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  • When organizations are looking for infrastructure to manage and leverage Big Data, they look for three things:A database that can handle unstructured and multi-structured data with ease. Great search capabilities so users can find the data they are looking for and leverage it to make better decisions for the business.Application services and tools that allows developers to build applications quickly and easily so that the data turns into usable information.There are plenty of best of breed technologies out there to serve each one of these functions – but cobbling together a system to do that is time and resource intensive – not only to build, but more so to maintain.MarkLogic provides all three of those capabilities. And, we have the added bonus of having 12 years under our belt to ensure that the system is enterprise hardened with the security, back up, recovery, high availability and data integrity you come to expect from an Enterprise data management system.
  • Fairfax County is one of the five largest in the nation, with a population and budget that dwarfs many States. It is the preeminent local government in the Capital Region and has become the economic engine of both the area and its Commonwealth. Despite the national recession, the County continues to attract new businesses and residents, but must find a way to maintain and increase its service delivery to citizens & businesses while reducing the costs of its operations.Fairfax County, VA, wanted to promote a more open government. One clear benefit is the attraction of new businesses to the county. If constituents can easily research data collected by the county (particularly demographics), they can make better/quicker assessments about the viability of new businesses.
  • The solution Fairfax chose was to create a land data repository based on MarkLogic ServerThe repository has an easy to use search engine for property history and other information by tax map identification, by address or by keywords. For instance, typing in the word "heliport" quickly brings up data on all the heliports in Fairfax and their permits. The data can be spatially displayed by geographic information systems such as ESRI.Since MarkLogic was designed to aggregate many disparate data types, the first phase of consolidating the county’s data was completed in 2 months.Trying to retain the mainframe data (which was valuable, but expensive to maintain) was a big challenge, but MarkLogic helped to obsolete the mainframes and reduced maintenance costs.
  • When you think of Warner Brothers, you probably think of them as studio behind the creation of everything from Loony Toons to Harry Potter. And while the studio side of the business has clearly innovated and embraced new technologies – until recently the distribution department still relied on manual tasks to complete even every day requests. The challenge they were trying to address was finding a more efficient way to identify assets that could be licensed to third-parties. This is everything from full movies to deleted scenes to promotional materials like posters or internet banners ads.
  •  Solution: Warner Brothers needed more than a search solution to solve their problem. They needed a platform that was able to search across different asset information, link the data together, and then transform and package the data. Whether the user’s requirements were XML, JSON, or a standard zip file they could get the specific format they wanted. Files could also be modified as part of the delivery. The real value-add for Warner Brothers was the ability to quickly build applications once the metadata layer was established. MarkLogic is accumulating the metadata from four disparate systems – 6 million assets. MarkLogic also provides stakeholders with a real-time, user-friendly self-service process to reuse content. Because the data was being used for more than cataloging, an RDBMS could not match our capabilities – particularly in finding the data and doing decision support.The system is critical for the distribution of media assets and requires enterprise capabilities and ability to scaleThe agility with which they were able to build the first application meant they were getting ROI on the system almost immediately.  
  • When the Affordability Care Act passed, it required that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) build a health insurance exchange (HIX) which would allow everyone in the US to search, select and enroll in an insurance plan. They need to aggregate health care plans from across all 50 states, and present them in an easy-to-read format for subscribers/patients.And they also needed to ensure that system could easily adapt to change as requirements and regulation changed.
  • Using MarkLogic to unify and store all of the data dramatically simplified the legacy architecture, implementation and support approach initially envisioned. Load data “as is” removes the burden from states, providers and payers; provides ‘future-proofing’ for as-yet-unidentified data sources; enabled rapid prototyping and delivery early in the development cycle which was impossible with RDBMS modeling approach.MarkLogic’s performance, scalability, and flexibility significantly lowers overall TCO compared to legacy RDBMS approach.Because every state provides data in a different format, system could never have been built in a relational database which would require a new schema for every dataset.The system requires enterprise-features because it is the core technology driving the Health Information ExchangeApplication development tools enable rapid prototyping and quick delivery to meet deadlines.
  • This major oil and gas trading company realized it could optimize trading by understanding all factors that influence trading price. They could not get this from their existing system in real-time.
