Ps 119 Kaph Hanging On (to God's Word)


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a beginning of the year message for 2014
When the world is chaotic and we are tempted to quit... just hang on to God's Word.
Ps 119:81-88

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  • KapH is used in a number of different ways:As a covering of protection (eg Moses as the glory of God passed him by in the cleft of the rock)As the instrument of affliction or subjugation (eg a slap or the sole of the foot on the neck)Hands spread out in prayer, awaiting the answer to comeFiguratively of the power of anyone
  • a KepH is a rock, as a refuge (Cephas, Peter’s nickname comes from this Hebrew root)to KapHaH is to subdue; to pin facedown
  • Two caphs – open palms not backs of legs! 
  • Summary of the octet:Ps. 119 Caph is about latching onto the rock of refuge, clinging to the One who is greater; refusing to be subdued, or removedimagine a climber “glued” to the rock face by strength (grip), or equipment (carabineer + anchor points)Safety, survival requires him/her to not let go! The more dangerous the fall, the more important the security!The first four verses (½) question God’s delay to rescue, the second ½ accuses the oppressors and asks for strength
  • We might says that God’s Word is the anchor point that we “lock into” with our carabineer of faith!
  • Ps 119 Kaph Hanging On (to God's Word)

    1. 1. Introduction • Psalm 119 is a STYLIZED description of the Bible – Each section is composed of personal observations and applications about the Word of God – Each section is creative and unique in style • Caph (vv. 81-88) – Each of the lines in Psalm 119:81-88 begin with the same Hebrew letter – The caph is a pictograph of an open palm
    2. 2. Related Words • a KepH is a rock, as a refuge • to KapHaH is to subdue; to pin facedown
    3. 3. Hanging On • In time of trouble, TIE a knot and HANG ON. (81-84) – The knot is the WORD of GOD – Hanging on is DIFFICULT – Letting go is NOT an option
    4. 4. Help is on Its Way • You will receive no EXTRA help from those who have already QUIT. (85-86) – Every day that you hang on, you remind them of their REFUSAL to hang on to God – Your ENDURING grip proves that serving God can be done – Your help must come from GOD
    5. 5. Miraculous Survival • Survival is simply a series of narrow, miraculous ESCAPES. (87-88) – You can survive if you CLING TO His precepts for survival – He can REVIVE you and resuscitate you – SURVIVAL gives us the chance to say thank-you in front of all these witnesses
    6. 6. Conclusion Every day in 2014, a fortification for your soul is available to you -- simply lock into the anchor points, then climb on!
    7. 7. “Anchor Points”
    8. 8. Anchor points • • • • • • The days of God’s servants is fixed (84) The judgment of persecutors is coming (84) God’s commandments are faithful (86) God always hears our cries for help (86) God’s love for us never ever fails (88) Salvation is guaranteed (81, 88)