the Start of Something Special


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Ruth, the fourth sermon at Tabernacle Baptist Church, 3/10/13 AM

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the Start of Something Special

  1. 1. The Start of Something Special Ruth 4:1-22
  2. 2. Waiting…for something good to happen!
  3. 3. Scene 1a: @ the City Gate (4:1-6)• Boaz went straight to the gate to care for redeeming Ruth. • Boaz called an impromptu town meeting in the gate with the closer kinsman. • The opportunity of redemption was presented. • Ruth ruined the deal for the one kinsman, but made the deal sweeter for Boaz.
  4. 4. Scene 1b: @ the City Gate (4:7-12)• Boaz won the right to redeem Ruth! • According to the custom of the day, Boaz sealed the agreement with the removal of a sandal. • Boaz made his marriage to Ruth legal. • The men of the court blessed Boaz and Ruth’s union with blessings of God’s pattern.
  5. 5. The blessings of Godare expressions of true love.
  6. 6. Scene 2: @ Boaz’ house (4:13-17)• Boaz and Ruth began to experience blessing! • They were married, had a baby – it was a boy! • The women blessed Naomi and rehearsed all that she had received from the Lord. • The baby boy, Obed, was given to Ruth, Boaz, and Naomi and eventually all of Israel.
  7. 7. The blessings of Godare expressions of true love.
  8. 8. Scene 3: @ a Future Point (4:18-22)• This story of history is only the beginning! • A toledoth genealogy established a direct line through Ruth to Christ. • Christ is our greatest blessing!
  9. 9. Tell me about our = tell me about God family history… God is the main character in every believer’s story.
  10. 10. Conclusion• God allows us to journey through these days of uncertainty, grief, pain, loneliness, etc.• God never quits on you – He is faithful.• God has a bigger perspective on a bigger plan that will bring you bigger blessings.• Everything God does is for His glory and our benefit.
  11. 11. Conclusion• Rehearsing your story 1. reminds you of God’s direction, planning, and blessing. 2. teaches the next generation how God works in “mysterious ways, His wonders to perform”. 3. encourages those who have lost perspective. 4. gives proper credit to God, to Whom it is due. 5. invites others to trust this God of sovereign blessings.
  12. 12. Today,with all of its struggles, temptations, and hard issues may be the start of something special.
  13. 13. It is totally worth the wait.
  14. 14. Dear God, I am trusting You with…I am committing to seek only Your provisions for my protection and safety. I am resting in Your perfect plan for my life. I am choosing a path of obedient faith through this valley or in this plain. I am waiting patiently for Your blessing. Amen.