  • This major oil and gas trading company realized it could optimize trading by understanding all factors that influence trading price. They could not get this from their existing system in real-time.
  • BBC delivered over 10,000 pages of dynamic web content with just their normal staff of 14 journalists.
  • So how big was big data at the Olympics. Here are some stats for the BBC…
  • With the new JSON support, developers will be able to get JSON into and out of MarkLogic in an XML-centric application using XQuery and XSLT. Those working primarily with JSON in non-MarkLogic middleware (J2EE, .NET, PHP, etc.) will be able to leverage MarkLogic for search and CRUD using a JSON data model. It’s now easier to build web applications
  • Increasing data volumes have precipitated a move towards in-database analytics for performance reasons. Forrester describes in-database analytics as the embedding of application logic into the DBMS. The major advantage of doing so is that data, especially large data sets, do not have to be moved out of the DBMS so the analytics can leverage the processing power of the platform. The developer can use native functions, implemented and tested by MarkLogic, instead of writing these functions by hand. It also avoids the situation where different developers write and use different versions of the same standard functions.
  • Distribution of Hadoop combines Hortonworks Data Platform with MarkLogic and enterprise-grade supportEasy: interoperability with Hadoop toolsFast: leverages MarkLogic’s indexes and distributed architecture for performanceUnique benefits of combining Hadoop with MarkLogicWider range of analysis on Big Data- Real-time interactivity provides immediate answers plus drill-downs into specifics - Offline, batch analytics for answers where real-time is not necessaryReduced development costs of building out a Big Data platform- Out-of-the-box capabilities: search, alerting, geospatial, and transactions- Eliminates integration costs of stitching together toolsWorld-class professional support
  • Real-time Hadoop applications: HDFS is great for high-throughput applications, such as MapReduce. With MarkLogic running on HDFS, Hadoop is extended to support low-latency applications as well, such as real-time search and analytics. Using HDFS as storage for a NoSQL database is not new, of course. However, MarkLogic is the first to support transactional updates, full-text search, a document data model, and enterprise security together in one integrated system. Database management system, not custom middleware: If you’re building your own secondary indexes, replication, or transactions, you’re doing work you shouldn’t be focusing on. Having these low-level capabilities built into the database reduces custom code and one-off integrations, allowing your development and operations teams to focus on application features and SLAs that differentiate your business, and not plumbing. Unstructured throughout: MarkLogic and Hadoop are both built for unstructured data. By combining the two you eliminate the need to map data to rows and columns for every type of analysis or service endpoint that your business users will dream up. This makes it much easier to integrate new and unanticipated data sources. Easily age your data and store it appropriately
  • How did MarkLogic get here? Like everyone else in this room, a lot of hard work. MarkLogic began in 2001. The company and its technology was the brainchild of our founder, Chris Lindblad. The light bulb went off during a meeting with the FBI while Chris was an architect at Infoseek. Since then, Chris has guided every step of the company’s business development, and he is still the chief architect of our technology with very hands-on interactions with our entire engineering staff. And the technology isn’t some untested, flavor of the week, it is a proven itself for nearly a decade. MarkLogic is privately owned with the funding coming from Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital. We have more than 300 customers and more than 250 employees. MarkLogic is headquartered in the Silicon Valley. We have offices in New York, Washington, DC, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Austin and Boston.
  • Mark logic Corporate Overview

    1. 1. MarkLogicThe Only Enterprise NoSQL DatabaseFebruary, 2013
    2. 2. We are the New Generation Database Unstructured Era “For all your data!” • Schema-agnostic Relational Era • Massive scale “For all your structured data!” • Query and search • Normalized, tabular model • Analytics • Application-independent query • Application services • User control • Faster time-to-resultsHierarchical Era“For your application data!”• Application- and hardware- specific Slide 2 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. Big Data InfrastructureSlide 3 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    4. 4. Real Value From Big Data Create New Revenue Streams Gain Insights to Increase Market Share Reduce Bottom Line Expense Make The World More Secure Provide Access To Valuable InformationSlide 4 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    5. 5. The County of Fairfax makes it easy for residents and businesses to grow and improve the community, and delivers on the promise of open government.
