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Quarterly newsletter (Fall)


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Quarterly newsletter (Fall)

  1. 1. November 2012 Task Force Knighthawk Newsletter From the Commander…. Knighthawk Fami- demonstrating what they week training event at lies, Friends, and Soldiers do best! JRTC to prepare our col- of the Best Aviation Task We as a Task lective skills to complete Force in the Brigade, hope Force have strived to con- our deployment prepara- the summer and fall tinue to build relationships tion. Currently we plan to months found you well as through several events the be back to Fort Drum in we get ready for the winter last few months as we time for Thanksgiving. to arrive. With the change ready ourselves to be a Hopefully we will not re- of the seasons, we in the deployable force for our turn to the frozen tundra Task Force have changed nation. Captain Jon Meier that comes with living in Quarterly Newsletter as well. It has been a very was the muscle behind the the North Country. But as busy fall as we have com- inaugural “Rough Mud- we all know, it is just a pleted all of our recovery der” mud run event that matter of time before we operations and began an benefited the Knighthawk will need to man of shov- intensive period of train- Support Fund. Over 130 els and snow plows this ing in preparation for our participants completed the winter season. If you are upcoming JRTC rotation. new to the area, pleaseTASK FORCE KNIGHTHAWK 5K dash through various The list of the events that obstacles laced with mud. take some time to plan for your sons, daughters, the weather and take a mothers, fathers, and look at your vehicles and spouses have accom- The Task Force safety kits. plished in the last few held two Town Hall meet- ings in preparation for our The Soldier‟s, months has been extensive and extremely successful. JRTC rotation and we also NCO‟s and Officer‟s of The Task Force has com- held a Fall Festival and the Task Force continue to pleted gunnery with every Jayne Wayne Day. We impress me every day. aircraft and crew, shot had a great showing of The list of awards, promo- every type of weapons spouses who were able to tions, and personal acco- system assigned to the spend time shooting weap- lades that come across my Task Force, flew hundreds ons, flying aircraft simula- tors, wearing Night Vision desk are overwhelming. of hours a month, pumped thousands of gallons of Goggles, and riding in Thanks again for all the fuel, picked up and deliv- Army Vehicles. That hard work you do at home ered aircraft all over the same evening we had a in support of your Knight- country, and made this great turn out for the Fall hawk Warrior, they are all Unit the best in the Bri- Festival that included a doing an outstanding job gade. If you have not al- costume parade, hay ride, and can‟t do it without ready done so, check out and spaghetti dinner. the Task Force Knight- you! As you read this, hawk and 10th CAB your loved one is likely FACEBOOK pages, our KNIGHTHAWKS! heading to or already at soldiers are all over it Fort Polk, LA for the 3
  2. 2. As I‟m sure everyone is aware, HHC in the S3 shop. However, he now has SFCand Task Force Knighthawk has been ex- Patrick Thomas, our new S3 NCOIC, to helptremely busy lately. With an upcoming rota- him out. Moving down the line, SFC Kinyadation at JRTC, we are in the final stages of Colbert is our new S4 NCOIC. Like 1SGmaking sure our Soldiers are ready for thismajor training event. Reyes, she was last assigned at Fort Polk and brings an extensive knowledge base to her With the changing of the leaves, so shop and the Task Force. On the Special Staffcome many personnel changes in the Nomad side of the house, the Task Force has a newformation. Even though every new Soldier is Chaplain. CPT(CH) Daniel Werho and hisan important addition to the team, I would like wife, Susanna, have already made their pres-to recognize some senior personnel that have ence felt in the Task Force. Chaplain Werhocome on board to fill key positions in the unit. has already participated in multiple events andFirst, HHC has a new First Sergeant!!! First is getting to know all the Soldiers, and I knowSergeant Manuel Reyes and his two sons, he will provide great support to the entire TaskChance and Gabriel, come to us from Fort Force. Last, but certainly not least, the TaskPolk, LA. 1SG Reyes has spent his career Force has a new Flight Surgeon. CPT Erikworking on Apache helicopters. As a Black- Johnson, wife Becky, and their little ones arehawk pilot myself, this has fueled a heated ri- somewhat new to the Army life as Erik hasvalry between the two of us and I‟m not sure spent multiple years in medical training.things are going to work out. Ok…ok…that‟s However, we‟ll try to make the transition easymy one joke for this newsletter. In all serious- for him and I know he‟ll do his best to keep allness, in two short months 1SG Reyes has dem- of our Soldiers healthy. I also have one fare-onstrated outstanding leadership and proven well I‟d like to include. SFC Regina Swinthow valuable of an asset he will be to the No- was recently reassigned to Division here atmads. I‟d like to welcome our new S1 OIC, Fort Drum. SFC Swint was our S1 NCOICCPT Jerad Casias, along with his wife Beth- during our last deployment and has workedany, and their little girl, Betsey. Next, I‟d like many long hours ensuring all of our human re-to welcome MAJ Tim Rose, the new Task sources needs were met. SFC Swint also filledForce Operations officer. MAJ Rose last a role as the Task Force SHARP representa-worked at HRC and he has a big job ahead tive, and she will now fulfill that duty full timecorralling multiple Lieutenants and Captains
