainment / eCommerce • Head Unit AGL Prototype • Alexa Voice Services • Facial recognition • Hands-free accessibility • Location-based offers • Music Integration • Amazon Video Integration
  36. 36. AWS Components for Connected Vehicle
  37. 37. Connected Vehicle AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  38. 38. On the vehicle AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  39. 39. AWS IoT Ingest AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  40. 40. Just-in-Time Registration AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  41. 41. Storage and Delivery AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  42. 42. Anomaly Detection AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  43. 43. Aggregated Telemetry Data AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  44. 44. Drive Score Algorithm AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  45. 45. DTC Detection AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  46. 46. Connected Vehicle APIs AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  47. 47. Authentication and Authorization AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  48. 48. AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud AWS Connected Vehicle Cloud Reference Architecture
  49. 49. Demo Time!!
  50. 50. IoT and Serverless • AWS IoT takes advantage of Serverless Capabilities • Scale on demand • Respond to Events: • Complex Event Processing • Triage through queues • Focus on Benefits • Innovate and Iterate Fast
  51. 51. IoT Device SDK
  52. 52. Thank you Twitter: @madhushekar23 Linkedin: /in/madhusudanshekar