Top 5 tips for beginners to grow business through social media


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Top 5 tips for beginners to grow business through social media

  1. 1. Top 5 tips forbeginners to growbusiness through Social Media
  2. 2. The current trend is social networking; both the big and small companies are already into it. The best part, the independent consultants are also using it in order to do business. Not only itincreases brand awareness, it also helps the business to attract the right kind customers who will be loyal.
  3. 3. The next step for the businesses is to start social networking and blogging.This communication channel helps the businesses to communicate with people who would like to be informedabout the daily activities and also share common interests.
  4. 4. Basically, you need the social media to increase the visibility of your company website and also increase the result ofsearch engine of your website. Here are some tips in order to grow your business and get a bigger pay off from social media platforms.
  5. 5. Constantly share informationand experience Social blogging is not about businessconcepts and ideas, but about sharingyour experiences with your customers. Sharing unique experiences and opportunities, it not only hooks yourreaders but also attracts their circle of friends and followers.
  6. 6. You can announce about an upcomingevent on Facebook and re-tweet it with some exciting photos or link to your website. Tumblr is another goodplatform to share photos, texts, videos, sideshows, links and other posts.
  7. 7. You blog must be the centerfor information Your content must be available only from your blog, just share the link onvarious social media blogs. This ensures that you have control as to what you want to say with your social media platforms.
  8. 8. In case, there are some restrictions by a social media site like Facebook as to how your content is being accessed, then you can promote your blog on other social media sites.
  9. 9. Give importance to feedbackand interactions Your customers can directly give you feedback on your social media page.Make sure you include a call to action page on it so that you can help thecustomers when they have any doubts about your product.
  10. 10. Make sure you encourage them to share tips and personal experiences with you on your product. The most critical thing is to make sure there is someone to respond as soon as there are any comments or else they wouldconsider you do not respect them. Thiswill also encourage them to write more to you.
  11. 11. Let your blog become the expert The main idea behind maintaining ablog is to provide an expert information point when people search for your product on the web. The discussionsshould have solutions for problems that people often look out for. The simplest way is to answer the questions via twitter.
  12. 12. Be fresh in your approach People on Facebook are not very used to one line updates like those on Twitter. So, try to mix up your updates using a video or photos. Keep yourpostings regular so that your customers can get correct information of the product. In case your want to repeat any update, all you have to do is to reword it and update it.
  13. 13. Before writing a blog or sending an update, think and analyze what message and value you want to putforth. Your loyal customers will be yourbest cheerleaders. Make them a part ofyour growth and success and give them opportunities to support the business.