  3. 3. it there will be another one sometime early In Little Nomad news, PFC Miguel next year.Perez and his wife, Iris, recently welcomed a In closing, don‟t forget the multiple as-little baby boy. Levi Seth Perez weighed in at sets available on post to help you prepare for6.8 pounds and measured 19 inches in length. the upcoming winter. There are winter drivingThe new dad reports that Levi is doing very safety classes and snow blower safety classeswell, even though I‟ve noticed PFC Perez which you may want to participate in. If youlooks much more tired than he used to. Con- are new to the North, just like Jen and I weregratulations to the Perez Family!!! three years ago, I‟d like to assure you that the The Task Force also held a fundraiser climate/snow we experience here is not a showrecently called the Task Force Knighthawk stopper. In fact, many locals don‟t start livingRough Mudder. The event consisted of a 3 until the snow falls, and you too might justmile run/walk with many obstacles along the find many winter activities that you or theway. Oh, I forgot to mention that these obsta- Family can enjoy.cles consisted of crawling around in mud or As always, please be in touch if there‟sgetting soaked by the Fort Drum Fire Depart- anything we can do for you.ment. Despite knowing that you would notfinish the race clean, many Soldiers, Familymembers, and friends of the Task Force par- Captain Wes and Jennifer Cannonticipated to help raise money for the FRG. It Nomad 06 Teamwas a great team building event and word has
  4. 4. Operational Security (OPSEC) Do not place dates and times of movements on social websites 80% of information gathered by the enemy comes from open-source (ie: Google, Face- book, etc..) Do not mention dates and times to those that do not NEED to know
  5. 5. The last few months have been extremely That will bring us to the Winter Leave period,busy, as Alpha Company has been making it through which is scheduled for Dec 17th through January 6th.the heart of our pre-deployment training period. The Following Block Leave, we will once again deploy ascompany successfully completed a Division Training a company to Fort Carson, CO for High AltitudeEvent in July called Operation Mountain Peak. In Au- Mountainous Environmental Training. The traininggust, we completed a second Aerial Gunnery Exercise will focus on conducting aerial operations at high alti-and a training exercise in Fort Polk, LA. And, Alpha tudes, where the aircraft produces less lift and has lessCompany launched two teams of Apaches in support available power. Following our return from Colorado,of Operation Knighthawk Fusion in September. Due the company will have one final test before we dial itto our continued success throughout each of these back before the deployment. This test will take placetraining events, Alpha Company has earned the repu- in Fort Rucker, AL for a two-week training exercisetation across the Battalion as a tactically-savvy, mis- using aircraft simulators.sion-focused, and tight-knit team. As you can see, the fast-and-furious training The biggest test is still to come: the Task Force cycle will continue, but I am confident that the train-deployment to the Joint Readiness Training Center in ing we are getting now will be invaluable during ourFort Polk, LA. Here, we will deploy with six aircraft time in theatre. I am extremely proud of what Alphain support of 4-3 BCT to validate our training up to Company has accomplished so far, and I am thankfulthis point. We are expecting long, hard days during to have such tremendous support from all of ourthis training event, but we hope to come out of JRTC Deathstalker families.even closer to the level that we need to be in order todeploy to Afghanistan. We will have a quick breakfollowing JRTC for Thanksgiving, and then we will be Steve Lancianeseback at it again with the year‟s third Aerial GunneryExercise in December. This time, we will focus on “Deathstalker 06”advanced gunnery tactics such as engaging targets as amember of a team of aircraft, rather than simply asone Apache.Alpha Company, following „Death Challenge #2‟ in July. The winning team (CW2 Misenhimer, 1LT Blanch- ard, and CDT Oeschger) finished with a time of 1 hour 44 minutes 12 seconds. The event consisted of a 7 mile Ruck March, 200 push ups, 150 Burpees, 60 pull ups, a 400 meter fireman‟s carry, a 1 mile water cancarry, and a 200m litter carry. The victory came under protest, and CW2 Misenhimer is still pending investi- gation.
