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Customer Service through Twitter


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Customer Service through Twitter

  1. 1. Customer Servicethrough Twitter
  2. 2. You could be offering school and office furniture like lunchroom tables orselling electronics such as audio-visual equipment. No matter what the product may be, customer service isnaturally an essential part of any type of business.
  3. 3. Your relationship with the customerdoesn’t end at the purchase, not if you want to continue building your brand and sustain your business. Communication tools play an important role here, and oneparticular social media platform called Twitter can enhance this aspect of your operations.
  4. 4. Twitter Advantages This online social networking service is categorized as micro-blogging. Just like blogs, it’s a channel for anyone to express their opinions and share information except that you’re limited to short text messages.
  5. 5. As an online marketing channel, companies use it to post their profiles and reach out to their target audience. Those very samefeatures provide advantages that can enable businesses to cultivate relationships with their customersand manage a positive experience of their brand.
  6. 6. • Quick response – Customer service isessentially about solving problems anda critical factor here is how quickly youcan respond. Phone and email are thetraditional channels of communication used for customer support. These channels can be slow, however, when compared to how fast your messages can get to your customers via Twitter.
  7. 7. • Immediate results – Your customerscan just as quickly reply. This capacity for immediate feedback is not onlyhelpful in problem resolution, but canalso boost your support team’s morale and performance. They canimmediately see how their assistance made an impact on customers.
  8. 8. • Lower costs – Twitter is not justfree, but also easy to learn and deploy. This makes it significantly more cost- effective than maintaining a call center’s services or training and equipping a traditional in-house customer service department.
  9. 9. A Few Twitter Pointers While Twitter was never designed for the purpose of customer service, its features easily lend itself to such an undertaking. Here are a few tips on how to use the platform to implement customer support.
  10. 10. 1. Establish your presence onTwitter You have to first make it known you’re using this particular social media tool for problem resolution. Place a prominent button on your company’s website and post your announcements with an encouragement to follow you on Twitter.
  11. 11. 2. Learn the features Know when to send public @replies messages and when to use direct messages. DM’s allow you to send more detailed explanations and can reduce clutter on your company’s Twitter stream.
  12. 12. 3. Personalize your approach You can put the names of the support staff on the business account, use acombined photo of your face and your company’s logo as an avatar, and end your messages with your actual first name. All this brings the Twitter conversation closer to a personal interaction and helps build trust.
  13. 13. As you consistently provide greatcustomer support on Twitter, the socialmedia itself serves as a platform that canspread stories of your excellent services. It creates a positive feedback loop that improves brand experience and generates new leads.