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FRSA Flash 26 Oct


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FRSA Flash 26 Oct

  1. 1. Knighthawk Government Organization Task Force KnighthawkHave questions or concerns? Be sureto contact your FRG Leader or FRSA. FRSA FlashHHC October 26, 2012Jennifer Cannon 10/26 – EFMP Halloween Party – Army Community ServiceAlpha—Deathstalker 10/26 - Daytreat 9:30AM-3PM - Po Valley ChapelCarole Barlow 10/26 - Haunted Hayride - Remington Park 10/27 - 2BCT Haunted Hotel—Nash Blvd. Guest HouseBecky Blanchard 10/27 – Teen Karaoke Contest – Youth Center 10/30 - Trunk or Treat - USO Parking lotC/Co—Warlords 10/31 – BOSS Zombie 5K Fun Run – Remington ParkCasey Greene 11/2 - Payday Activities 11/4 - Daylight Savings Time Ends (Fall Back)Heidi Woerheide 11/5-11/6— Maj. Bryan B. Battaglia, Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA) to theD/Co—Dragonhawk Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visit Townhall from 1530-1630 at the MPA.Shaunna Fitzpatrick 11/6 – Election DayKimberly Perez 11/7 - CLIF 11/7 - FRG Leader TrainingE/Co— Knight Rider 11/7 - Informal Funds Training 11/8—F/Co ATS “Firehawks” Ladies Night Out!Sterling Reep 11/9 - Resilience TrainingF/ Co—Firehawk 11/9 - EFMP Autism Support Group 11/10 - CNY Veterans Parade and Expo @ State Fairgrounds, SyracuseJamie SampselWendy Everett Veterans Wall at Sam’s ClubF/Co—Pathfinder Sam’s Club is asking for pictures to put on their VeteransAna Hume Honor Wall of our local Veterans. When you bring in a pic-Christina Perdue ture of the Soldier while serving Sam’s Club will make a 5x7 for you to take and one for the Wall. This runs from now thruAdvisors November 11th.Rebecca Braman The pictures will be donated to the Vet Center on 13 Novem- ber.Jessica ChilsonFamily Readiness SupportAssistant Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Material pre-Kelley Arnold sented does not represent the views or endorsement of TF Knighthawk or the United States Army. This material is for personal use of the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for315-774-1373 all applicable restrictions and guidelines.
  2. 2. ON-POST ROAD WINTER CAR KIT CONDITIONS , WEATHER STUCK IN SNOW? -SNOW BRUSH W/ AND TEMPERATURE - CLEAR A PATH SCRAPER 772-”DRUM” (3786) GREEN - ROUTINE - STRAIGHTEN FRONT -FLASHLIGHT W/ CONDITIONS WHEELS BATTERIES AMBER - - USE ABRASIVE MATERIALS -BLANKET CAUTIONARY UNDER WHEELS -MITTENS, SOCKS & - CONDITIONS HAT RED - EXTREMELY - GENTLE PRESSURE ON ACCELERATOR -SMALL SHOVEL HAZARDOUS -SACK OF SAND OR CONDITIONS - DON’T SPIN WHEELS KITTY LITTER BLACK - LIFE - “ROCKING THE VEHICLE” THREATENING -JUMPER CABLES CHECK OWNER’S MANUAL -HAZARD SIGN, CONDITIONS FIRST FLARES OR FLAG OFF-POST/LOCAL AREA -WINDSHIELD WASHER DOT: 785-9376 IF STRANDED FLUID - STAY IN CAR, SET HAZARD NYS DMV HOTLINE: 511 LIGHTS -CELL PHONE - DISPLAY A TROUBLE SIGN (website) - OCCASIONALLY RUN ENGINE TO KEEP WARM - BEWARE OF CARBON NY THRUWAY AUTHORITY MONOXIDE (CLEAR TAILPIPE, 1 (800) 847-8929 VENTS, OPEN WINDOW) - DO MINOR EXERCISES BE PREPARED!!! WEATHER IS OFTEN UNPREDICTABLELiving with unpredictable weather isnt a unique aspect of living in Northern New York, but this may be the first time you and yourFamily needs to prepare for the loss of power, flooding or storms accompanied by colder temperatures. It cannot be stressedenough how important it is to BE ACTIVELY PREPARED for whatever mother nature may throw in our direction.First and foremost keep your eyes and ears open! BE INFORMED! Listen to news reports, keep an eye on our Facebook, check your email often and keep in contact with your chain of command when bad weatheris in the forecast. These will be the main media venues used to push out information that will be important to you should there be aneed to evacuate, shelter in place or be reminded about important safety measures like avoiding downed power lines. When thepower goes out is too late to be looking for information!BUILD A KIT:When disaster strikes, emergency responders address the most critical needs and may not be able to get to an area until it is deemedsafe. While they work on behalf of the entire community, consider it YOUR responsibility to ensure your Familys well-being duringtimes of crisis. Emergency kits are essential tools for meeting that challenge.To prepare your Family for an emergency, establish emergency kits that include enough supplies to meet your essential needs for atleast three days. Not sure what you should have in that kit? Follow this link for a comprehensive list of suggestions: A PLAN:Gather input from all members of your Family to consider all possibilities and make them more likely to remember important stepswhen an emergency happens. Choose a contact person, a Family member or friend living somewhere else whom you can all contactin the case of an event. Plan for all hazards that could affect your Family, considering potential hazards and weather patterns inyour region. Think through each possible emergency situation, and determine how your Family should respond. Think about all theplaces you and your Family may be throughout the day, such as home, office, school and in transit. Establish meeting places anddiscuss situations to use them. By establishing and practicing a Family emergency plan, you and your Family are more likely to findeach other quickly and help one another get through the emergency situation safely and with less worry. For more information onFamily Planning for a Disaster go to the site: Soldier, Family member and Civilian can benefit from thinking about emergency preparedness early and often!
  3. 3. From the Chaplaincy
  4. 4. For your informationDryhill Season Passes on Sale at Preseason Prices until Nov. 4th at our Annual Swap Shop and Ski Sale 10% Mili-tary Discount off Preseason Prices until Nov. 4th Our Season Pass includes *Free Skiing/snowboarding atMcCauley Mountain on Mondays and Snowridge on Wednesdays and half price snowtubing!!*non-holidaysSwap Shop and Ski Sale Sat. Nov. 3rd, 10am to 4pm and Sun. Nov. 4th Noon to 4pmSell your outgrown ski and snowboard equipment!! Drop off equipment Tues. 10am to 5pm and Fri. Noon to 8pmat Dryhill For more info 315-782-8584 or skidryhill.comSnowmobile Safety classes offered at Parks & Recreation
  5. 5. Family Members Soldiers To Register, please contact the Command Safety Office at 772-3022 Bldg M-10281 4th Armored Division Drive NOTE: Unit/Organization Classes are by Appointment Only Winter Driving Snow Thrower Wednesday 3-Oct-11 1400-1500 Wednesday 3 Oct 12 1530-1600 Wednesday 17 Oct 12 1400-1500 Wednesday 17 Oct 12 1530-1600 Wednesday 24 Oct 12 1400-1500 Wednesday 24 Oct 12 1530-1600 Tuesday 6 Nov 12 1400-1500 Tuesday 6 Nov 12 1530-1600 Tuesday 20 Nov 12 1400-1500 Tuesday 20 Nov 12 1530-1600 Tuesday 4 Dec 12 1400-1500 Tuesday 4 Dec 12 1530-1600 Tuesday 18 Dec 12 1400-1500 Tuesday 18 Dec 12 1530-1600 DA Civilians