  6. 6. “Jane Wayne” Day
  7. 7. “Jane Wayne” Day
  8. 8. If you haven‟t noticed since the last Enduring Freedom. We are hoping to havenewsletter article, the OPTEMPO for Charlie everyone home in time for Thanksgiving as allCompany has dramatically increased. the aircraft and main body flights will arriveWhether it has been sending aircraft down to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.Fort Polk, LA to train with 4BCT 10MTN, In other news, I would like to welcomeconducting Ferry Missions of our L-Model a few new families to the Warlord Family.Blackhawks all around the country, finishing During the past 3 months, we have welcomed:up the M-Model transition, or just conducting WO1 Schiappa, WO1 Zawastowski and hishome station training to ensure our aircrews family, WO1 Bailly and his family, WO1 Ed-are properly qualified for all operations. wards and his family, PFC Pillow and his fam-These are just some of the various missions ily, PFC Deshane and his family, PV2 Melton,that Charlie Company has conducted over the and SPC Daniels and his family. The Warlordpast few months. family is also eagerly awaiting the birth of On September 11, 2012, 2 aircraft from SFC Morgan‟s baby sometime at the end ofCharlie Company conducted a mission to the November or beginning of December.Sikorsky Plant in Stratford, CT. During this I want to thank all the families again formission, CW4 Robert Tyler logged his 5,000th their continued support. I hope everyone en-hour in a Sikorsky Blackhawk as he landed on joys their Thanksgiving Holiday and the up-the VIP Pad at Sikorsky. This was a very large coming Holiday Leave. Enjoy the upcomingevent for CW4 Tyler and the entire Knight- winter weather and always remember to behawk family. On the return from Sikorsky, the safe.Warlords conducted a 9/11 remembrance flightaround the Statue of Liberty and the Island ofManhattan. CPT Green On another note, JRTC is quickly ap- Warlord 6proaching as we begin our self-deploymentoperations on the 24th of October. This nextmonth will be a culmination of all the hardwork of the Soldiers in the Warlord familyduring the past 3 months. Our time at JRTCwill definitely test us as we will execute AirAssault Operations, Air Movement Opera-tions, Quick Reaction Force Operations, aswell as command and control during a deploy-ment. This time at JRTC will be a test to seehow well our systems are in place for an up-coming deployment in support of Operation
  9. 9. Greetings Dragonhawk Family and Friends! ship, while keeping me entertained with her very colorful ways of describing the world. CW4 Kevin Kelley spent 22 years in the army, With colder temperatures right around with his last position here being in charge ofthe corner and the smell of Fall in the air, we the Production Control Office. His vast knowl-are quickly finding ourselves wrapped up in edge of maintenance and maintenance proce-preparations to go to retreat to the warmth Fort dures was invaluable to keeping the TaskPolk, Louisiana and the Joint Readiness Train- Force fleet at Fully Mission Capable Center. We have welcomed many new ar- Lastly, CW4 Bill Winroth is leaving therivals to the unit as the task force has been army after 20 years of service. He was a verychanging over from the last deployment in knowledgeable Maintenance Test Pilot thatpreparation for the next deployment. In addi- flew over 100 missions while deployed, and istion to the many new Soldiers in our unit, retiring with over 2,500 hours of flight time.these last 2 months have brought us four new Thank you all for your service to our country,additions to families in the Dragonhawks, a hopefully you get to relax for the next couplehealthy baby boy to SGT Ricker and his wife, months before moving on to your next adven-Kristin; a beautiful baby girl to PFC Custar tures in life.and his wife, Amy; a future Badger footballstar to SPC Beuten and his wife Kelli, and For everyone else, we look forward tothen just this morning