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Living well december_2012


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Dec Newsletter
Mountain Community Homes

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Living well december_2012

  1. 1. December 2012 Understanding Snow Removal Love it or hate it, we certainly get our fair share at Fort Drum! While most Residents can agree that it is gorgeous to look at, and loads of fun to play with, we also understand that it can cause quite the headache from time to time. One of the biggest sources of winter stress for Residents, Families, and everyone who lives or works in the North Country, is removing all the snow. As a general rule, snow is removed by our service provider, Mainscape, according to the following: 1. Main Roadways 2. Loops and Streets - Remember Roadways with minimal traffic (loops, etc.) will not have the same quality of ice and snow control as higher traveled areas (i.e. Riva Ridge and other main roads.) 3. Bus Stops 4. Sidewalks along major roadways Adirondack Creek 5. Mail Kiosks 9797 Constitution Blvd. 6. Overflow parking areas 955.6640 7. Sidewalks along side roads in Home Numbers front of homes. 9400—9700 8. Fire Hydrants Community Manager Robin Corpening Residents are responsible for clearing the snow from their driveways and sidewalks leading to their home. This is very important for the safety of not only Residents, Crescent Woods but also any visitors or Mountain Community Homes staff that may be coming to each home. Please 11799 Harvest Blvd. note: If these areas are not clear, technicians will not perform requested service orders. If sidewalks 955.6641 are shared, we ask that you take a few minutes and have a friendly conversation with your neighbor Home Numbers9800, 9900, 11000, 99000 regarding how to share the snow removal responsibilities for these areas. Community Manager One of the greatest sources of confusion Rhonda Rogers each year for Residents seems to be, “Why do you pile all that snow at the end of my Monument Ridge driveway!?” Believe us, we hate it too… 10897 Salerno Road 955.6642 one of the joys of life in the North Country! Home Numbers Just when you think you’re done clearing 9000—9300, your driveway, here comes the snow plow 10800—10900, 94000 again. We promise you that if there was a Community Manager better way to remove snow from the streets Paula Empey we would do it. Unfortunately, the snow from the street has to be pushed to the side and Rhicard Hills that means some of it ends up at the end of 8499 Lewis Ave. driveways. The “good news” is that we do 955.6643 use big snow blowers to clear snow from common sidewalks. That will help remove some of the snow Home Numbers at the end of the driveways. 6100—6600, 8000—8600, Leray Community Manager We hope our Residents understand that sometimes the best laid plans are thrown askew when the Jenna Waite snowfall is sudden, substantial, and the first of the season! As with any plans, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the processes and welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Maintenance And as always, should you have specific questions or concerns we encourage you to work with your 955.6650 friendly community center staff!
  2. 2. Going away for the holidays? Remember to Space Heaters put your house on home watch!The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Going on vacation for two or more weeks during the holidays? Don’t forget toCommission estimates that more place your home on Home Watch.than 25,000 residential fires everyyear are associated with the use Residents are obligated to notify the Community Management Office any timeof space heaters, resulting in more they leave their residence for more than two weeks. Upon notification, Mountainthan 300 deaths. In addition, an Community Homes staff periodically checks the residence to help ensureestimated 6,000 people receive adequate maintenance is performed during the absence, both to conserve utilitieshospital emergency room care and to reduce possible damage. For absences of more than 30 days, extrafor burn injuries associated with measures are taken to protect the property such as more frequent checks andcontacting the hot surfaces of installation of a water alarm to help prevent the possibility water heaters, mostly in non-firesituations. Please remember that pets cannot remain in the home during your absence. You are also still accountable for any necessary lawn care and snow removal during any absence from the home. A list of service providers is available on the Mountain Community Homes website or by contacting the Community Management Office. How to place your house on Home Watch Notify your Community Management Office of your future absence by completing a Notification of Absence form. For an absence of more than 30 days, a Home Care Checklist for