    6. 6. The County of Fairfax delivers on their promise of open government. Goals Make it easier to access real-time information about zoning changes, land ordinances & property history. Solution UNIFIED DATATransformation, Fairfax County uses MarkLogic as its Human & secure, all-source repository with easy-to-use Machine Enrichment search, including a self-service web portal. Benefits Load data “as is” Fast development process – live in 2 months. Lower system costs – shut down mainframes. PDF Better information faster. Word CAD 30,000 Mainframe Oracle documents Slide 6 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    7. 7. Warner Bros. revolutionized the way theirmedia assets are discovered and delivered… and created new revenue from content already in its archives.
    8. 8. Warner Bros. created new revenue streams from existing assets. Search & preview Goals a complete view Warner Bros. looked to modernize their of all assets digital asset distribution system to enable METADATA STORE business growth. Solution Warner Bros. uses MarkLogic to store andRetrieve all search metadata for over 6 million assets required stored in 4 different systems.assets viaautomated Load metadata for all file typesworkflows Benefits movie movie s movie s The new system allows them to search across s all assets, then link and repackage assets stills stills according to business needs. First application stills was launched in 8 weeks. Slide 8 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    9. 9. Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) helps customers easilyresearch, select and enroll in the right insurance plan... while ensuring that the systems are future-proof and can adapt to change.
    10. 10. CMS has a future-proof system that can easily adapt to change. Goals Citizens, providers, Create the first-ever Health Insurancepayers can identify, verify Exchange that can handle information in any and enroll in selected insurance plan format. Solution UNIFIED DATA CMS uses MarkLogic as the unified data store to accept insurance plan and eligibility information in real-time, without requiring schema updates. Benefits Load data “as is” Speed and ease for data load process. Enables rapid prototyping and application delivery early in development cycle to ensure requirements were met. Slide 10 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    11. 11. “Global Oil Co.” makes real-time trading decisions based on real-time, global information.
    12. 12. We help “Global Oil Co.” maximize their price advantage when buying or selling oil. Goals Get a complete picture of oil and gas market influencers to maximize profits. Solution Challenges System pulls in real-time political, weather, vessel data, location, terminal data and trading data, and sends alerts to traders to notify them of noteworthy issues, so they can make fastest decisions possible.Notify me if….. Benefits More than “mmm” barrels of crude Traders use the system to ensure they are are in transit in the Gulf of Arabia able to get the best price on the market. Severe weather in excess of force Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 8 scheduled to hit Gulf of Mexico 75% Slide 12 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    13. 13. The BBC lets you connect to your favorite team – even from thousands of miles away.
    14. 14. We help the BBC team achieve andcelebrate their summer of success. Goals Make the London 2012 the “most social” Olympics on record. Solution Challenges The system flexibly stores all data in a single repository from scores, to player bios to team history & tweets and makes all new data available in real-time. Benefits BBC Sports data systems have been re-launched in just a few months earning critical praise for innovative features and the speed to add new sources.Slide 14 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    15. 15. BBC Olympics Video Supply ChainSlide 15 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    16. 16. Some Numbers Behind the Olympics55 Million Global browsers across the games 9.5 Million Record of global browsers in single day106 Million Requests for BBC Olympic video content 9.2 Million UK browsers from Mobile Devices12 Million Requests for Mobile Video2.8 Petabytes Data delivered in the busiest day45 Billion Data requests over the 2 Olympics2,160,000,000 Daily average queries against web and mobile services 25,000 Average transactions PER SECOND Slide 16 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    17. 17. MarkLogic: Powerful. Accessible. Trusted.100’s of Use Cases in Production and Development Competitive Intelligence Compliance Content Delivery Counterterrorism Digital Asset Management Fraud Detection Reference Data Management Search & Discovery Social Media AnalysisSlide 17 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    18. 18. The MarkLogic AdvantageOnly Enterprise NoSQL Database ACID compliant Big data search High availability Replication Point in-time recovery Government-grade security Real-time your Hadoop Proven customer success Slide 18 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    19. 