SPC Ramkalawan and seeing you over the next couple of months athis wife welcomed their first child, Sophia, to various functions, but until then, stay safe andthe world. It has been an absolute pleasure to with these families and such an encour-agement to see the happiness these children All the best,will bring. Make sure to slap PFC Irizarry onthe back as he got married last month. Con- Shaunna and CPT Dave Fitzpatrick.gratulations! We are definitely looking for-ward to the Task Force Org Day coming up onThursday, I look forward to seeing all the Sol-diers‟ kids in costume. Thanks to all thosewho came out to the Bowling Night we hadlast week, it was a great turnout! We would like to take the time to per-sonally thank three Dragonhawk Soldiers whoare leaving the army after more than two dec-ades of service. 1SG Leslie Brown was myright hand woman my first four months incommand. In that short time she taught meeverything she knew about small unit leader-
  10. 10. D Co. says farewell to these Soldiers … …and welcomes these Soldiers and their families….SSG Montoya, ETSSGT Hamblet, ETS CW2 Lyons, from Charlie CoSGT Brower, ETS SFC Kerley, from HondurasSGT King, ETS SSG Naputi, from HondurasSGT Arnold, ETS SSG McClendon, from 1-10SPC Sanders, PCS to Egypt SSG Chaney, from Ft Eustace, VASPC Sisson, PCS to Germany SGT Boles, from Ft Campbell, KYSPC Johnson, ETS PFC Lotter, from 277SPC Stephens, ETS PV2 Finney, from AIT at Ft EustaceSPC Campbell, PCS to ColoradoSPC Morton, ETS PFC Anfinson, from AIT at Ft EustaceSPC Midgette, ETSSPC Cabezas, PCS to KoreaSPC Huertas, PCS to KoreaPFC Hardy, ETSWe would also like to extend our deepest appreciation to three of Delta Company’s Soldiers who areretiring. Thank you to CW4 Kevin Kelley for his 22 years of service to our country. Thank you to CW4Bill Winroth for his 20 years of service to our country. Thank you to 1SG Leslie Brown for her 24 yearsof service to our country. D Co will not be the same without you.…Family additions!Congratulations to SGT Joshua Ricker and his wife Kristin on giving birth to a baby boy, JakobParsons Ricker, born August 27, weighing 6 lbs 12 oz at 18.5” long.PFC Clint Custar and his wife Amy welcomed their fifth child, Sophie Dee Custar, on August 8.She was born a healthy 6 lbs, 8 oz and 20.5”.SPC Beuten and his wife Kelli welcomed their third child, David Nathaniel Beuten into the worldon September 17th at 1:58 pm. He weihed 8 lbs, 7 oz and was 20 ¼” long.SPC Premnath Ramkalawan and his wife Diana just had their first child today, October 15th.Sophia Ramkalawan was born at 2:37 am, at 19” long and 7 lbs 8 oz.Promotions News and EventsSpecial congratulations to these sol-diers on their recent promotions, Company ORG Daywell done and keep up your greatwork! Thanks to all those who came out toPFC Williams our Company Outing at PineyPFC Starnes Planes Bowling alley last Thursday.PV2 Buckley
  11. 11. Veteran’s Day Veterans Day event at Sams ClubSam’s Club is making a Veterans Honor Wall with pictures of local Vets. When they bring in a picture of them-selves while serving we will make a 5x7 for them to take and one for the Wall. This runs from tomorrow thruNovember 11th.The pictures will be donated to the Vet Center on 11/13. Let me know if you can get this information out to theVets for me.Tina GokeyMembership Assistant Manager6539 Sams ClubWatertown NY
  12. 12. Remembrance Soldiers of Task Force Knighthawk bow their heads Sept. 28, to pray for the fam- ily of 1st Sgt. Billie J. Siercks, a Pathfinder Company first sergeant who was killed a year ago when his base was attacked by indirect fire.Hard times dont create heroes. It is during the hard times when the hero within us is revealed. Today we remember one of our own, 1SG Billy J Siercks. He was a great leader, friend, and mentor that paid the ultimate sacrifice forour country. 1SG Siercks is and always will be the true meaning of an AMERICAN HERO. R.I.P. 1SG Billy Siercks "NEVER WILL BE FORGOTTEN"