an Extended Absence form is completed as well. Please note that whenever a home watch is requested, your whereabouts are always kept private and confidential. Trimming the Tree - Safely Picking the tree • Choose a tree with fresh, green needles that do not fall off when touched.Residents are prohibitedfrom the operation of Placing the treeelectric heaters in homes, • Before placing the tree in the stand, cutgarages or common 1–2” from the base of the trunk.hallways. In addition to being a • Make sure the tree is at least threesafety hazard, one electric heater feet away from any heat source, likeuses more electricity than 100 CFL fireplaces, radiators, candles, heatlight bulbs. vents or lights. • Make sure the tree is not blocking anWe assure all Residents, that exit.each home’s heating system is • Add water to the tree stand when it is placed and water daily.completely adequate in providingwarmth to each room. If you have Lighting the treeany concerns, please contact • Never use lit candles to decorate thethe Maintenance Department at tree.315.955.6650. • Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections. • Connect no more than three strands After the Holiday of mini light sets and a maximum of 50 • Get rid of the tree after the holidays or bulbs for screw-in bulbs. when it is dry. • Use clips, not nails, to hang lights so • Dried-out trees are a fire danger and the cords do not get damaged. should not be left in the home or • Always turn off Christmas tree lights garage, or placed outside against the before leaving home or going to bed. home.
  3. 3. Congratulations to this month’s Super Saver Winners Run Fans in Reverse The Karki Family Super Saver of Adirondack CreekThe Super Saver Award is a monthly award toa Family who has changed their habits over thelast year to conserve energy. Each Super Saveris awarded 1000 Conservation Credits. They arealso considered for the Grand Super Saver Prize,an energy-efficient washer & dryer ($1500 value),awarded annually.If you or someone you know is super at savingenergy, be sure to fill out a nomination form today!Forms are available on the SYNERGY Rewardswebsite, Remember, you must have an activatedaccount to be eligible!“We believe that energy saving is the most important measure that everyone should implementin daily life. Saving electricity is not difficult. Just by turning off lights when leaving the room,turning off the computer when finished, unplugging electric devices when finished charging,etc. When we go away on a trip, we make sure to unplug all the electronic equipment because Most people think of fans only whenmost items have stand-by functions that consume electricity even when they are turned off. they want to be cool, but many ceilingWe fill our dishwasher efficiently. We keep our doors and windows closed when heat or air units come with a handy switch thatconditioning is on. We usually keep our thermostat at or below 70 degrees. If we are cold, we reverses the direction of the blades.put on warmer clothes or use a blanket. We prefer to use fluorescent light bulbs in our house Counterclockwise rotation producesbecause they use 75% less energy and last longer than incandescent light bulbs. We wash full cooling breezes while switchingloads of clothing and we use the coolest water possible.” to clockwise makes it warmer: air pooled near the ceiling is circulatedEffective Ice Melt Use back into the living space – keeping your room considerably moreWhen using your free ice melt, keep the following tips in mind: comfortable!• Salt is only effective if the temperature is over 20°.• The Magnesium Chloride now available to Residents at the PX is more effective than rock salt in temperatures below 20°• Ice Melt should be used to aid in ice melt and prevent slipping hazards.• Ice Melt does not prevent snow and ice accumulation.• Ice Melt should be used sparingly, more salt does not necessarily melt ice quicker or more effectively.• 1 cup of salt should cover a 5 sq foot area.• Ice Melt can deteriorate concrete and natural materials (rust the bottoms of cars, ruin leather shoes). Keep it to paved, concrete areas whenever possible.• Please store in a dry place, out of the elements.• Rock salt should not be used on concrete surrounding new homes due to its corrosive nature. Rock salt destabilizes the newly poured concrete, which requires one year to fully cure. If you have purchased your own ice melt and reside in a newly constructed area, please be sure you are using Magnesium Chloride and not pure rock salt! Ice Melt Vouchers Now Available at Your Community Center! Our ice melt voucher program has officially rolled out, and you can now pick up a coupon good for 2, 20-lb bags of ice melt at the Main Post Exchange. Please be aware Residents are only allotted 2 free bags each season, so remember to follow the tips for effective use and use sparingly!