19. MarkLogic 6 Features Flexible Full Text Schema- Analytic ScalablePowerful Indexes Search Agnostic FunctionsEverything youneed to deliver Alerting In-business value Hadoop Geospatial Visualization & Event database Distribution Query Widgets Processing MapReduce REST & JSON Application Information HadoopAccessible Java APIs Storage Builder Studio ConnectorLeverage existingtools, knowledge,skills Content BI SQL Monitoring OS Pump Integration Support & Support Management Role-based Automated Journal Transactions ReplicationTrusted Security Failover ArchivingEnterprise-ready formission-critical Point-in- Database Backup/ Distributed Super-apps time Rollback Restore Transactions clusters Recovery Slide 19 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    20. 20. REST & JAVA APIsMarkLogic is Now a REST ServerREST interface to MarkLogicServerFoundation for language-specific API’s Full-text and faceted search Access to value indexes and aggregates Document management for XML, text, binary, and JSON Separate read, write, and administrative access Benefits Administrative services for  Leverage existing skills managing API configuration  Speed application development Extensibility with custom URL  Address your application backlog endpoints  Reduce development costs Scriptable and UI bootstrapping  Improved reuse and efficiencyPure Java API to MarkLogicSlide 20 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    21. 21. JSON StorageSimplify web applicationdevelopment New JSON library to consume, store and convert JSON to/from MarkLogic Generate any JSON format from MarkLogic Pre-configured mappings between JSON and SML for common patterns BenefitsSuperset of any JSON  Better integration with browser applicationsdatabase  Better integration into other languages  Easier-to-maintain application codeSlide 21 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    22. 22. Visualization WidgetsQuick Development ofVisual Interfaces Easily build or enhance web applications using MarkLogic widgets Simplify front-end architectures with pre-configured visualizations and data access helpersExplore New Ways to Lookat Data Benefits Gain more insights from data  Simplifies development sets with visual representations  Speeds time-to-deployment Charts, Maps, Search, Results,  Easy access to powerful geospatial and aggregation capabilities Sidebar with facets  Scalable, event-driven, encapsulatedSlide 22 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    23. 23. BI Tools SupportBig Data Analysis for meremortals Perform sophisticated analytics on ALL your data, in real-timeLeverage existing tools avoids addedexpenditures No additional training Reuse existing report templates No custom integration or code requiredSimplify IT infrastructure Integrated through ODBC – tested on IBM Cognos & Tableau Benefits No need to spend resources on  Makes your data more accessible extracting data to a data across your business warehouse Real-time access to your  Faster results operational database – gain  Faster ROI competitive advantageSlide 23 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    24. 24. In-database Analytic FunctionsLeverage ready-madeanalytic built-ins forcommon used numericapplications Variance Covariance Correlation Standard deviation Linear model Benefits Median  Faster analytics-based application development Mode  Supports more users & more data Percentile  Eliminates costs associated with writing custom code Rank Percent-rankSlide 24 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    25. 25. Content PumpSimplifies moving data into,out of, and betweenMarkLogic databases Greater reliability from commercialized code Leverage existing infrastructure to import new dataEnables loading of large Benefitsdata sets in parallel  Less custom code = lower costs Available to leverage Hadoop  Lowers cost and complexity to parallelize loading  Speed time to deployment  Faster performanceBypass bottlenecks, loaddirectly to data nodesSlide 25 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    26. 26. Hadoop DistributionCertified bundle of theHortonworks Data Platformand MarkLogic Connectorfor Hadoop Essential components to run Hadoop in production Built-in installation and provisioning tools Benefits First-line technical support  Easy interoperability with Hadoop from MarkLogic (second-line tools from Hortonworks)  Reduced development costsRun Hadoop MapReduce on  Eliminates integration costsMarkLogic data  More speed  World-class supportSlide 26 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.
    27. 27. Welcome Hadoop into the Enterprise: MarkLogic now runs on HDFS
    28. 28. MarkLogic Company Summary CEO Gary Bloom Oracle  Veritas  eMeterTechnical MIT  InfoSeek  Inktomi  Microsoft  Oracle  Chordiant  Endeca  Verity StaffInvestors Sequoia Capital  Tenaya CapitalProducts Database  Search  Application Development Tools Markets Financial Services  Government  Information & Media  HealthcareCustomers 350+ Enterprise CustomersEmployees 250+ Silicon Valley  New York  Washington D.C.  London  Tokyo Locations Frankfurt  Chicago  Austin  Utrecht Slide 28 Copyright © 2012 MarkLogic® Corporation. All rights reserved.