  13. 13. Knight Riders Company has been very and has served as FRG Leader, Treasurer, Keybusy the last few months while supporting Caller and a friend for our families to get tomultiple Task Force aerial gunneries and also know and lean on. She and her husband SGTconducting its own internal training in prepa- Matthew Daniels will be dearly missed as theyration for JRTC and our upcoming deploy- leave the Army for bigger and better opportu-ment. A portion of this company has spent nities.time in the field or conducting 24-hour opera-tions in support of training for almost 6 of the Moving forward, E Company continues itslast 8 weeks. We supported aerial gunneries in support role and is looking forward to the De-August and September for both Alpha and cember holidays that will offer some rest andCharlie companies, providing both with fuel recuperation during a very high OPTEMPOand ammunition necessary to train and ena- train-up before deployment.bling both companies to complete their qualifi-cation tables. Thank You, Knight Riders, for all your hard work! The Knight Riders also conducted com-pany level training, first with a week-long Very Respectfully,field training exercise in September focusedon convoy operations and Counter-Improvised CPT Dan ReepExplosives Defeat training, followed by aheavy weapons range and a convoy live fireevent in October aimed at validating our guncrews. As of now, this company is ready todeploy to Fort Polk to participate in qualitytraining and to support the flight companies. I would like to send out special thanksto our families -especially our volunteers- whohave come together and put in long hoursplanning and executing two company levelFamily Readiness Group events as well as twofundraisers that netted a total of $500 for us touse toward a company pre-deployment eventin the Spring. I would also like to say good-bye to Mrs. Kelly Daniels, who will be leavingus at the end of October. Mrs. Daniels hasbeen a volunteer for E Company for two years
  14. 14. pleted both the Mountain Medics Course and TF Knighthawk Families and Friends, Live Tissue Lab, and SFC Bures, SSG Noriega, and SSG Mackiewicz went TDY to Since I last addressed you all, your Sol- Washington, DC to observe Operation Capitaldiers have been very busy with training, pre- Shield (Strategic level consequence manage-paring for deployment and our upcoming rota- ment training exercise). This is just a smalltion at the Joint Readiness Training Center glimpse of what we‟ve completed in the past(JRTC) in Fort Polk, LA. These past few few months. Phenomenal work from all Sol-months have truly been months of sacrifice for diers within the company!the Pathfinder Company and families. OurSoldiers spent many of hours at work and in The Pathfinder Company will be de-the field, honing their warrior skills and not at ployed to JRTC for most of November and wehome. We tightened our bond as a company will work hard to have everyone back in timeteam, while testing our family‟s patience at the for Thanksgiving. Once JRTC is over, we willsame time. We trained, rehearsed and exe- all finally have the opportunity to relax, as wecuted multiple situational and live fire training prepare for the holidays. Our block leave willexercises from the fire team to the company be from the 15th of December until the 6th oflevel, cap stoning with a TF combined Collec- January, so start planning now. I hope thistive Training Exercise (CTX). finds everyone doing well and look forward to seeing everyone soon. During our field exercises, the platoonsconducted detailed planning, rehearsed count-less hours, and achieved the unimaginable by Knighthawks!validating as fully qualified platoons. We exe-cuted various dry, blank, and live iterations First in Last Out!during the day and culminated with both a Christopher Gageblank and live iteration under complete dark-ness. The result was a greatly increased level CPT, INof confidence maneuvering and operating asplatoon size elements no matter what condi-tions they were faced with. In addition to collective training, Sol-diers have been conducting a great deal of in-dividual training as well. SSG Moore recentlygraduated ALC with all superior marks on hisoverall evaluation; our medics (SGT Kohler,SPC O‟Connor, SPC Tagliaboschi, SPC Finch,SPC Baker, and PVT Maldonado) have com-
