Neh 4 Vengeance is Mine


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3rd in a series on Nehemiah's prayers
Nehemiah is being attacked by Sandballat and Tobias. The wall project must go on! But the need is great! Pray for protection! Imprecatory prayers are Biblical.

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Neh 4 Vengeance is Mine

  1. 1. “Vengeance is Mine”Nehemiah 4:1-6
  2. 2. Ridicule and Abuse• Sandballat did not like the work beingdone. (4:1)• He turned his influential friends againstthe work too. (4:2)• Tobiah told a joke about a little foxknocking over the wall. (4:3)
  3. 3. Not Laughing• Nehemiah was not laughing.• He prayed an imprecatory prayer. (4:4-5)– You have heard how we are being abused.– You are in charge of defending our honor.– Let them know what it feels like to be us.– Don’t let them get away with this.= divine justice, judgment againstsin, action by God, for His work and glory
  4. 4. Leading"The real test of a leader is how he or shefaces crises and reacts to opposition."Mervin Brenemen
  5. 5. Back to Work• Nehemiah and his crew trusted Godwith dispatching the bullies.• They went back to work with a newresolve. (4:6)• God encouraged their hearts andblessed their work.
  6. 6. Our Prayers• Trust God to call, equip and moveleaders to lead towards His projects.• Lay out theletters, comments, manipulativeschemes before God.– Refuse to get entangled in a defensiveconfrontation with the naysayers.– Let God thwart disobedience and blessobedience.• Ask for a heart and mind for His work.
  7. 7. Our Prayers• and then get up from prayer and work!