What will be the future of computers


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What will be the future of computers

  1. 1. What Will Be the Future of Computers?
  2. 2. The Future of Computers: NoMore Moving Parts and Fasterthan Ever? The time when our laptops and desktops will no longer have inadequate moving parts is soon upon us.
  3. 3. No longer will we be hassled by bottlenecked systems because of slowhard drives, and no longer will we have to hear fans kick on and off whensystems become a bit too warm, just to name a few.
  4. 4. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, this time may only be a few years away, with some of these parts already in the making for wide distribution. Here is what you can expect will be the future of computers in just a few years time:
  5. 5. Future of Computers | SolidState Drives will be theStandard What is a solid state drive? It’s basically a USB flash drive, only it can store much more data and has faster read and write speeds.
  6. 6. It simpler terms, rather than a conventional hard drive that use a spinning disk to read data that takes avery long time to read and write, a solid state drive can do these tasks almost instantaneously.
  7. 7. Currently, solid state drives are much more expensive when compared to hard drives, but as technologyimproves, we should see the price even out a bit. The only reason why SSDs haven’t taken off is because of the price.
  8. 8. Future of Computers | Internal Fanswill be Replaced by Silent and MoreEffective Airflow Devices We’ve already seen this technology used in Dyson fans, where air is drawn in and accelerated using extremely efficient means, so it’s safe to assume that this will eventually be seen in devices that need efficient and effective cooling methods.
  9. 9. Rather than clunky fans that kick off and on constantly, as well as create unsettling noise and use up a bit too much power for their task, we’ll justsee circular openings where fans once were with air acceleration technology, just without spinning blades.
  10. 10. Future of Computers | More Power! We’ve seen amazing increases in both performance and reliability in computers, so it really is quite obvious to assume that we’ll see computers that really push the boundaries of technology in a few years.
  11. 11. While computers already do this today, we’ll see an even greater push. For instance, we’ll see six-core processors take over four-core processors; we’ll see at least 8GB ofDDR3 RAM becoming the standard; and we’ll see graphics cards with substantially higher clock speeds and video RAM totals.
  12. 12. Future of Computers | Dual-PurposeOperating Systems will BecomeStandard By dual-purpose, I mean Windows and Mac OS X will be interchangeable between laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  13. 13. We’re already seeing this withWindows 8 in the making, as it will beable to function flawlessly on tablets and PCs alike, but we’ll see a much better grasp of this concept.
  14. 14. This also means that we’ll finally see tablets that can compete with computers in terms of power andfunctionality, with computers going above-and-beyond tablets.
  15. 15. With technology everchanging, it’ll be fun to see what we get next!