  15. 15. Command Safety Office offers winter driving, snow thrower classes The Fort Drum Command Safety Office, Bldg. M-10281, will conduct winter drivingand snow thrower operation classes for Soldiers, Family Members and Department of theArmy civilian employees. Winter driving classes will be offered from 2 to 3 p.m. Wednesday ,Nov. 6 and 20, and Dec. 4 and 18. Snow thrower operation classes will be offered from 3:30 to4 p.m. Wednesday and Oct. 24, Nov. 6 and 20, and Dec. 4 and 18. For more information or toregister, call 772-9026 / 0310. Note: Unit / organization classes are by appointment only. Senior Army NCO will visit Soldiers, Family membersSgt Maj (Marine) Bryan Battaglia (The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Senior Enlisted AdvisorCJCS-SEA) is coming to Drum is to see an Army Community of Excellence award winning installa-tion,and get to know the legendary 10th MTN DIV (LI) better. This visit will focus on meeting with Soldiersand Families, and reviewing some of our training programs and support facilities. As a part of this visit,he will be doing a town hall meeting. Want to ensure widest dissemination of this town hall and encour-age spouses to attend. Spouses are invited and highly encouraged to attend the Town Hall Meeting! What: Town hall Meeting Where: Multi-purpose Auditorium When: 05 NOV 12 from 1530-1630 at the MPA. Attendees should arrive/take their seats NLT 1515Why: To enable the CJCS SEA to interact with and get feedback from the Soldiers and Family members of the community.
  16. 16. Dryhill Season PassesDryhill Season Passes on Sale at Preseason Prices until Nov. 4th at our Annual Swap Shop and SkiSale.10% Military Discount off Preseason Prices until Nov. 4th Our Season Pass includes *Free Ski-ing/snowboarding at McCauley Mountain on Mondays and Snowridge on Wednesdays and half pricesnowtub-ing!! *non-holidaysSwap Shop and Ski Sale Sat. Nov. 3rd, 10am to 4pm and Sun. Nov. 4th Noon to 4pm Sell your out-grown ski and snowboard equipment!! Drop off equipment Tues. 10am to 5pm and Fri. Noon to 8pmat Dryhill .For more info 315-782-8584 or Dates to Remember11/6 – Election Day11/7 - FRG Leader Training11/7 - Informal Funds Training11/7 - Feed The Soul Seminar @ McEwen Library Looking for something11/9 - New Youth Center Grand Opening @ Youth Center to do in the local and11/9 - Resilience Training surrounding area?11/9 - EFMP Autism Support Group11/10 - CNY Veterans Parade and Expo @ State Fairgrounds, Syracuse11/10 - Basketball Tournament Check out these websites:11/10 - Meet The Author – McEwen Library11/11 - BOSS Chili Cook-Off - BOSS www.iloveny.com11/11 - Veterans Day http://www.northcountrypub11/12-13 - Division DONSA - To check out11/13 - EFMP Support Group 1130-1300 @ ACS11/13 - Key Caller Training 1000-1130 @ ACS their calendar events.11/13 - Key Caller Training 1400-1530 @ ACS11/14 - Learn To Live Gluten Free – McEwen Library11/14 - Native American History Month Observance 1130-1300 @ Commons11/15 - Volunteer of the Month Ceremony 1030-1130 @ Commons11/16 - Snowmobile Safety Class – Adventure Training11/16 - Autism Support Group 0900-1100 @ ACS11/17 - SCFD Craft Fair 1000-1600 @ Monti Physical Fitness Center11/17 - BOSS 5K Fun Run/Walk – Magrath Sports Complex11/17 - Individual Bowling Tournament11/17 - Turkey Bowl Football Tournament11/21-23 - NYC Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade Trip – Parks and Recreation11/21-23 - Local Schools Thanksgiving Break11/22 - Division DONSA / Thanksgiving
  17. 17. Knighthawk Government OrganizationKelley M ArnoldTask Force Knighthawk Family Readiness Support