  4. 4. FORT DRUM ANDCalendar of Events AREA SERVICES Trash Schedule December January Trash pick up scheduled Child Youth & School Services - 772-0629 for December 25 will be SKIES Unlimited is sponsoring December 3 January 1 pushed back one day. Kids Day Out on December 8 from Annual Holiday Sale New Year’s Day Your scheduled pick up 9 am - 3 pm at the SKIES Facility, 10-2 -OTBP Gift Shop for January 1 will run as P-10730 Challe Drive for youth Offices Closed normal. in grades K - 5. This day-long event costs $50 per child and will December 4 January 2 include classes in Pick-N-Paint Holiday Celebration CLIF Ceramics. Sewing, Kids In The 5-7 -Commons 10-11 - Commons Christmas Tree Kitchen, and Tumbling. Each child Pickup will enjoy lunch and bring home December 5 January 9 Getting rid of your tree after the items they created themselves. CLIF Fort Drum Informational holiday is easy! Starting January Reserve a spot for your child by 10-11 - Commons Town Hall Meeting 2 you can place your bare tree calling 772-0629. 10:30-12 - Commons neatly curbside. A Mountain Community Homes technician will Army Community Service- 772-7807 December 6 BOSS and ACS are proud to invite Holiday Tree Lighting January 10 be picking them up until January 16. If you wish to keep your tree the Fort Drum community to the Ceremony FRG Symposium Reindeer Run 5K Fun Run/Walk longer, you are responsible for 5:15-5:45 - Main Post Chapel 9-4 - Commons on December 15. The race begins disposal. at 9 am at the Army Community December 13 January 21 Service parking lot. Run in Trees for Troops Martin Luther King Jr. Day Community a holiday costume to compete in the costume contest. Dogs TBD Offices Closed Helpers welcome to run with NYS Need help shoveling your registration and leash. Hot December 14 January 29 sidewalk and driveway this year? chocolate and cookies at ACS Here Comes Santa Toddler’s Day In You can find an updated list of after the race. Call for more info. Starting at 4 - 11-1 Adirondack Creek the Community Helpers at your All Communities community center or right on our January 29-30 website: http://www.fortdrummch. December 24-25 AFAP Conference com/Current-Residents/Resident- Christmas - 9-3:30 - Commons Resources/Forms-Downloads Offices Closed Online Service Prep Your Snow Removal Request Have feedback? We encourage Mountain Community Homes wants Home for you to contact the Mainscape to remind Residents that service Winter Customer Service line at and convenience are just a click Please remember to remove 1.800.481.0096 for any question away with online service requests! the hose from the water or concern. They’re glad to help! Residents with a signed Permission spigot on the exterior of your to Enter on file with the community home to help prevent pipesDecorations office can submit routine service from freezing during theAll exterior yard decorations should requests online. Visit our website winter months. We also askbe removed three weeks after all for more information. https:// Residents with common areanationally recognized holidays. Residents/Maintenance/Submit-a- hallways to remember to closePlease see Resident Guide section6.16 for additional details. Maintenance-Request their entry doors at all times.Weekly Move-Out Whenever possible, we encourage you to attend a session in your neighborhood. Make your moveInformation Sessions less stressful! Residents are required to provideTuesdays - 9am at least 30 days written notice to their CommunityRhicard Hills Community Center Center prior to moving. Orders are only required Hours of OperationThursdays - 3pm if moving within the first six months of living with Monday— FridayCrescent Woods Community Center Mountain Community Homes. Although reservations 8am—5pmFridays - 9am are not required, it is greatly appreciated if you call Saturday / SundayMonument Ridge Community Center the Community Center where you plan to attend the By AppointmentAdirondack Creek Community Center session. Thank You! Recreation Wing Daily 5am—11pm
  5. 5. December 2012 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT25 26 27 28 29 30 1 “Give yourself entirely to those around you. Be generous with your blessings. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” -Steve Maraboli2 3 4 5 6 Holiday 7 8 Waterloo Annual Tree Lighting Shopping Holiday Sale Ceremony Trip - Bus Holiday 10-2 5:15-5:45 leaves at 8am Celebration OFTB Gift 5-7 @ Main Post from Parks & Shop Commons Chapel Rec9 10 11 12 13 14 21 15 Volunteer of Budget Family Night the Month BOSS 5K HERE comes SANTA Management 5-8 Ceremony Reindeer Run Class The 10:30-11 The 4pm 9 - ACS 9-12 @ ACS Commons Commons All Communities Parking Lot16 17 18 19 20 21 22 CYSS Organization Day - Polar Express Facilities Movie Closed 1 - ACS23 24 25 26 27 28 29 OFFICES CLOSED30 31 OFFICES CLOSED For a full listing of events visit
  6. 6. Be sure to bundle up andwait for Santa on your streetor at a Santa Sightinglocation. (look for the signs) Listen for the holiday music and look for the flashing lights! HERE comes Friday, December 14th SANTAAdirondack Creek Crescent Woods Crescent WoodsSanta Sighting Route Santa Sighting Route 1 Santa Sighting Route 21. 4:30-4:45- Bus Stop on Sicily (near 9698) 1. 4:40-4:55 - Mailboxes on Saratoga / Brearly 1. 4:40-4:55 - Mailboxes on Woodland / Harvest Between Butler & Dayton 2. 5:05-5:20 - Mailboxes on Mt View / Hickory 2. 5:05-5:20 - Mailboxes on Orchard / Waterview2. 4:55-5:10- Bus Stop on Constitution (9498) 3. 5:30-5:45 - Mailboxes on Mt View / Willow 3. 5:30-5:45 - Mailboxes on Trillium / Westbury Between Few & Dickinson 4. 5:55-6:10 - Mailboxes on Morgan / Bemis 4. 5:55-6:10 - Mailboxes on Mapleview3. 5:20-5:35- Bus Stop on Constitution (9798) Between Washington & Belfort Gap4. 5:45-6:00- Bus Stop on Constitution (9598) Between Hamilton & GilmanMonument Ridge Rhicard Hills Rhicard HillsSanta Sighting Route Santa Sighting Route 1 Santa Sighting Route 21. 4:30-4:50 (10900) Bus stop on Casino 1. 4:30-4:45- Mailbox on North Lewis (near 8412) 1. 4:30-4:45- Mailboxes on Edgewood (6300)2. 5:00-5:20 (10800) Overflow on Salerno 2. 4:50- 5:05- Mailbox on Spraight (near 8525) 2. 4:50- 5:05- Mailboxes on Winterhaven (6400) (across from new homes) 3. 5:10- 5:25- Playground on Jackson Loop (8500) 3. 5:10- 5:25- Mailboxes on Meadow Wood (6200)3. 5:30- 5:55 (9300) 1st Overflow on Bastogne 4. 5:30- 5:40- Playground on South Lewis (8200) 4. 5:30- 5:45- Mailboxes on Grey Wolf (8100)4. 6:05- 6:25 (9100/9200) Playground on 5. 5:45- 5:55- Mailboxes on Middle Lewis (8300) 5. 5:50-6:05- Bus Stop on corner of Jefferson General Brown 6. 6:00- 6:15- Mailboxes on Falcon (6600) County and Madison Barracks (8000)5. 6:10-6:30 (94000) Bark Park/ Sledding Hill/ Playground Area on Indigo Way6. 6:35-6:55 (9000) Playground on Nancy
  7. 7. important Disconnect your hose Hoses left connected freeze and cause water leaks. Don’t let this happen to you. Disconnect your hose from your outside water spigot. Want more information? Contact your community center staff. Help ABurs void ting P ipes!
  8. 8. Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes does not endorseor guarantee the work. This is a paid advertisement